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The glorious return of juvenile delinquency!
Coventry4 June 2009
"Porky's II: The Next Day" was a weak and frustratingly tame movie that couldn't hold a candle to the wayward original; which I personally consider to be a classic in its own specific league. One of the – admittedly many – reasons of failure was the absence of the titular redneck character who was more or less profiled as the teen protagonists' arch enemy in the first film. Porky Wallace (glorious role of the late Chuck Mitchell) was a fat and sleazy night club owner from a neighboring county who humiliated and deceived the oversexed high school teenagers and prevented them from getting laid in his club. This led to fantastically comical and vulgar situations, but the first sequel skipped all this in favor of politically correct humor and ethically valuable morals. Well, just like the producers of "Halloween" found out after the disastrous third installment … every franchise also partly relies on a solid villainous character. The input of Porky's character in this third and final movie isn't exactly tremendous, but it definitely helps. The jokes and absurd situations are also a lot funnier again (albeit not nearly as funny as in the original) because they all revolve on raging hormones, bizarre sexual fetishes, embarrassing encounters and plain juvenile delinquency! Few weeks before graduating high school (about time, as they all appear to be in their mid-twenties…), the cheerful posse has the chance of realizing their biggest dream: winning the state championship in basketball. They face a big – literally – obstacle when it turns out their beloved coach has unsettled debts with Porky, who now owns a luxurious casino boat. The only way out is for the team to lose the finale and have Porky cash in the betting money, but their mind is too strongly set on winning… This is good old-fashioned and textbook 80's comedy, meaning relaxing and utterly brainless. Ideal stuff to re-watch after all these years and revive the spirit of 80's trash.
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I'm Proudly a Fan of the Series
Michael_Elliott6 December 2012
Porky's Revenge (1985)

*** (out of 4)

The third and final film in the series finds the boys of Angel Beach High School having to deal with Porky once again when their basketball coach gets into some gambling trouble. Between dealing with Porky the boys find plenty of time for various sexual acts. Look, you're either a fan of the PORKY'S trilogy or you're not. I personally love the series and grew up watching these movies so they certainly are special to me no matter how silly they are. This third film in the series isn't nearly as good as the first but I thought it was a step up from the good, if flawed, second film. I think what works so well here is that it's just fun seeing the gang back and getting into more trouble. Again, if you're wanting comedy in the style of Charles Chaplin then you're not going to find it here but if you enjoy toilet humor, sex jokes and plenty of nudity then this here really delivers. I thought the story itself was mildly entertaining for a film like this but it was certainly a major plus having Porky back in action. After the events in the first film it's just obvious that he really would want some revenge so this adds another layer of fun. As with the first two, there are all sorts of dirty sex jokes and I thought the majority of them worked. This includes the foreign exchange student, a pool orgy and the highlight of the film a sequence inside a motel room. The performances are pretty much what you'd expect from a film like this but the entire cast fit their roles nicely and deliver a good job. There's no question that the film has some major flaws throughout but fans of the series should find this to be a good way to close things out.
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Wraps it up
Sandcooler27 May 2009
The last part of the epic "Porky's"-trilogy is undeniably the weakest, mainly because it feels so straight to video. The production often seems lazy and cheap, and the director didn't exactly work overtime ever. Basketball has never looked this lackluster. The screenwriter tries his best to copy the style of the original, but the way things are directed makes the raunch look nasty rather than funny. The scene with Tommy and Balbricker, presumably one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie, just kinda made me ashamed for watching this. Has it come to this, I wondered, as Balbricker attempted to pull down his underwear for minutes straight. The only redeeming factor left are the actors, that surprisingly still look like they want to be there. Pee Wee is always entertaining, even if he doesn't get to do much. It's still Pee Wee. I also appreciate that Porky is back for the occasion, even though his evil plan makes little sense. And why is he telling people about it? That's just asking to be stopped. Either way, this is not too bad for a second sequel, but it's just so clearly not by the original makers.
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It lacks...
Zalman66626 May 2003
Seeing as how Bob Clark didn't participate in this movie, it doesn't surprise me that the final movie in the Porky's trilogy lacked the energy that made the first two so funny. The events leading up to the revenge just seemed so unnecessary. Ultimately, this so-called revenge seemed more like another attempt to make Porky's life miserable. This was an inglorious way to end the series which (when it first started) was the first important teen movie of the 80s before we were subjected to the legacy of John Hughes and the Brat Pack.
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Oh Yeah!!!, What a finish!
LJStephens198018 November 2001
Porky's Revenge, is simply the best end to this trillogy hands down.! This is one smart way to finish the series, although ignoring the next day senario of Porky's 2.

