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Quintessential pure bad-ass the best action film my number 1 personal favorite
ivo-cobra81 January 2018
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) is the finest pure bad-ass the best action film of the 80's of all time for me. My number 1 personal favorite film in the action genre I think it is one of the best action movies of all time. I love this film to death and it is my childhood film. Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo, the former Green Beret who is given the opportunity for a Presidential pardon if he accepts a mission to confirm the existence of American POW's captured during the Vietnam War.

Rambo: First Blood Part II influenced many of action films. Commando come out the same year and it was very competitive with Rambo but this movie won because it was more box office successful. I love this film to death It is the sequel to First Blood (1982), and the second installment in the Rambo film series In my opinion it is Stallone's best film.

"Sir, do we get to win this time? "

Awesome and very great intense underrated sequel . it Is a very joy great action movie . Action adventure fun with some substance. Different than the first one , but great as an archetypical good versus bad movie. Very decent, good movie, very entertaining, fast paced wonderful action Hard-R fight scenes and some nice one-liners war movie. There's no shaky cam or CGI here but real explosions. Bad-ass action film I absolutely love it to death! James Cameron and Sylvester Stallone wrote the script that is why this movie was such a bad-ass action. Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Aliens proves to be one of the best action movies from James Cameron he wrote and directed them, that is why Rambo: First Blood Part II was such a success. Brilliantly directed by George P. Cosmatos who later directed Cobra (with Sylvester Stallone again) Leviathan (with Richard Crenna again) and Tombstone.

Of course, this wouldn't be an action movie without some action. There's plenty of it, and it's perfectly done. Great action, a slick pace and a barrage of great moments (a random soldier being shot by an exploding arrow being my personal favorite) may not make this high art, but it does create a fun time at the movies, which is what movies are meant to do. It also helps that it has a great score, which sets the tone very well. You have ton's of explosions real practical effects. You see a lot of heavy weapons and they are used well.

Rambo uses a knife and kills the bad guys, well, he's Rambo and his knife completes him. Rambo uses Hoyt Archery compound bow which has been well know as the "Torque Bow" because of the high explosive arrow tips. I have never seen in any action movie a bow and explosives arrows. Rambo uses a flying helicopter kills all the bad guys blows whole base and saves POW's captured prisoners.

In this movie you have Russians and Vietcongs as the bad guys. Rambo blows up an enemy boat by pulling an RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher blows them to hell. Great explosion I have ever seen. Rambo blows up Podovsky's Hind helicopter with another grenade launcher M72 LAW.

Excellent solid cast Sylvester Stallone does great excellent performance as legendary John Rambo Vietnam vet. I love the character to death. Richard Crenna R.I.P. as Col. Samuel Trautman was excellent I really miss him. Charles Napier R.I.P. as Marshall Murdock was fantastic bad guy. The acting is fantastic from Richard Crenna and Charles Napier the politics were important, such as a right-wing stance coming from Trautman and his nemesis, Murdock, contrasted by Rambo's obvious neutrality. Great music score from Jerry Goldsmith R.I.P.

10/10 Bad-ass action film I absolutely love it to death, it is my number 1 action film ! Puts most of action movies to shame. Today they aren't action movies like are this one. Today they are just lousy CGI bullsh** crap.
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A GREAT action film; Stallone IS THE PERFECT RAMBO!!
brian james20 March 2002
Sylvester Stallone returns to the silver screen in this second chapter of the Rambo trilogy. This time, he is released from prison under the condition that he return to the Viet Nam area to take pictures of suspected camps where American POW's are being held. He has to deal with having orders not to use deadly force and then having to dis-obey those very same orders or be killed. He has a new antagonist in the form of a Washington Bureaucrat named Murdoch who leads this fact finding mission. He soon realizes that no one can be trusted and even his former mentor Colonel Troutman (well portrayed by Richard Crenna) is in no position to assist him. What follows is battle after battle with Asian as well as Russian troops leading to an exciting climax where he confronts the REAL enemy. Add this one to your shelf of DVD's in the action section. This is a well directed and excellent film!
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Dragon Fly. Wolf Den..colorful names.....You may scream, there is no shame.
Dan Grant9 July 1999
First Blood and Rambo are completely different movies. They have same two characters bu that is where the similarity ends. First Blood was a tightly wound excellent action picture directed very well by Ted Kotcheff. Rambo is an action extravaganza that is not to high on the psychological element the way the first one was. They are both excellent films but I find them entertaining for different reasons. One of the reasons that I find Rambo so damn entertaining is because I enjoy that Rambo is now larger than life. He is the ultimate fighting machine who's only desire is to win a war that someone else lost, and if winning means he has to die then he'll die, no fear, no regrets. That is what makes Rambo the ultimate fighting machine and the ultimate movie character.

