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Sex & Nudity

  • 7/10 The main plot of the movie is about recently-turned-18 Louden attempting to have sex with 20-something year old Carla which can spark some talks with your kids. The "sexual scenes" in this movie include:
  • In the begining Louden has his genitles attempted to be grabbed by a homosexual young man, it is said this scene was ment to discourage "all wrestliers are gay rumers" A brief shot of Carla were the outlines of her breasts and niples can be seen through her shirt A scene wear Carla is seen wearing a T-shirt and a thong, some of her buttocks can be seen A scene wear Louden discusses "a desiese of constant erection". Louden writes a school paper about the cliterous. A scene wear Louden attempts to force sex on Carla, she fights him off and reprimands him for it. A scene wear Louden tell Carlsa about almost losing his virginity to his friends sister. A sex scene with Louden and Carla however it is dark and difficult ti make things out. When Louden strips off his underwear in order to make weight you can briefly see his buttocks The word "fuck" is used severel times sexually.

Violence & Gore

  • 2/10
  • The wrestling matches can be kindoff intense. Louden gets a few bloody noses. A man gets abloody lip. Kuch's dad is scene slapping him.


  • 9/10
  • Many uses of damn, ass, hell, cock, asshole, etc The word "fuck" is uses ocationally, sometimes sexually

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 1/10
  • Kuch asks Louden if he has any bear in his fridge, Louden says no and that jis dad wont let him.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 1/10
  • The wrestling maches can be kind of intence.
  • Overall 20/10 this movie is meant for 13+ year olds, it is a great coming of age movie can can inspire healthy questions and talks about respecting the opposite gender.

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