All the gang is back, just scheming away, with their usual tricks. With a chain of events that lead to the most outragously funny climaxs of cinema.

Porkys and Porkys Revenge are the movie viewings, with stacks of goodies on a lame movie night, this will certainly provide some spark.

10/10: This and Porkys should become classics.
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What a pig...
Mister-610 April 2000
That Porky; just when you count him out - here he comes with the whole Angel Beach High gang to strike one final blow against a series that degenerated so far down the tubes that even Bob Clark wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Now, THAT is bad.

"Porky's Revenge", directed as it is by James Komack (yes, THAT James Komack, from "The Courtship of Eddie's Father"), tries to ape the original as much as possible in looks but just doesn't get it right; the material never finds the right tone of raunchiness nor one single scene that has as many belly laughs as the original (if you've seen the first one, you know what I mean).

And the "kids" in this one look just a hair shy on the ear lobe of collecting social security. Someone should have gotten a better makeup artist on the set, ya think? Jeez, guys; at least wear girdles or something!

But then there's Porky himself. Ah yes, Chuck Mitchell returns and is just as mean, nasty and... well, PORKY, as we remember. And when his little girl Blossom (Wendy Feign) falls for good old Meat (Tony Gainos), it's time for Pee-Wee (Dan Monahan) and the rest of the crew to kick into high gear and save their buddy from a fate worse than death - marriage.

Problem is, so much attention is paid to the plot (!!!) that there's no time for laughs, sight gags or even decent use of the foreign exchange student (Kim Evenson). What a disappointment; she even had a cute Swedish accent.

All in all, a big let-down, even from part II in the series (which was no great shakes itself, but at least kept Clark at the helm). This is one "Revenge" that just beats out Montezuma's for general discomfort.

Two stars. Hey, had to give them credit for the eventual fate of Miss Balbricker (Nancy Parsons). What do you know; those kids had a conscience after all.
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Funny, and better than the second film
drdre128 December 2000
The final film of the Porky's trilogy is clearly the better of the two sequels. It ignores the next day plot of the second film and goes back to direct raunchiness that made the first film so successful. However, the story should have put them in a different setting such as college, since the actors portraying the high school seniors were well into the late 20's early 30's by the time the third film was made. Overall, it is good comedy compared to the other films that were made in the mid 80's ** out of ****
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better than the second, up there with the first, classic comedy
daworldismine5 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
so the third installment of the porky's trilogy, should be the worst, but it's actually a big improvement on the second installment. the gang are back minus a couple of characters, but like i said in my review of the second movie, there were simply too many characters to write for, hence the movie not being as funny as the first. don't worry though, the movie is much funnier, and raunchier, and is much more in spirit with the original than the second one was. the set pieces are bigger, the laughs better, and even though it loses 2 of the characters from the first 2, it really doesn't matter, because it makes the movie funnier, porkys 3 is another must see movie, that delivers everything the second movie should of, i highly recommend this movie to fans of the original
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good way to end a great trilogy
shawshank8625 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i am a huge fan of the porky's movies, and this was not a let down. the greatest of the series will always be the first, but 2 & 3 are still really worth seeing. the movie is clever, funny and creative. the group devises new pranks and new consequences. somehow, the whole group manages to graduate...and go out with...style. but before all that, they manage to face expulsion, blackmail for athletic eligibility and save their coach by making a deal with their arch nemesis: porky. when they don't follow through with their agreement, they have to defeat porky once and for all or else ol' meat gonna have to marry little blossom!
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The best of a mediocre trilogy.
BlackJack_B17 May 2002
Believe it or not, Porky's is the most successful Canadian-made film in history (still!). Porky's was the movie that first graduated from the drive-in circuit to the cinema. A big hit in both Canada and the U.S., it was the commercials that became my gateway to adult entertainment. Sadly, I was only 9 when the movie came out, so I had to wait.