I love this movie. I love how far fetched it is. I love that Rambo can withstand hours of torture and then have enough energy to escape into the jungle and take on the whole Vietnemese and Russian army. That is what makes this movie so damned entertaining. When I was 14, this was my favourite movie, and it took a great many films and years before it was dethroned. I think I can enjoy and appreciate movies like Apocalypse Now and JFK better than when I was 14, but my love for Rambo and films of its kind will never diminish. This movie is amazing from start to finish.

Rambo's mission in this film is to go back to Vietnam and see if he can find a certain camp that may be harbouring POW's. But if he finds these men, he can only take pictures. He has a problem with that and when he does find one he is left behind by the "stinkin bureaucrat" named Murdoch who orders the mission aborted before Trautman can pick him up. It is while Rambo is captured that the movie becomes tight, tense and incredibly entertaining. Rambo is also fun to watch on a physical level. Stallone was in the best shape of his life in 1985 as he simultaneously made Rambo and Rocky IV. He is huge, ripped and strong as hell in this movie and it is his psychical presence that adds to his persona. He single handedly goes through a whole army and lives to go get the bastards that left him behind. Rambo is one of the old school feel good summer type movies.

Rambo does not claim to be JFK or Mississippi Burning in the sense that it wants you to leave the theater with a message. It has its own beliefs that is for certain, but what Rambo does just like Raiders does is, it entertains. It has you rooting and cheering for Rambo and dissing and swearing at the bad guys for 90 minutes. It is so much fun that I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to be entertained. Leave your politics for some other movie, that is not what Rambo is about. It is about being entertained and wearing your emotions on your sleeve. That is what is beautiful about this movie. It doesn't apologize for being a bit over the top. Neither should you, for enjoying the film. It is a true wonder. A great piece of entertainment.
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Rambo is an Icon
mm-3919 January 2002
Sylvester Stallone has one of the most recognizable faces in the world for a reason; this genius has created two pop culture Icons Rocky and Rambo. Anywhere, in the world these two characters will be reconized. Stallone has many detractors, but his vision, writing, and acting out these characters has made him rich and sucessful in a highly competitive industry. Before Rambo, his sequel to First Blood, Stallone was just a star like Gene Hackmen, but this movie created a mega star. As part of gen x I love this film, it is a prototype for many action films that followed. The story brings out raw emotions, tension, and adrenaline. The viewer relates with John Rambo his pain, and how the government lies. The action takes the viewer on a incredible ride. I love the battlecry he gives out when he does a chopper assault on the bad guys, and the explosive arrow that smashes his adversary, along with the machine gunning of the computer system at the base. The camera angles, expressions, and physical acting is perfectly done. You leave the picture feeling good, and that is what movie escapism should be. Stallone, who is ridiculed, along with Arnold for his physical acting, can with this ability create a great stage presence. This emotion he creates with his body is done by, how he walks, flexs his arm etc. Could Robert De Niro done this film, maybe(ie Cape Fear) Tom Cruise no way, Val Kilmer No. This film is what an action film should be, I've seen very few lines for an Action movie as long as this one. PS the speech at the end gave the spirit of what the film was about.
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He gets to win this time....
dtucker8624 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I am a Sergeant in the Army who previously served in the National Guard. I joined the West Virginia Army National Guard in the summer of 1985 when this film was first released and I have to admit I was caught up in the patriotic "Rambo" fever that was sweeping the country. Sylvester Stallone was sort of like a modern day John Wayne in creating a hero on screen that made us cheer for him and feel patriotic. John Rambo symbolized the Vietnam veteran that went and fought and did his all for his country and was spit on and left to stand alone when he returned. The first scene in this film is Colonel Trautman visitng Rambo in prison and offering him a chance at a pardon if he will participate in a special mission. Rambo accepts and says "Sir do we get to win this time?" Trautman says "Its up to you". Murdock, the character that Charles Napier plays, represents the typical government beaurocrat that slept on clean sheets with a full belly while soldiers died in Vietnam because they were sent out to fight with one hand tied behind their back. He lies to Rambo about his combat experience and Rambo realizes Trautman is the only one he trusts. (Incidentally Charles Napier is a highly decorated Korean war veteran in real life). Rambo parachutes into Nam and finds there are POWS left alive, he even manages to help one escape and Murdock aborts the mission and leaves them to their fate. There is an intense scene where Trautman confronts Murdock and calls him a stinking coward covering his ass! He says you made one mistake leaving Rambo alive! There are some awesome sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. Stallone's approach to playing Rambo is like the one Clint Eastwood used in playing No Name. He uses a minimum of dialogue. However, you sense this man's inner pain that he has borne all his life. This film has some of the most graphic torture sequences ever committed to screen as they try to make Rambo talk. They get him on the radio with Murdock and he says "MURDOCK I'M COMING TO GET YOU!!!!" I have to admit, I cheered like everyone else when Rambo killed all the enemy and rescued the POWs. There is an intense helicopter chase before he finally fakes a crash and then blows the enemy helicopter away! (I wanted to mention one error they made in this film. Rambo uses a LAWs rocket to shoot the enemy helicopter, if he had done this in real life, he would have blown up his own copter as well because of the backblast effect. I have trained with LAWs rockets and I know).

