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Plot Keywords

boxer russian
ussr death
fight boxing
champion soviet union
russia boxing match
revenge boxing champion
christmas day christmas
partisan crowd boxing exhibition
boxing ko boxing arena
boxing knockout boxing film
boxing training boxing glove
mgm grand hotel las vegas cutting down tree
cutting tree tree cutting
cutting down a tree saw
loss of friend steroids
gym scenes from a previous film
pull ups cheering
chanting russian woman
russian man robot
christmas tree father son relationship
blond man training montage
lifting weights working out
muscular bare chested male fighting
psychotronic communism
communist boxing movie
1980s written and directed by cast member
cold war cabin
sports hero part of series
brawl fist fighter
violence bare chested male
bare chested male bondage combat
brutality fighting
blood spatter blood
exercise kiss
beating muscleman
strongman tough guy
action hero human monster
russophobia actor director writer
reference to popeye sole black character dies cliche
cult film training
montage flashback
sequel to best picture winner writer director
directed by star blonde beast
star spangled banner warrior
victory sweat
punch patriotism
fist fistfight
fighter endurance
celebration funeral
beaten to death snow
fish out of water husband wife relationship
boxing ring boxer hero
blonde fourth part
hero underdog
bravery sequel
blockbuster patriot
chess fame
returning character killed off invulnerability
showdown tragedy
death of friend character name in title

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