After seeing all three movies a number of times, I have to admit that Porky's Revenge is the best one. The story: Set in the late 1950's, a bunch of boys with "sex on the brain" battle with their nemesis, Porky. Porky is a "southern gentleman" who runs an illegal casino/brothel situated on a riverboat. The boys have been wanting to make this man's life miserable ever since he embarrassed them in the first movie. So once again, they plot to destroy his operation once and for all.

The movie had some great scenes, like the pool party, the sneaking into a teacher's apartment and then seeing her and another faculty member doing S&M, and the basketball scenes. This one's script is a lot better and James "Welcome Back, Kotter" Komack does some decent direction. It's not very good, but it's watchable enough, I've seen this one about 7 times, including today.

One last note: Porky's riverboat casino looks like the insides of The Hard Rock Hotel/Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. I guess now we know where Peter Morton got his inspiration from!
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The best in the series!
jaws!25 April 1999
Porky's Revenge is less on dirty, and more on entertainment. It's more entertaining than the first two, but less dirty. It also has more heart than the first two. The final song at the end of Porky's Revenge is a great song to end the series. It's also as funny as the first one. I give this movie *** out of ****
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Porky's Revenge
Scarecrow-888 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Like the REVENGE OF THE NERDS series, PORKY'S kind of lost its edge as other sequels emerged even though the characters remained likable enough(if too old)to spend 90 minutes with. I just felt as I was watching PORKY'S REVENGE that the laughs were few and far between although there were attempts to reestablish the raunch that appealed to audiences who loved the first film. I think it would've been more ideal to have this cast in college instead of in their senior year of high school as the stars simply look too old at this point to portray 18 year olds. That said there are some inspired moments here and there such as Pee Wee's flashing the parents attending the graduation ceremony on accident(he was tricked into getting nude underneath his robe by the gang)or when the boys have broken into the apartment of a hot biology teacher trying to find a test exam so that Meat(Tony Ganios)could cheat to pass so he could play in the State Basketball Championship, instead catching her in a bit of sexual rollplaying with another teacher. Nancy Parsons returns as Ms. Balbricker and the gang decide to find her lost love which is kind of a nice way to send her character off as she's often the butt of jokes(her hotel scene with Wyatt Knight's Tommy Turner is a laugh as both were expecting to meet other people, this arranged as a practical joke by the gang, although Pee Wee was the intended target for Balbricker). In this sequel, Porky(Chuck Mitchell)now operates an illegal casino on board a riverboat and has negotiated a deal with the boys regarding throwing the basketball championship so that their coach could be exonerated of the gambling debts he owes. Of course the boys plan to screw Porky and when fatso kidnaps Meat(he supposedly got Porky's ugly daughter pregnant after the two "went all the way")during prom night they will have to orchestrate a rescue. The result isn't kind to Porky's boat! Mitchell is as repugnant and bullying as ever, the perfect foil for our high school heroes who once again get the best of him. This film features "the big game" as Angel Beach's basketball team go on a tear when Meat suddenly "passes the test" and is allowed to toss around the opposition like rag dolls(the referees seemed to have gone on a lunch break, I guess). A constant gag that I didn't really find all that funny has the principal questioning when Billy(Mark Herrier)is gonna set up a period where they can watch a certain "art film"(it's pornography and Balbricker told on them to the principal). Kaki Hunter is Tommy's girlfriend, Wendy, but she's essentially "one of the guys" always hanging out with them. Surprising amount of nudity in this sequel; mostly boobs. While a far cry from the first film, which had me laughing out loud quite a bit, PORKY'S REVENGE does come from a great period in the 80s when filmmakers were willing to go anywhere to get a giggle or make the viewer blush.
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I found this one more superior than the first two
departed0714 November 2003
for so many reasons, this film had Porky. It had less characters and plus it was time for graduation. Porky's Revenge is about Pee-Wee and what's left of the gang to save Meat from getting married and to help coach goodenough win the championship basketball game. It has funny stuff with sex, quirky lines and a cool ending that is better than the first two