I love the last scene in the film where he flys the copter back and goes after Murdock. He scares the (*&^ out of him by shoving him down on a table and stabbing his knife into it, but he only tells him "There are more men out there, find them or I will find you" The last scene in the film SPOILER ALERT is the best. Colonel Trautman asks Rambo what he wants and Stallone makes his longest speech "I WANT WHAT THEY WANT AND EVERY OTHER GUY WHO WENT OVER THERE AND SPILLED HIS GUTS AND GAVE IT ALL HE HAD WANTS FOR OUR COUNTRY TO LOVE US AS MUCH AS WE LOVE IT THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!!!" It was like he was speaking for all Vietnam vets. This is a film that makes you stand up and cheer in the end. Corny? maybe but I always remember the lyrics of the song at the end (Stallone's brother wrote them) Peace in our life/remember the cause/a cheer for my brothers think of them all/home of the free, well never fall the strength of our nation belongs to us all.
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Surprisingly good movie
broadway3092 June 2003
Okay, first of all, I was born after this movie was made. Second of all, I'm a girl. So for me to say it's a good movie means it's a good movie. My father received this movie as a gag gift. Just by glancing at the cover, I had the impression that Rambo movies were nothing but blood-and-guts, guns-blazing, psycho, no-plotline movies that exist solely for the purpose of making men feel macho. I hate those movies (Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, etc.) But when I popped in this movie out of boredom, I was surprisingly pleased. I'll admit I never saw the first one, but this film doesn't really call for it. It stands on its own. The plot is good-a little too unrealistic but good, the cinematography and scenery is great, Stallone may not be the best actor in the world but he PERSONIFIES John Rambo, and the aspect that makes the movie worth watching is the fact that a woman was a main character and she was not just there for looks; she had an important role and she is portrayed almost as Rambo's equal. The semi-happy ending was cool, too. Although there are many cheezy moments where you just want to roll your eyes, there are also many feel-good moments that have the audience cheer for Rambo. After seeing this film I can understand why it was nominated for an Oscar.
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6 stars + Let's look at the 'whole' picture...
basenji024 October 2003
A lot of negative reviews I see, but what about the heart of the movie? Doesn't it make you remember the main point--Vietnam and the POW's still there? How they were treated when they came home?

So there are flaws in the movie, we know when Rambo fires the missle in the helicopter, the guys in back would have been toast, but that didn't matter. It's good against evil; and if you know anything about that time frame, you can see so much "truth" in characters like Murdock and what goes on in reality.

The action is excellent, non-stop, with heart, and instead of critical and harsh comments on acting, look at the Broad Picture here, or like Murdock...did you forget too?

