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Sex & Nudity

  • 4/10
  • A very young Helen Hunt plays the lead character, Lena. She is putting on skin-tight clothes in the beginning of the movie, showing her back, but nothing else. Some talk about making love in the same scene.
  • At 33 minutes, "Whistler", the bad guy, shows up and shoots at the lead character, Jack Deth. Jack uses his time altering watch and stops/slows time and rescues Lena from being shot. Jack picks up Lena and carries her off, and you see her legs and bottom when he sets her into the convertible Thunderbird.
  • Lena and Jack become inimate on his bed off-and-on at 41 and 44 minutes, but there is no noticable nudity. At 47-48 minutes, you see Jack and Lena in bed together, but no nudity.
  • Towards the end, there's some insinuation about one character showering together with Lena.

Violence & Gore

  • 5/10
  • The first Trancer gets shot by Jack Deth in the opening scene in a diner, where the alien is vaporized by their energy weapon. Various other people get "vaporized" by energy weapons throughout the movie.
  • Jack Deth beats up the mall "Santa Claus" who is really a Trancer who traveled back in time to 1985. The Trancer shoots the main character using a security guards' gun, and Jack Deth shoots him back. A boy yells, "That man just shot Santa Claus!"
  • Lena shoots a Trancer cop in an abandoned building.


  • 5/10
  • Main reason for the rating.
  • 4 uses of f**k.
  • Multiple uses of s**t, bi**h, bit**in, d**n, G*d d***it, a**, "kick your a**", "don't piss me off", pissed, I'll see you in h**l, h**l, what the h**l.
  • A punk band is singing in a club and the lyrics are questionable.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3/10
  • Jack Deth is smoking and drinking throughout the movie.
  • Vagrants are in an abandoned building playing stick-ball / baseball with empty liquor bottles, are shown drinking from liquor bottles and appear drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 4/10
  • Multiple "zombie"-type scenes of Trancers, who appear to have blackened eyes and blotchy skin, and who bite humans.
  • Suggested MPAA Rating (based on current standards): R for some language and sci-fi violence.

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