i won't give it a strong recommadation, but i will give it a 6/10.
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Excellent! The rarest amoungst films, a movie that strikes better than the original
spselecter19 April 2002
Excellent! the rarest amoungst films a movie that strikes better than the original. Porky's revenge for me was a great gossip the morning after I'd seen it. A spectacular comedy but as always this comedy lost marks for poor acting. This was a much better film than the two originals it was a lot less dirty, (well...almost) and the story/theme was great!

I won't comment on my favourite part so-as not to spoil it, although I will say that this held an excellent impersonation to an old concerned grandmother. Every time I watch it it goes on longer than expected there are several themes and mishaps to take care of in this film. An excellent setting and pick of cast.

I should give this film 7/10 but dont be put off! see this film as soon as you get the chance it's well worth watching! I would like there to be another out soon!
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After the Next Day
sol-29 July 2017
Made without the participation of Bob Clark, this third film in the 'Porky's' franchise follows the teen friends to graduation, with more mischief including another encounter with Chuck Mitchell as the titular antagonist from Part One. Scattered amusing moments include the friends spying on a scientist teacher at her home and the series-long running gag of Pee Wee's mother walking in on him, however, the film fails to charter any new ground; it is not even raunchier than the first installment. The film is not true to its title either, which implies Mitchell plotting revenge on the teens for trashing his establishment in the first film. It is hard not to wonder how the movie may have turned out with Clark's involvement. After all, he did wonders pulling the material in different directions in the second film, which became less about pranks and more about the friends sticking up for their classmates regardless of ethnicity, plus supporting their principal and teachers against hyper-conservatives crowds. Kaki Hunter also very nicely evolved into 'one of the guys' in the second film, whereas here she is relegated back to a second supporting character. Of course, no film with a half-naked Swedish exchange student is ever going to be worthless and there is something sweet about the gang trying to help their coach with financial woes, but this is clearly a step below its predecessors.
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Great Feel-Good Movie
Barenth Williams9 May 2016
Of course you can't top the original Porky's. But if you watch the two sequels as brainless, high school nostalgia then this is a great film!

The humor and culture are a great time capsule for a lot of us who grew up in that era. Hollywood could never make this film now! But thank God there was no political correctness in the 1950s, or the early 1980s, for that matter. The result was some great entertainment.

The guys from Angel Beach High School are back and driving around in an awesome '57 Fairlane convertible! Poor Meat gets hooked up with a shapely but homely girl who turns out to be Porky's daughter. When Porky finds out she went "all the way" with Meat, it's shotgun wedding time!

Meanwhile, a bitchy schoolteacher has vindictively failed Meat so he wouldn't be eligible to play in the school's big game--on which Porky has bet heavily. Can Tommy Turner, Pee Wee and the rest blackmail their teacher with sex photos in time to make her reverse her decision? Will Meat become Porky's son in law and heir to the floating casino?