A hell of an action film, well done stunt work (mostly done by Stallone) Well worth watching for many reasons.
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roh322011 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Double crossed by "UNCLE SAM", Sly Stallone makes a radio call back to base and asks for the "STINKIN' BEAUROCRAT" who set him up. As lightning strikes and Sly's knuckles crack and tighten around the radio microphone, he slurs the following words, "Murdock, I'm comin' ta git you". After which he pulverises and electrofies his captors and escapes into the jungle p***ed as a rattle snake. They don't make movies like this anymore, Rambo is an old school action favourite, made at a time when stunt men could really hurt themselves and at a time when explosions weren't made on a computer screen. At its time of release the film was criticized for exploiting real life P.O.W's and a minority of the public, especially the men who fought in the Vietnam war were deeply offended by the film. Unfortunately those people made the mistake of taking the film too seriously. Rambo is a very entertaining action movie directed by George P. Cosmatos who also directed Sly, one year later, in Cobra. Mr Cosmatos shows real style in his direction and I would like to see him team up again with Sly for another project. Rambo is a real crowd pleaser of a film, destined to become a classic if it isn't already.
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An important piece of the movie history
Gulag-23 September 2000
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a sort of legend.It's the greatest action flick of all the times,and the only movie can be compared to it it's "Rambo 3",another masterpiece. "Rambo:First Blood Part.2" is intelligent,beautiful,frightening and...so "Eighties" that you could consider it a piece of history.One of the best performance of Sylvester Stallone.Julie Nicholson (Co Bau) is great and she's a fine actress.Richard Crenna is a myth.The screenplay's a masterstroke,and i don't care the track of "reaganism" in it. Rambo is a rebel,a lone soldier,not a simple puppet in the hands of America.Not a simple human instrument.America offended and pushed him in the first movie.Rambo is an anti-hero,he really don't care 'bout America.He cares 'bout american soldiers STILL trapped in that hell.Point.Have you understand ? Best sequence: All the movie.My favourite :The Co Bau's death...so poetic.Sly seems a dancer when he fights,but he's one of the greatest actor too.He's not only a bunch of muscles !!!!!!! If you love good movies,you'll love "Rambo:First blood part 2".The mother of all the action flicks !!!!!!!!!!! Without it,forget "Die hard" and "Lethal weapon".Forget the word "Action" .
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Time to play hero, Again!
Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW)28 February 2008
John Rambo is back again! This time, he goes back to Vietnam to rescue POWS(Prisoners Of War). Unlike the first movie, Rambo gets weapons that are anything but primitive. A bow and arrow with explosive arrowheads, a rocket-launcher that has enough bang for your buck, and a fine machine gun that doesn't miss a beat. Rambo(Sly Stallone) gets out of prison by Trautman(Crenna) was told to take pictures of the P.O.W.S. Instead, he teams up with a Vietnamese informant name Co Bao(Juila Nickson-Soul) to help free them from the clutches of a mad Captain. Unknown to Rambo, the superiors he's working for are corrupt and he's on the warpath. Seems like Vietnam is home again to shooting and mayhem. Guess there was so much to do when he was at war, I think he got homesick. Rambo really went off the deep end when Co Bao was killed, that would make any man mad, from any country they live in. Goes to show when civilian life is boring, and the war can make you sane. More action-packed than the first one, and it's a real keeper. 3 out of 5 stars!
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Great movie
Joshua White12 January 2003
I'm really surprised at how little respect people have for this movie. I could be wrong, but it seems to be the ideal movie for any Vietnam vet looking for an outlet to his frustration. The government used Rambo the way many soldiers must have felt used. If this movie is nothing more than a tiny way of saying "we're sorry you had to go through that," then the movie deserves all the respect we can muster.
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Exciting and moving Rambo episode in which he returns at Vietnam to rescue American prisoners
ma-cortes12 August 2010
Violent movie that launched Stallone career going on his successful Rambo episodes . Sylvester Stallone as brawny hero Rambo is a previous Green Beret who's forced to go Cambodia in search of American POWs . He frees the American MIAs but Vietcong soldiers sett off in pursuit and Rampo leads his pursuers into all kinds of booby snares , puts dangerous traps in the jungle woods and mountains . Rambo appears threatening , lurking and harassing to his enemies pursuers escaping the innumerable risks and dangers . Rambo is double-crossed but his former superior ,Richard Crenna, will attempt to help him .

From the beginning to the end the comic-book action-packed and extreme violence is continued and it's fast movement ; for that reason the picture is pretty amusing ; furthermore contains lots of explosions and some unintentionally comic dialog too . The outdoors are spectaculars , the landscapes have been filmed on location in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico (waterfall scene)and in Tecoanapa, Guerrero, Mexico . Stallone is enormous as the tough and rebel ex soldier and Richard Crenna is top notch as the former trainer officer. Appears notorious secondaries as Martin Kove , Charles Napier, Steven Berkoff and screen debut of Julia Nickson , David Soul's wife . Awesome and exceptional cinematography by the classic cameraman Jack Cardiff . Again a splendid and rousing musical score by the great maestro Jerry Goldsmith . The motion picture is preceded by the original ¨First blood¨ by Ted Kotcheff in which Rambo is falsely accused as vagrant and wrongfully imprisoned and he pull off the break-out . And followed by ¨Rambo III¨ with Kurtwood Smith and Spiros Focas and of course Richard Crenna , in which Rambo against the Russians who control a particular sector of Afghanistan and he goes behind Russian-dominated enemy lines too rescue his former coroner from jail . The trilogy was a completed by the recent ¨Rambo¨ , a definitive improvement, with Julie Benz and directed by the same Stallone in which Rambo fights enemies in Thailand ; nevertheless the best considered is the original . The film will appeal to action enthusiast and Stallone fans . It's a movie for adrenaline lovers and frenetic thrillers buffs. Rating : Good, entertaining but violent , two thumbs up . This improbable and silly motion picture is professionally directed by George Pan Cosmatos. Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this exciting film still has its moments. This large-scale and lavishly produced pic attempts a bemusing atmosphere with spectacular results.
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Best Commando Guerilla Action Film Ever MADE !
Umar Mansoor Bajwa15 June 2005
The fame of Sylvester Stallone initially picked up with The Rocky series. However, he did not settle to create only the icon of Rocky Balboa. His ambitious and craggy nature took him to endeavor the creation of a new kind of hero cum macho man yet unknown to cine-goers.

