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Sex & Nudity

  • A man tells another man to complete a job swiftly by using the ridiculous simile, "In/out, like a duck mating."
  • A man makes unwelcome flirtatious advances on a female peer. She confidently shoots him down. There is no explicitly sexual content. It becomes quickly obvious though, that she works in a misogynistic environment.
  • Two men discuss briefly the idea of "bringing a woman to sexual ecstasy," but it involves no sexual content other than simply the mention of "sex" or the idea of it.

Violence & Gore

  • A lone police officer is attacked by three men. The fight involves fists, wood planks and a switchblade knife. Blood is shown on the policeman's face.
  • A man's car is shown being pushed by another vehicle into the East River while he is inside. His face becomes bloody when his head strikes the windshield during the initial collision, and the scene ends with the man struggling to break out of the sinking car. Cut to a funeral scene, and the implication is that he did not escape and drowned.
  • A man is recruited to kill "bad guys" for a vigilante group under threat of death.
  • A gunman attempts to kill an unarmed, elderly Asian man, but the target is some sort of magical Kung Fu master and is able to easily dodge his bullets as well as his attempts at grappling and fisticuffs. The would-be assassin ends up beating himself up as his target effortlessly dodges and ducks each attempt, sending the assailant plowing into walls, etc.. The whole scene is played to somewhat comical effect. There is never really a sense of danger.
  • Characters watch a film that shows a plane being torn apart by a missile.
  • Remo demonstrates he's learned how to dodge gunshots, but his trainer shoots at him with his guard down and almost hits him.
  • Remo beats up some bad guys at a construction site out of self defense. No weapons are used, nor is any blood shown.
  • During a war games exercise, a solider is killed by a poorly designed rifle exploding in his face. The explosion is not graphic, but his bloody face is shown very briefly before he collapses.
  • Remo throttles a villain until a parking attendant sees him and tells him to stop.
  • A man is shot in the back as he is running away from armed security guards. A small trickle of blood is shown running down the back of his coat before he collapses.
  • During a fistfight in a gas chamber, a man forces another man's face into the glass window and uses the diamond on the front of his incisor to etch an X on the glass so he can then break it and escape.
  • When confronting a villain wearing a gas mask, Remo uses his first two fingers to punch a hole through the goggle portion and presumably gouge the man's eye out. His bloody eye-hole is briefly shown but not gory.
  • A man is smacked in the face with the butt end of a rifle.
  • A jeep with three passengers is smashed with an avalanche of logs and pushed off a cliff, presumably killing or seriously injuring all occupants.
  • Remo confronts the main villain, dodges his attempts to shoot him and tosses him near a vehicle before lighting a small branch on fire to use to cause an explosive fire to kill him.


  • 1980s PG-level cursing: Hell, shit, ass, damn, son of a bitch, bastard, jackass, God/JC in vain, etc. Not excessive though.
  • A Korean character is played by a Caucasian relying heavily on Asian stereotypes.
  • Another character refers to the Korean character as "slant-eyed."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A mystical martial arts master incapacitates a man with a Star Wars Jedi "Force choke" type power, which causes obvious stress and panic in the recipient.
  • Part of Remo's training is hanging off of and balancing on top of a Ferris Wheel car while it is in operation. He is almost struck by a neighboring car a few times.
  • Remo is accosted by three nefarious construction workers while training on scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty. Several times they come close to knocking him off the scaffolding to his death.
  • While breaking in to a facility, Remo is beset upon by three vicious and very clever guard dogs. One of them bites his foot while he is climbing out of reach to escape them. One of the dogs eventually attacks another man by latching on to and tearing off his prosthetic arm.
  • Two people are locked in a sealed room which is then flooded with noxious gas by the villains.
  • Some people are driving down a winding mountain path when the brakes on their vehicle give out.

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