Rambo: First Blood Part II Poster


Academy Awards, USA 1986

Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing
Fred J. Brown

DVD Exclusive Awards 2003

DVD Premiere Award
Best Overall New Extra Features, Library Release
Jeffrey Schwarz
Laura Nix
For First Blood
For the Rambo Trilogy. Rambo III (1988).

Golden Screen, Germany 1986

Golden Screen
Scotia (distributor)

Razzie Awards 1986

Razzie Award
Worst Picture
Buzz Feitshans
Worst Actor
Sylvester Stallone
For Rocky IV
Worst Screenplay
Sylvester Stallone
James Cameron
Kevin Jarre (story)
Worst Original Song
Frank Stallone (also lyrics)
Peter Schless
Jerry Goldsmith
For the song "Peace in Our Life".
Razzie Award
Worst Supporting Actress
Julia Nickson
Worst Director
George P. Cosmatos
Worst New Star
Julia Nickson

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