Rambo was the culmination of an American war commando who was taught and weathered to sustain and persevere in the most unfavorable, hostile and cruel conditions. Under enemy captivity in Vietnam while trying to rescue American POWs, he showed stoic fortitude and the solid grit not to bend before the enemy bullies. Sylvester Stallone's body and features that seem to be chiseled in stone bore a perfect resemblance to Rambo's character sketch. Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel has also portrayed a good role as Rambo's mentor.

This is by far a most popular and fascinating depiction of a new style of action, adventure thriller of its time and definitely rose Stallone to new heights of stardom and instantly established him as a top favorite Hollywood icon.
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Kind of the start of the wave of over the top violent action 80's movies!
Aaron13757 March 2009
Yes, this movie was the start up for mainstream, violent, bloody action movies of the 80's. Movies like Robocop, Die Hard, and a host of others. This one though was the most successful at the box office with a whopping 150 million back in 1985. Which makes the low score here a bit surprising. Granted I can see why it would not score as well as the first movie in this series as First Blood is the more realistic of this set of movies. I liked this one more because of the over the top way it was presented, but it seems a lot of people must rate this movie as quite bad for it to be rated in the five's. Oh well, to each his own. This movie has Col. Trautman going to a prison where Rambo is doing hard time, the Col. has a proposal for Rambo. If he agrees to do a certain mission in Vietnam he will be pardoned. Well I think Rambo agrees to it less for the pardon, but more for the opportunity to do the mission which is find intelligence that shows the Vietnamese still are harboring prisoners of war. He goes in and there is a bit of action here and there and then Rambo gets caught, then escapes and goes on a bloody rampage. Granted it is a bit much, I still found this movie very fun and entertaining. Lots of bullets are expended, arrows shot, and missiles too! You know the one guy working in Vietnam is a bit of a butt, so that makes the ending a bit satisfying. So if you are watching this one, do not try to compare it to the first one...it was trying to be a bit realistic, while this one sort of says to the heck with that.
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A true action film
russem3110 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Rambo: First Blood Part II, the sequel to First Blood, furthers the adventures of John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone's other breakout role - the first being Rocky), who is reunited with his former commander from the first film, Colonel Samuel Troutman (played by the late Richard Crenna), who sends him on a mission to rescue POWs still held in Vietnam. Of course, things are not what they seem to be. This sequel, is a true action film without making much of a point (the first film dealt more with the mental psyche of the lead character because of his Vietnam War experiences). However, this is as entertaining as the first film due to the action sequences. Again, nice score by the late Jerry Goldsmith. A 7 out of 10.
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One of the best action films ever made
LuboLarsson7 July 2002
Viewed as an action film, Rambo First Blood Part II is hard to beat. It just never lets up, and it has Stallone at the top of his game. Its comic strip stuff, and is much less credible than First Blood. I don't care about that though, you want a serious film then watch The Deer Hunter or Platoon, but if you want to see a superbly made action film watch this. After the events of First Blood, John Rambo is in prison but gets released to be sent back to Vietnam to take pictures of a pow camp to get proof that there is still American pow's there. But he is double-crossed by his superiors when he tries to take some pow's out with him, he wasn't meant to do that, he was ordered to only take photos, so he's left behind to be captured , imprisoned and tortured by those oh so nasty RUSSIANS! Sly really had it in for the reds in 1985 after this film, he sent Rocky out to Russia to beat up that other nasty Russian Ivan Drago! It must have been what the people wanted as this and Rocky IV were two of the biggest smashes of the year. Steven Berkhoff plays the Russian bad guy in practically a carbon copy of his role in the James Bond film Octopussy, he does it well though, he was one of Hollywoods favourite bad guys of the mid 80's, you might remember him in Beverly Hills Cop, which was a film initially intended for........Sylvester Stallone! This movie has just been giving the DVD special edition treatment, buy it, and get yourself one of the greatest action flms ever made.
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Great action film.
theshadow9088 September 2006
Rambo: First Blood Part II picks up 3 years after the events of First Blood. John Rambo is in jail for his crimes. Col. Sam Trautman shows up one day and offers Rambo a way out...He must accept a mission to Vietnam to investigate unlikely claims that there are still POWs being held there. He goes in intending to take pictures, but when he realizes the claims are true, he engages the enemy, which angers the mission commander, Murdock. He leaves Rambo behind in Vietnam, which throws Rambo into another vengeful frenzy. This movie has a better story and way better action than First Blood, and is way more entertaining.

