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8 Jan. 1987
Episode #2.1
Billy becomes increasingly frustrated over Julies attitude to their relationship. The family in general worry why Julie wont make any effort to get closer to the family. Adrian announces to the family he also has found a girl. Jack gets car jacked while doing a job and he needs to rely on all his guile and bluff as a Boswell to get out of trouble
15 Jan. 1987
Episode #2.2
Adrian is still struggling with the concept of being unemployed. In desperation he goes to the unemployment agency and using the guidance of Joey he finally survives the experience. Concern begins to grow over Averline. She'd left for a big modeling job in Manchester and has not been heard from since. Julie finally goes into labor and conflict erupts over where she will be having the baby
22 Jan. 1987
Episode #2.3
Billy questions what he is doing and the lack of direction in his life. The boys in general discuss their various relationships. Joey promises Billy the use of his jaguar if Billy can prove he can come up with a workable plan to improve himself. Jack and Adrian run into trouble with some local thugs when a deal goes wrong. Joey tries to come to the rescue but the outcome is in the balance.
5 Feb. 1987
Episode #2.4
Adrian is put through the ringer when he attempts to apply for social benefits leading to a bout of depression that Joey talks him out off. Grandad is feeling upset to have always to rely on Joey whenever he wants to go out and Aveline reveals she has met a nice boy in London.
12 Feb. 1987
Episode #2.5
The boys consider the ramification of their father moving back into the Boswell household. Joey councils Billy about Julie, he forces Billy to think about what he needs to do to keep Julie in his life. Mrs. Boswell becomes shocked at her husband's new views on his faith. Adrian decides that Carmen is driven too much by pure lust rather than developing any sort of relationship
19 Feb. 1987
Episode #2.6
The household is in an uproar over their dog Mongy taking ill and needing an operation. Aveline concerned for Mongy, decides to return from London after completing her modeling job. Freddie moves out again as both Carmen and Julie come back onto the scene, leading everyone to question what their place in life really is
6 Sep. 1987
Episode #3.1
Aveline is mugged and her brothers arrive at the police station mob-handed to demand action whilst Nellie is over-protective about her daughter's welfare. Nellie is less than pleased to learn that Julie wants the baby christened at a Protestant church but goes along with it. During the christening Adrian's phone rings and he learns that he has got a job - but it is chauffeuring for two villains.
13 Sep. 1987
Episode #3.2
The family is in an uproar when Averline is mugged and her bag is stolen. Billy and Julie's relationship continues struggle as the pressure to care for the baby and provide income grows. As the time for the child's christening draws near, the Boswells are concerned about what church the celebration will be held in. Finally Adrian's relationship is also under pressure from the constant demands for sex
20 Sep. 1987
Episode #3.3
Adrian undergoes a personality change.
27 Sep. 1987
Episode #3.4
All the Boswells are in an uproar as a bad day gets worse. Joey bumps into his old girlfriend 'Roxy' He is torn between wanting her and his loyalty to the family. Averline has a modeling contract go bad, and finally Lilo Lil wants to talk to Mrs Boswell about Freddie
4 Oct. 1987
Episode #3.5
Billy is concerned to learn that there is damp in Julie's house whilst Aveline is rushed to hospital with a temperature. The family rallies with Nellie bringing in home cooking to make up for the foul hospital food. Adrian is scared off by a predatory posh lady whom he approaches for gardening work but Jack is only too happy to take his place whilst Joey discovers that Roxy is married.
11 Oct. 1987
Episode #3.6
Jack brags to Adrian how he reached first base with the posh lady for whom he was doing the garden whilst Aveline decides to give up being a model after a bad day on the catwalk. Joey is blackmailed by the gangster Yizzel and his sidekick into fencing stolen goods or else they will inform on him to Roxy's husband but he turns the tables on them. After a row with Lilo Lil Nellie learns that Freddie has thrown in his job as a council cleaner and stolen his dust-cart.
18 Oct. 1987
Episode #3.7
Adrian's girlfriend Carmen complains to Jack that Adrian is a hopeless lover before coming onto him whilst Joey unsuccessfully tries to use Grandad to get the DHSS to pay the family electric bill. After that Grandad wanders off and is discovered in hospital but the family has another problem when they learn that Freddie has been arrested. He is bailed to Lilo Lil but after falling out with her ends up with the Boswells.
25 Oct. 1987
Episode #3.8
With Freddie now staying with his family and the news of his court appearance being made very public Nellie has to face up to the scornful comments of other women in the super-market, though she gives as good as she gets. Billy is planning to marry Julie but the date coincides with Freddie's court appearance so an alternative plan is required.
1 Nov. 1987
Episode #3.9
All the family attends the court to give moral support and character references to Freddie over the theft of the dust cart but, despite that, he is allowed to go home with them. The one absentee from the proceedings is Billy, who has gone off to marry Julie in secret, whilst Grandad is pleased to welcome home long-lost nephew Eddie, until he finds that he is gay.
8 Nov. 1987
Episode #3.10
Adrian introduces Eddie to Yizzel and his equally unruly mate, which is a bad idea because they kidnap the cousins, claiming that they owe them a huge debt. As ever it is Joey who rides to the rescue and sorts things out. Jack meanwhile becomes obsessed with his health and believes that he is terminally ill.
15 Nov. 1987
Episode #3.11
Jack discovers that there is nothing wrong with his health and he is so delighted that it makes him careless and his van ends up in the river. It does however allow him to claim on the insurance. Nellie decrees that everybody must get a job though she is unimpressed by Freddie's efforts as a hot dog vendor and, after arguing with him in church, gives him his marching orders.
22 Nov. 1987
Episode #3.12
Aveline, Adrian, Jack and even Nellie start at their new jobs but in each case they tend to make an inauspicious start. Freddie is living with Lilo Lil in a hut but disaster strikes when it gets hit by a lorry and Freddie breaks his leg. Joey meanwhile makes efforts to get back with Roxy despite the looming presence of her husband.
29 Nov. 1987
Episode #3.13
Joey gets closer to Roxy, who has left home after rowing with her husband Stan. Joey is keen to get back with her but Nellie is not encouraging given that Roxy already has one child and another on the way. To add to Nellie's grievances Lilo Lil brings the homeless Freddie to stay as he has broken his leg. Jack considers emigrating to America at last.

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