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The Norwegian DVD titled Unrated Director's Cut runs 91 minutes. It includes the smashing of the head of the biker boy, and also includes the scene where the female leads are shown as survivors at the police station. This version also has some strange montages with résumés from earlier in the movie with the soundtrack looping.
The US blu-ray is the unrated director's cut and runs 82 minutes, even though the back cover incorrectly lists the run time as 87 minutes.
The unrated director's cut features more explicit gore, most notably when Bozo runs over the kid on the bicycle and in the death of the drug dealer in the health club. It also features additional outtake footage deleted from all versions of the film and an introduction from one of its creators.
The Region 0 DVD has a whole 8 minutes cut, and there is no gore apart from the scene near the end where Melvin rips the mayor's heart out - and that scene is also heavily cut. The Region 0 DVD and the UK release only run for 75 minutes, and were probably cut enough to suit a 15s rating, but were rated 18s in the end.
The original R-rated version is also available in CD-ROM format.
USA Network's TV version that ran in the middle 1990s has at least two scenes not included in the Lightning Media/Video Treasures unrated VHS releases. One is a "pull my finger" gag that was cut. Another was an odd scene that showed that the two female leads who taunted Melvin weren't actually killed as the unrated cut suggests. They later show up, alive, but, complaining of what the Toxic Avenger did them: cut hair or forced to sit on hot stones. The cut hair part is most glaring since the unrated VHS cut indicates the victim was to die: Toxie brandishes a pair of scissors like a knife as the victim screams.
Video Treasures VHS release in the 1990s is the same VHS release as Lightning Media's unrated VHS cut from around 1986. It even uses the same white box art.
The very rare and limited edition laserdisc (special gold plated disc released in 1998 by Troma) marks the only time the film was released in its original aspect ratio of 1:85:1. It went under the label of "the Troma widescreen collection". It also features the 10 extra minutes that were cut from the film (as a supplement). The Japanese version of the film is the only place this extra 10 minutes were restored. The laserdisc is the unrated version of the film. The laserdisc also featured an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman that's only available on this edition (has Toxie as a crack addict), trailer for the film, commentary by Kaufman and a slew of other extras. The only other film released under the Troma widescreen collection was Tromeo and Juliet, which received similar treatment.

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