In mood and style, this movie is a lot like First Blood. John Rambo is still a deadly 'Nam vet that's slightly off his rocker, and Col. Trautman is still Rambo's only friend, whose only purpose is to warn others not to screw with him. One change I didn't like was that in First Blood Rambo was spiteful, but in this film he becomes a cheesy "God Bless America" action hero, even though he's still angry about the war. The story was much better this time around and had way more exciting action scenes, particularly when Rambo escapes from capture and proceeds to eliminate all of his enemies through various quiet tactics as well as loud destruction. The movie is a cheesy 80's action movie, but as long as you're not expecting a masterpiece, you'll like it.

The acting is the same as the first film. Sylvester Stallone is still just Sylvester Stallone. Richard Crenna is still good as Trautman.

Overall, Rambo: First Blood Part II is a very entertaining action packed film. A classic in the action genre.

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Revenge of the 80's: Patriotic hokum.
Joseph P. Ulibas12 June 2004
Rambo: First Blood II (1985) is a Hollywood reactionary film that reflected the times. Raygun was in office and American was deep into it's patriotic phase (a phase that would start again following Iraq War, Part One and after 9/11).

After the events that have transpired in First Blood, we find Rambo breaking rocks (I am not making this up) inside a Federal Prison somewhere in Mexico (the entire movie was filmed there). Col. Trautman offers him a deal with Black Ops. He can either sweat to his heart's content for the rest of his life getting even bigger by breaking rocks or he can go to Mexico, I mean Vietnam and settle some old scores, I mean take a couple of snaps.

Whilst Rambo chooses the easier of the two options, the filmmakers give him ample camera time to show off his new ripped body he earned breaking rocks in the Federal Pen. But like all of these movies nothing ever goes like the way they're supposed to. Check out Rambo as he grunts and moans his way into American pop culture. Despite all of the cheesy flag waving and macho dialog, Rambo II is a fun popcorn movie. Especially when Charles Napier passes the torch to Sly Stallone. Martin Kove and Richard "Dicky" Crenna co-stars as well. Fun for all, they should have ended the series here but since this is the 80's, well.... Recommended for a few chuckles.

P.S. Check out the female lead in this picture. A Eurasian actress who almost becomes Rambo's only love interest in the series! She's kind of hot in a tough girl sort of way.
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"Do we get to win this time?"
utgard1422 July 2015
Extremely fun sequel to First Blood takes things in a bit more of a comic bookish direction than the first film but it's undeniably entertaining. John Rambo heads back to Vietnam to find POWs and winds up fighting the Vietnamese, the Russians, and an American bureaucrat (Charles Napier). This is one of the all-time great movie sequels. Many consider it to be even better than the first one. It's certainly a lot of fun but I think the first one can be enjoyed on a more serious level than this, while still being entertaining. This one is just sheer popcorn fun. The script, co-written by James Cameron, is full of memorable lines and scenes, with great characters brought to life by a fine cast. Sylvester Stallone and Richard Crenna return from the first movie; both are excellent. Charles Napier makes for an especially slimy villain. Steven Berkoff, George Cheung, Voyo Goric, and Martin 'Cobra Kai' Kove play stereotypical but colorful baddies. Beautiful Julia Nickson steals every scene she's in as Rambo's bad-ass partner and potential love interest. Good score from Jerry Goldsmith. Solid direction from George P. Cosmatos with cinematography from the legendary Jack Cardiff.

This movie put Rambo out there as a cultural icon and, in that way, it does surpass the original. Following this there were Rambo toys, a cartoon series, video games, and comic books. If you were a little boy in the '80s, chances are you were a Rambo fan. Many people don't care for this movie and it goes beyond the usual "too good for action movies" film snob crowd. As with the Missing in Action series, a lot is made from certain corners about how these types of movies were offensive to the families of real POWs. I don't agree because I find nothing inherently offensive about fictional stories using real-life events, nor am I quick to find something in everything to be upset about like some are. What is fantasy without wish fulfillment, after all, and how many people back then wished our government had handled the war and the POW situation differently?

