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10 Sep. 1989
Episode #5.1
Aveline is concerned that for all her and Oswald's efforts she has still failed to get pregnant and seeks medical advice. Adrian becomes an accidental hero and dines out on the fact whilst Billy, still pitifully hopeful that he can get back with Julie, is crestfallen to receive his divorce papers. Joey's mysterious job is exposed when he receives a letter from the tax man.
17 Sep. 1989
Episode #5.2
Joey goes to the tax office but to no avail as the tax-man insists that he pays up what he owes immediately. Billy goes to court for his divorce whilst a fretful Aveline wants Oswald's sperm count to be checked. All worries are however put aside when the family hears that Jack is returning from America and they go to the airport to meet him.
24 Sep. 1989
Episode #5.3
Oswald is driven to distraction through the sleepless nights caused by Aveline wanting to get pregnant whilst Shifty tries to get back with Martina and Jack buys a piano, which gets stolen. Meanwhile Joey feels that he has to come clean to his mother about the amount of money that he owes to the tax man.
1 Oct. 1989
Episode #5.4
Adrian agrees to help Jack retrieve his stolen piano, a quest which leads them to the business premises of the less than savoury Yizzel and his mate though they eventually get it back. Meanwhile Lilo Lil gets a job in service to be near to Freddie, who, having learned about Joey's problems with the tax office, sells his flat in order to give his son the money to pay off the outstanding sum.
8 Oct. 1989
Episode #5.5
Adrian is concerned because he has not had a letter back from Magdalena, the girl he met when the family went on holiday to Rome. Billy is concerned because he hears that Julie has got a new boyfriend and Aveline is giving cause for concern when she believes that her phantom pregnancy is for real. The only person who is not showing concern is Jack, as he has got a job as handyman to the eccentric Mrs Cumberland at the 'big house'.
15 Oct. 1989
Episode #5.6
Billy decides to adopt a cool new image in an effort to win back Julie but it fails to impress anybody whilst an increasingly desperate Aveline insists on Oswald taking a fertility test. There is consternation when the police are called after family dog Mongy is accused of biting a young girl but for Jack everything is going swimmingly as Treasure, the eccentric Mrs Cumberland, is paying him an excessively handsome wage.
22 Oct. 1989
Episode #5.7
Aveline hears good news regarding Oswald's fertility and Adrian gets good news when he hears from Magdalena, who is coming to visit him. Nellie on the other hand still feels guilty about Derek and transfers her guilt to Joey regarding him continuing to see Roxy. Shifty has a falling-out with Yizzel and his mate, which ends up with him stealing their car and fleeing down south to London.
29 Oct. 1989
Episode #5.8
Jack blows his wages and gets very drunk. Father Brennnan is visiting Nellie and so he is hurriedly taken to Grandad's to sleep it off. Nellie is still meeting Derek in the park but still wavering over the morality of it and asks the priest's advice. Aveline on the other hand is anything but indecisive and decides that a career as a model beats motherhood, much to Oswald's annoyance.
5 Nov. 1989
Episode #5.9
Mrs Cumberland dies and leaves Jack certain items in her will - including her dog, which causes problems in the house. When the dog disappears Jack goes after it, meeting the lovely Rachael in the process. Billy is still convinced that if he adopts a cool new look he can win Julie back whilst Freddie is alarmed when Lilo Lil announces that she has come off the pill and wants to make a baby with him.
12 Nov. 1989
Episode #5.10
Jack continues seeing Rachael whilst Adrian goes to the airport to meet Magdalena. Unfortunately there is a disappointment for him when it turns out that she spent the money he sent her for her air fare. Billy fails to impress Julie with his new image and Joey says goodbye to Roxy, who is leaving for Birmingham. Lilo Lil however is blissfully happy as she and Freddie take over the running of the allotment.
19 Nov. 1989
Episode #5.11
Adrian parades his good news - he has had a second book of poems published. Aveline is also riding high as her photo has now appeared in the glossies and she believes she has at last made it as a model. The good news is interrupted when Billy cuts his finger badly and has to be rushed to hospital.
26 Nov. 1989
Episode #5.12
Whilst Aveline argues with Oswald over putting her career as a model over getting pregnant Nellie confides in the priest that she is unsure as to continue seeing Derek or be faithful to Freddie. She is interrupted with the news that Grandad has been robbed of his money and furniture and the boys rally to buy replacements. Unfortunately Adrian, Billy and Jack buy back Grandad's own property and Joey has to save the day.
3 Dec. 1989
Episode #5.13
On Nellie's birthday Joey misses out as he is seeing Roxy, who has returned from Birmingham. Aveline bemoans the fact that she is now pregnant so may have to kiss goodbye to being a model whilst Nellie learns that Derek may be moving on. However she loves her presents, particularly a beautiful necklace from the boys, unaware that it was stolen from Lilo Lil. Freddie notices though.
25 Dec. 1989
A Quiet Christmas
Joey tries to help out when Shifty's released from prison, Billy's left facing the anger of the family when the Christmas presents are stolen from the car, the Boswell boys manage to put a smile on Martina's face, Jack and Nellie go out to buy the Christmas turkey, Adrian decides to have a chat with Julie when she upsets Billy yet again, and Joey finds himself faced with a difficult choice.

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