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17 Feb. 1987
Texas Rangers
Ken has acquired a new two - way radio set and a client list from the previous owner, but it's soon apparent that the radio still belongs to a rival firm. Worse is to come, as he meets trouble head - on in the form of a gang of Hell's Angels. Harry, meanwhile, has trouble finding a celebrity to open his new hotel. Rocky Cassidy joins the Texas Rangers.
24 Feb. 1987
Special Delivery
Linda West a television reporter causes for Ken, who is caught in a 'frame - up' at a strip club, and Rocky , who is frightened by the pursuit of a garden - centre owner.
3 Mar. 1987
Day of the Yokel
Ken has to round up geese and a herd of cows as he helps an eccentric old lady whose farm is under pressure from a group of crooked property developers.
10 Mar. 1987
Smokey and the Band
Ken loses his heart to a country and western singer Bebe McLintock, who is performing at the Coaching Inn, and he also has his motorbike stolen.
17 Mar. 1987
Taken for a Ride
Ken comes to the rescue of two damsels in distress - one is a page 3 girl Shandy Tremblett, and the other is a fire engine. Also at stake is a company involved in a fierce and unscrupulous takeover bid.
24 Mar. 1987
Wheels of Fortune
A clairvoyant foresees a crash, blood and a operating table, and warns Ken not to ride his motorbike. He is determined to prove that the prediction is 'just a load of old crystal balls'.
31 Mar. 1987
A Ride on the Wild Side
Ken narrowly escapes appearing in a blue movie, but isn't so lucky when it comes to dodging the boys in blue when he delivers a suspicious package. Debbie's younger sister Lindy is kidnapped.
27 Oct. 1987
Credit Where It's Due
Rocky suspects that Texas Rangers are delivering IRA bombs., meanwhile Harry and Debbie are in love Harry with a beautiful artist and Debbie with a bigamist.
3 Nov. 1987
Trudy's Grit
Rocky falls in love with new recruit for the Texas Rangers who is trying to put a man out of action because he is trying to repossess her father's stately home - who just happens to be staying at the Coaching Inn.
10 Nov. 1987
A Fistful of Pesetas
An unwelcome guest checks into the Coaching Inn - Harry's ex - wife Alison, who is then kidnapped. Meanwhile, Ken, Rocky and their new van attempt to deliver a large statue, in which no - one seems to be interested.
17 Nov. 1987
Paper Mafia
While Boon races around delivering secret parcels for a lonely widower. Rocky, delivering orders for a pizza parlour, falls for the charms of the Pizza owner's daughter, Maxine Harry, planning his holiday of a lifetime in Las Vegas, has unwanted problems with Franklyn, an hotel guest who has his own plans for Harry's spare plane ticket - ones that don't include Ken.
24 Nov. 1987
Fiddler Under the Roof
With Harry rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of a large wedding function being held at the Coaching Inn, fat profits look assured. But when the expected 100 or so guests turn out to be 400 unruly travelling tinkers, and the bridegroom has a secret he can only share with Ken, the wedding day festivities take on a decidedly unwanted aspect.
1 Dec. 1987
A Once Fluid Man
Attending an aerobics class, Ken and Harry meets Margaret Daly, Ken's old flame. Pulses racing, Ken pursues his quarry while Harry searches for his perfect partner, via a lonely ad in the local paper. Unexpected, their paths cross, and Harry is forced to contemplate selling his beloved hotel. Enter Terry Brent, a one-time fire service colleague of Ken and Harry's, to lower Harry's, to new depths - at gunpoint. Ken will shortly leave the on a stretcher.

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