Anyway, this is an exciting actioner that I think few fans of such movies will find fault with. It's well-crafted and certainly good-looking. The action scenes are wonderful. Yeah there are improbabilities, contrivances, and a high cheese factor. But it's all just so much fun I really don't think you will care much. It's the '80s action movie by which all other '80s action movies are judged.
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Much more a pure action film than it's predecessor, but still an excellent movie.
DamianThorn10 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First blood was a very poignant look into the mind of a Vietnam vet, traumatized by war and lost within himself. Rambo First Blood Part II is certainly still a vivid portrayal of the Rambo character and still filled with moments that make clear unadulterated statements about war and those left behind to die. It is however much more an action film than First Blood.

This movie centers on Rambo, freed from prison by the US government to re-enter Vietnam and locate prisoners of war. Unbeknownst to him, he's not intended to find anything and is expected to return empty handed. When he actually does find POW's alive and still being held by the Vietnamese, he refuses to leave them behind and engages in a one man war to save his former comrades.

Like all of the Rambo films, this movie is beautifully made and nearly flawless in its production. Stallone plays Rambo just as he did in First Blood. When you see him in character, it's so clear that the role to him means much more than it would for most. Richard Crenna returns as Colonel Trautmen and once again plays his role perfectly as well. A really nice surprise in this movie though are a couple of other familiar Hollywood faces.

There's Charles Napier playing a corrupt to the bone CIA agent and playing it extremely well. Napier is known amongst hardcore film fans for often playing a hard ass with a load of jerk sprinkled on top. His role here is no exception. Obviously Napier himself isn't like that but somehow or another it just became a running thing for him in movies. Probably because he's so dam good at it. We also see Steven Berkoff, a very well known actor from such titles as A Clockwork Orange and Octopussy. But most notably to my mind, we see Martin Kove.

While Kove has played many roles in his career, I love him best as the ruthless leader of the Cobra Kai Dojo in 1985's Karate Kid. That character has stuck in my mind for years and will probably never leave. Kove played it so ridiculously well that it almost made the character enviable even though he was one of the bad guys. If I were in a bad situation and I saw him in his Cobra Kai uniform, I'd be hiding behind him in a heartbeat...but back to First Blood II. Here he plays a mercenary, hired to get Rambo in and out of Vietnam and to back him up if Rambo runs into trouble. Kove's character however being a mercenary is only in it for the money.

When the time comes to choose between saving Rambo and a rescued POW or following orders and abandoning them, he simply fly's away in his helicopter and leaves them to be captured by the enemy never even looking back. Fear not, he gets his later on in a most satisfying way and Kove even manages to play that moment out hilariously well.

When I say this is more a pure action film than First Blood, don't get me wrong. It's a great movie and it has it's moments that are poignant and do bring back memories of the previous film. It's simply that there is a lot more action here. It makes sense however when you consider the situation or rather, the story of the film. There has to be more action when the main character is trapped behind enemy lines and facing off against countless Vietnamese soldiers backed by Russian military. If there wasn't more action, if it wasn't a tougher battle for Rambo, the movie would lose all credibility. As I've said though, First Blood II is still very well written, directed and edited. The location filming is excellent and the acting is spot on all around.

If your looking for the poignancy of First Blood, I will say this. A few lines spoken by Rambo at the end of the film bring that rushing back and really hit you hard. Also, as with the first film this movie is well scored and has an excellent theme song called Peace In Our Life sung by none other than Frank Stallone, Sylvester Stallone's brother. It's not quite Dan Hill's "It's a Long Road" the theme from First Blood but Peace In Our Life is dam close to it in the way that both songs tug at your heart and your mind.

Do yourself a favor, listen to the last few lines Rambo speaks in this movie and then just sit and let the credits roll while Peace In Our Life plays. It'll hit you where it counts, I promise you that.
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Hardcore Entertainment!
namashi_11 October 2011
'Rambo: First Blood Part II' is Hardcore Entertainment, The cult-classic is full of thirst, rush, blood, gore & muscles. Also, Sylvester Stallone plays Rambo, a role that he has immortalized, remarkably, yet again.

'Rambo: First Blood Part II' is set in the context of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, it sees Rambo released from prison by Federal order to document the possible existence of POWs in Vietnam, under the belief that he will find nothing, thus enabling the government to sweep the issue under the rug.

'First Blood' was a fantastic film, that held your attention very well. Being it's sequel, 'Rambo: First Blood Part II', as told, offers hardcore entertainment & lives up-to the expectations. Though I have seen all the films from the 'Rambo' series, I consider 'First Blood' & 'Rambo: First Blood Part II' to be the best among all.

