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Although never classed as a video nasty the film has a very checkered history of censorship problems in the UK. The original cinema and 1986 video releases were cut by 1 minute 51 secs by the BBFC and many scenes were edited - most notably to the stabbing of a zombie with a bone-saw, a shovel decapitation, a scene of a head being squeezed, and a sequence where a woman is stripped, strapped to a trolley and forced to fend off the sexual advances of a severed head. The 1999 Tartan release lost 2 minutes 20 secs of footage and, although the saw attack and head squeezing was waived, the decapitation and sexual assault scenes remained cut. The latter had been pre-edited by the distributors using a slowdown technique and the entire second half of the assault sequence was completely missing. The 2001 Tartan re-release was slightly less cut and finally had the shovel decapitation scene restored, though 1 minute 49 secs remained cut from the female assault sequence. The film was finally passed fully uncut by the BBFC for the 2007 Anchor Bay DVD release.
Laserdisc version includes 20 minutes of additional footage, including a never-before-seen dream sequence.
The cut R-rated version released in the US was padded out by the addition of 16 non-violent scenes. These can be found on the Elite DVD, which also contains the footage excised for the R-rating.
The Australian version is uncut except that the US R-rated version was used in Queensland to obtain an M classification and avoid it being banned in that state.
In the UK original rental release the film was released in an open matte full screen version.
The gore scenes of the German video version are heavily cut in. The German TV version omits almost all of these sequences.

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