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In an interview at Comic-Con, Kelly LeBrock said when she did the kissing scene with 14-year-old Ilan Mitchell-Smith he got carried away and stuck his tongue down her throat. Afterwards she told him: 'If you ever do that again I'm going to kick your ass!'
According to Bill Paxton, Chet's line "How about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" was based on something his father John Paxton used to say to him when Bill was hungover from a night of drinking.
Anthony Michael Hall makes a reference to a girlfriend from Canada. His character "Brian" from The Breakfast Club (1985) also makes a reference to an imaginary girlfriend from Canada.
John Hughes wrote this film in two days.
Anthony Michael Hall passed on starring in National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) to be in this film. As a result, neither Russ Griswold nor his sister Audrey has ever been played by the same actors from film to film.
Kelly LeBrock's character name was inspired by Apple Computer's first GUI computer, the Apple Lisa.
In the John Hughes documentary Don't You Forget About Me (2009), Kelly LeBrock describes her character Lisa as "Mary Poppins with breasts."
Shermer High School is also the name of the high school in The Breakfast Club (1985).
Vernon Wells, who plays the Lord General (lead biker) reprises nearly the same character he played in 1981's The Road Warrior (1981). He essentially wears the same makeup, mohawk, mesh tank top, and lots of studded leather.
In the scene where Bill Paxton is speaking to Kelly LeBrock while interrogating everyone over what had happened the previous night, in the background both Suzanne Snyder and Anthony Michael Hall are both struggling to stay in character, but it is clear they are both laughing. John Hughes chose to use this take in the completed film.
The goodbye scene between Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock moved John Hughes to tears.
According to a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Robert Downey Jr. cleared up the rumors that he defecated in Kelly LeBrock's trailer. He stated that he and his co-star who played Max joked about defecating in people's trailers throughout the shoot. They eventually did it in one female cast member's trailer, but it was not LeBrock's. The director questioned everyone in the cast as to who did it and when he got to Downey he replied "No, but I sure wish it was me who did it." He also stated there was never any tension between him and John Hughes, and he highly respected his friendship.
During the scene where Lisa is walking through the mall to get to the front entrance, a different track plays for the HD and non-HD version. On the HD version "Pretty Woman" is playing, while on the non-HD version the title track is playing.
The film is titled after the anthology comic book series, published in the 1950s by the legendary William M. Gaines and his company EC Comics, which also published Tales from the Crypt (1989) and Mad Magazine. The plot of the film is loosely based on the story "Made of the Future" by Al Feldstein, from the fifth issue. Producer Joel Silver had acquired all EC film rights in the early 1980s.
The piano girl (October 1982 Playboy Centerfold Kym Malin) actually performed her own stunts. This included the use of a scaffold when hoisted up where the chimney is a makeshift vacuum where her clothes were ripped off and a crane when hoisted in the air where the piano girl lands in the swimming pool half naked (in real life her Playboy centerfold pictorial used a swimming pool in the background).
Shermer, the fictional town in which many of John Hughes' movies are set, is actually the name of a street that runs through several of the communities that Hughes used as backdrops in his films.
On the last day of filming, Robert Rusler auditioned for the role of Ron Grady in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985). Robert Downey Jr. drove him to the audition.
Kelly LeBrock initially turned down the role of Lisa, as she was vacationing in France at the time and was "having too much fun riding horses on the beach".
Robert Rusler said the scene when the rocket came up through the floor was a complicated shot to set up. Right before cameras rolled, Anthony Michael Hall farted, breaking the actors' concentration and ruining the take. Rusler estimates the scene cost $100,000 to shoot. Because the take was blown, it had to be filmed in reverse, with additional tweaks in post-production.
Robert Rusler said the first scene he ever filmed as a professional actor was when his character Max dumps the Slushee on Gary and Wyatt. He also said the celebratory handshake he does with Robert Downey Jr. right before pouring the Slushee was improvised between the two of them.
The jacket worn by Kelly Le Brock in the film was sold to Dina Collection, a pawn shop in Beverly Hills, for US$25,000.
Wyatt's computer is a Memotech MTX512 with an FDX add-on.
Shermerville was the original name of Northbrook, IL. Home of Glenbrook North High School featured in the outside school shots for Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). The village of Shermerville was incorporated in 1901 and renamed Northbrook in 1923.
As typical for John Hughes films, the actors break the fourth wall and look at the camera with a stare.
Depending on the version of the film, at the end of the film when Lisa is twirling her whistle, either the Weird Science track is played or the Rocky theme is played.
Vernon Wells said his first time visiting America was when he filmed his part in this movie. After filming wrapped he signed on as another villain in Commando.
One of the pictures Gary & Wyatt feed into the scanner to create Lisa is of David Lee Roth. The version of "Pretty Woman" that plays later when Lisa is in the mall was recorded by Van Halen when Roth was the lead singer.
The Time magazine that Gary and Wyatt accidentally create a nuclear missile from is the 31 January 1983 issue.
Kelly Emberg was originally cast as Lisa, but was replaced after a couple of days of filming.
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In the opening scene in Wyatt's bedroom, there is a poster on the wall of Y&T's In Rock We Trust release from 1984. John Hughes was a Y&T fan.
The exact same moving shot of the exterior of the high school is used for the beginning of Sixteen Candles as well as the end of Weird Science. The same people can be seen making the same movements in both movies.
The large Chet puppet was designed to be solely operated by Bill Paxton, but he became too claustrophobic in the suit, so dwarfs Kevin Thompson and Joe Gieb were crammed inside and puppeteered the creature in unison.
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In the final cut of the film, Max and Ian are last seen fleeing the party when the bikers invade. A follow-up scene was shot in which multi-colored clouds engulf the teens and they transform into a pig and donkey. They then bend over to see their reflections in hubcaps of a car and tails rip through the seats of their pants. Producer Joel Silver insisted on cutting the scene, rationalizing that it detracted from a later transformation in the film. Photos of actors in this makeup were published in the March 1986 issue of Cinefantastique.
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Wyatt has a poster on the wall of his bedroom with the slogan, "The Wave of the Future", from a promotional campaign for a company called VM Software. The picture is based on "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", a wood-block print by the Japanese artist Hokusai (1760-1849).
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There is a bumper sticker on Wyatt's door that says "I brake for women". The door explodes and Lisa appears.
When Chet is climbing the stairs looking for Wyatt & Gary after the big party he passes a Donnelly family painting, which someone had drawn mustaches on all the family members
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A sample of the dialogue is in the song "Good Grief" by Bastille.
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The bald biker who refers to his teaching career as he is leaving was played by Michael Berryman also plays the principal in the Mötley Crüe music video "Smoking in the Boys Room".
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When Gary and Wyatt are creating the girl, in the background is Kelly Le Brock.
Demi Moore and Robin Wright both auditioned for the part of Lisa. Their scene partner for their screen tests was Mikul Robins who appears in the movie as one of The Weenies.
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There are many parallels between this film and The Breakfast Club (1985), which takes place on March 24, 1985; Kelly LeBrock's birthday.
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