Screenplay by Stallone & James Cameron, is entertaining, fast & brutal. The Action-Sequences are superbly done and are full of blood & gore. George P. Cosmatos's Direction, is passable. Cinematography, Editing & Art Design, are decent.

Performance-Wise: As told, Stallone delivers remarkably as Rambo, a character that he has immortalized ever since. Richard Crenna is sincere. Charles Napier is as usual. Julia Nickson is impressive. Others lend support.

On the whole, If you wanna watch some unforgiving, hardcore action, then don't dare to miss this one. Thumbs Up!
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Great Sequel to First Blood!
g-bodyl16 September 2010
Part 2 is just as good as the first Rambo even though it seems like most people are hating it. I seen so many bad political comments here, it just make me think, "Do people see movies to judge the political points of the film." That annoys me a lot. I think people should just sit back, relax, and enjoy a great action film.

This is basically about Rambo leaving prison to go to Vietnam and defeat the bad guys.

I looked at the awards for the film and I was surprised to see how many Razzie awards this movie won. This movie is so much better than that. Stallone deserves better.

The action was great, there is more action than the first film. The rousing score by Goldsmith is better than the first film.

Overall, I liked this Rambo movie a lot. I can't wait to see the next two. I rate this movie 8/10.
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Pretty good and entertaining
Jay_sow sow15 February 2009
Firstly I can't believe that this movie has been so lowly rated by so many people here,on reading some of the reviews i see that its mostly just a lot of people taking themselves too seriously and expecting hard hitting politically commentary from a movie which realistically speaking is all about the action and the killing,seen in that light i believe this movie is excellent.

Comparisons to the first movie might not be completely accurate,they are 2 completely different types of movies,the first part dealt with Rambo's personal struggle with his own demons and the attitude that greeted most Vietnam vets when they returned home, this movie was all about redemption and a chance to right a wrong.

If we were to to stretch a point one might actually say this was more of a die hard-esquire mold of action movie
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The Movie That Started All the Typical Late 80's Action Movies
devinshee20 April 2008
Rambo First Blood part 2 is pretty much the movie that started it all. And they also hardly make movies like this these days, but every once in a while they kind of do. Rambo 2 started all those typical late 80's action movies, mowing down 10 bad guys at once with a big machine gun, a lot of explosions, things blow up real good, everything in sight gets blown up, a lot of people get killed, blood, big macho muscle man stuff, the 80's music and feel, and the look. I think the late 80's and early 90's were the best years for action movies, and it kind of died down in 1995 and 96, but there were some good ones in those years too.

I think Rambo 2 is pretty much the best Rambo movie in the franchise. Although i do like First Blood and Rambo 3 and the recent Rambo movie, but i think this one really shows Rambo's side of life. He is a Vietnam Veteran, and Col. Trautman send's him back to Vietnam to rescue American POW's. Rambo goes back to the war he once fought, and that's what originally created Rambo, the Vietnam War.

First off, the action is pretty cool. A lot of stuff gets blown up, a lot of people get killed, bloody gunshot wounds, and some bloody moments, a guy gets blown up by an explosive bow and arrow. People get killed with bows and arrows. Rambo stealth kills people. And he battles the Vietnamese Troops, and the Russian Soviets. The Rambo movies are well known for the helicopters and stuff, so there is some helicopter action in this movie. I like the boat scene in the movie.

I think this movie has one of the best turning points ever in a movie. I like it how Rambo gets captured by the Vietnamese and the Soviets. And he gets put into some sewage stuff, and gets a little roughed up, and he gets electrocuted, which is kind of a classic scene, and he gets that hot knife cut onto his face, and a POW is also used to get information out of Rambo. And then they force him to radio to his base to tell them to stop what they are doing or whatever. And then Rambo say's, "Murdock, Im coming to get you!". And then he starts kicking butt right after he say's that. So, as the movie goes on, he can kill as many people as he can, he can do no wrong after being tortured. You start to feel sorry for Rambo when he goes through an endless amount of torture, and i start to cheer for him when he escapes. That's a good turning point in a movie. I hate how his commander's said not to engage the enemy.

And i really liked Charles Napier as one of Rambo Commanders, he was mean, double crossing Rambo and gets him captured, and not wanting POW's coming home. And Rambo finally comes back home with the POW's and teaches him a lesson. And it was nice to see that big Russian guy, and the main bad guy get killed too.

I think that Vietnamese girl in the movie was pretty cute. The only thing i don't care so much about the movie, is that at times it kind of drags a little.

Rambo 2 is very entertaining, and i think it is the best Rambo movie.
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