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Sex & Nudity

  • The opening credits feature a bit of shadowy nudity.
  • May Day drops her robe and her bare back is seen as she gets into bed with Bond. They start kissing and the scene ends.
  • Bond and Pola are seen in a hot tub naked seen only from the shoulders up kissing. In the next scene Pola is dressing and Bond is in the shower.
  • Bond and Stacey shower together and a couple innuendos are heard before the credits roll (no nudity, the angle is from outside the shower).
  • May Day and Zorin wrestle and then she changes clothes (no nudity).
  • Bond unzips a womans coat and starts kissing her, after noting that they have five days on the boat before they reach Alaska.
  • A couple is seen undressed after they are interrupted (briefly, from a distance, no nudity).
  • The innuendos are strong and plenty. Exchanges include things like I love an early morning ride, I got off eventually, and others. A cat bowl has the word pussy written on it.

Violence & Gore

  • Zorin mercilessly and joyfully guns down dozens of innocent workers in a mine. One man gets sucked into an underwater fan. A man has a hook swung into his neck and blood is shown around the wound. Another man is shot in the chest and a small amount of blood can be seen around the wound. Two men get strangled.
  • Two men fall from a blimp to their deaths on different occasions (we see their bodies splash into the water).
  • A corpse is seen sitting in the back of a car, and another corpse is found buried under ice. A helicopter is blown up. A blimp explodes, killing two men. A woman rides a cart out of a mine, and it blows up before she can get off it. Many mine workers are blown up or drowned; one is electrocuted.
  • A man is beaten up and then thrown into a box which has a lid hammered onto it by a factory machine. Men are shot by a shotgun loaded with rock salt (they all are fine).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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