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2 Jan. 1989
Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Caitlin has a big crush on Joey and agrees to work with him on a school project.
9 Jan. 1989
He Ain't Heavy...
Snake learns his brother is gay.
16 Jan. 1989
The Whole Truth
Caitlin learns there are two sides to every story after writing an article for the school newspaper on animal experimentation.
23 Jan. 1989
Clutch uses the twins to get a date with Lucy. Meanwhile Wheels, still sensitive over the death of his parents, gets into a fight at school.
30 Jan. 1989
Food for Thought
Melanie discovers that Kathleen has an eating disorder.
6 Feb. 1989
Twenty Bucks
Melanie takes twenty dollars from her mother's purse to buy tickets to a rock concert. Meanwhile, Spike discovers Shane is reneging on child support so he can attend the rock concert.
13 Feb. 1989
Taking Off: Part 1
Wheels runs away from home. While hitchhiking, he is accosted by a strange man. Meanwhile, Shane disappears after taking LSD at a rock concert.
20 Feb. 1989
Taking Off: Part 2
Wheels visits his birth father after he runs away from home. Meanwhile, the police find Shane, who has disappeared after taking drugs at a rock concert.
27 Feb. 1989
Making Whoopee
Arthur resents it when his father begins dating.
5 Mar. 1989
Black & White
Michelle's parents won't let her go to the graduation dance with BLT because he is black. Spike is refused a job because of her punk haircut.
13 Mar. 1989
Lucy throws a party while her parents are away. Meanwhile, Joey, Wheels and Snake get caught drinking under age.
20 Mar. 1989
Bye-Bye Junior High
Disaster strikes at the Degrassi Junior High graduation dance.
6 Nov. 1989
A New Start: Part 1
Erica has missed her period and fears she may be pregnant.
6 Nov. 1989
A New Start: Part 2
Erica decides to keep the pregnancy a secret, only telling Heather about it. She also decides to have an abortion; Heather disapproves of this, and this difference could tear the twins apart.
13 Nov. 1989
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Michelle discovers the complicated nature of divorce when her parents decide to go their separate ways.
20 Nov. 1989
Dream On
Arthur has a crush on Caitlin.
27 Nov. 1989
Everybody Wants Something
A hate campaign against Erica escalates, and Erica is determined to find out who is putting pro-life pamphlets and slogans on her locker.
5 Dec. 1989
Nobody's Perfect
Kathleen's new boyfriend begins to abuse her physically.
12 Dec. 1989
Just Friends
Heather has a crush on Wheels, and plans a party so that she'll have a chance to get closer to him.
19 Dec. 1989
Little White Lies
Diana is determined to grow up and sneaks out to a party. Meanwhile, Joey, Snake and Wheels decide that it's time that they expanded their horizons a little and attend a strip show.

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