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9 Jan. 1990
Sixteen: Part 1
Michelle finds her father impossible to live with, but now that she's sixteen she can legally move out. Meanwhile Joey and Snake are excited about starting driving lessons.
9 Jan. 1990
Sixteen: Part 2
Alexa, the twins, and Lucy celebrate LD's 16th birthday with her in the hospital. Meanwhile Michelle tries to juggle school and a full-time job to pay for her rent.
16 Jan. 1990
All in a Good Cause
Caitlin and Claude want to do something to protest against a factory involved in nuclear missiles. Meanwhile Kathleen is stalked by her abusive ex-boyfriend Scott.
23 Jan. 1990
Natural Attraction
When Erica starts seeing a new boy, it frightens Heather. One abortion was bad enough, but what if she goes too far again?
30 Jan. 1990
Testing One, Two, Three...
Joey is diagnosed with dysgraphia.
6 Feb. 1990
It Creeps!!
Lucy becomes director and writer of her first film: a feminist horror flick starring the Zits, Simon and Caitlin, with Alexa, Tim and Heather as crew.
13 Feb. 1990
Stressed Out
Michelle starts taking caffeine pills to extend her study time. Meanwhile Caitlin is devastated when Ms Avery announces she is leaving Degrassi.
5 Nov. 1990
Bad Blood: Part 1
Dwayne receives a frightening phone call from his summer girlfriend. Meanwhile B.L.T. has trouble breaking up with Michelle.
12 Nov. 1990
Bad Blood: Part 2
Dwayne becomes increasingly withdrawn as he awaits the results of his HIV test. Meanwhile, Michelle finds out the real reason B.L.T. broke up with her.
19 Nov. 1990
Caitlin discovers her father is seeing another woman.
26 Nov. 1990
A Tangled Web
Caitlin becomes increasingly upset about her father's infidelity, but discovers that her mother already knows about it. Alex doesn't know what to do about his crush on Tessa.
3 Dec. 1990
Body Politics
Lucy takes a stand on behalf of the girls' volleyball team.
10 Dec. 1990
Crossed Wires
Liz begins to have repressed memories of being sexual abused as a child.
17 Dec. 1990
The All Nighter
Melanie's surprise sleepover promises to hold more than one surprise when Kathleen finds some marijuana.

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