For the answers to these and other questions, watch the film!
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fun first 20 minutes but loses steam
SnoopyStyle6 August 2015
The gang at Angel Beach high school Pee Wee, Tommy Turner, Meat, Billy, Wendy Williams and Brian Schwartz are about to graduate. They're caught watching a stag film by Balbricker but Billy and Tommy Turner talk out of it with Mr. Carter. The cheerleaders promise the boys an orgy after a basketball win but they play a trick on them. Coach is threatened by Porky's thugs for his gambling debt. Brian leads the boys to Porky's to help Coach. On the way, the guys leave Meat behind with butterface Blossom who turns out to be Porky's daughter. Porky has reopened his club into an illegal riverboat casino. The boys offer to throw the state championship in exchange for Coach's debt. Afterwards Brian convinces everybody to doublecross Porky by winning the game.

I really like the first 20 minutes. It's irreverent and it's fun. I like the boys especially with Wendy Williams. The cheerleaders' party is fun. But the fun slowly drains away. There isn't only one cause. It stops being light fun. Also watching white guys play weekend basketball isn't the most compelling. It's not like they are terribly funny at it either. Wendy gets sideline and downgraded to a girl once again. The franchise is done.
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Back for revenge, ending a trio of a never forgotten 80's pic
videorama-759-85939111 February 2014
Yes that pig bastard is back to claim his revenge, his wild bordello, now a boat. Running into strife, paying off some gambling debts to Porky, the Angel Beach guys, looking older (though they we're old in their parts to begin with, but back then you could get away with it) try to reason out a deal with their arch nemeses, none too happy to see them, after their last encounter. Though still having it's moments, this pic has outworn it's welcome, the actors still giving their all, and staying true to their characters, a new hot chick popping up in this, with big, you know, part of our undersexed Pee Wee's dreams that became a triumphant reality, in the end. Too, Ballbreaker and the Angel Beach gang finally make a truce. You can't be angry forever. There are some quite familiar scenes, like Pee Wee's morning, 'Mum walking in' routine, plus another revenge from the boys in relation to Porky's business when Meat is kidnapped. He is forced to marry Porky's daughter who makes her pops good looking, and as you can guess, Meat, has a complete different agenda. Pee Wee is again made a brunt of the guy's remarks, pranks, one backfiring. The soundtrack among excerpts of other fifties tracks, "High School Nights" rocks. Not a disappointing effort, this Porky's I still quite like, but there's a time where you have to quit. Enough is enough. This will still go down as a hit with most Porky's fans, although, story wise it was a bit thin, I mean gambling debts. Trivia note. Flipper's Sandy (Luke Halpin) was the scuba technical adviser on this movie, oh how he's career changed.
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Porky returns.
punishmentpark11 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After the disappointing sequel this third Porky flick goes back to the more raunchy approach of the first one. The opening with perfect Swedish Inga is classic, and overall there are more boobies than ever to admire. The plot revolves (somewhat) the basketball coach being in debt with Porky and ends up with a reasonable finale - hip '80s synthesizer soundtrack included! In between there are some fine and funny scenes (grandma, the two teachers, Beulah) that can pretty much measure up with the original Porky, in my opinion. Another funny things is that Blossom is made out to be unattractive, but really she's kinda of cute... and fít, as the British would say.

Enjoyed myself, but the first Porky is the best. Still: (a small) 6 out of 10 for this one, too.
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Fairly amusing
smatysia5 February 2013
Obviously not as good as the first movie, but sequels never are. And since this is a third installment, well, you can't have too high of expectations. Even so, it was fairly amusing. True, the actors were a bit too old to pass for high school. Special shout-outs to Dan Monahan, who will always be Pee Wee. Also to Kaki Hunter, who had a certain charisma. Apparently she left the film business back in the Eighties. Too bad. Also notable was Rose McVeigh, who carried an extended scene that was not that funny, but she kept a straight face and carried on like a pro. Overall, no one is going to watch this if they haven't seen the previous films, and that's just as well.
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A whole a lot better than the second one.
chatykat29 July 2002
This movie was a whole a lot better than Porky's:The Next Day, it was more covered up and a lot funnier than the second one maybe funnier than the first one.If you want a good movie to watch on a Friday night rent this movie.
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Held up to it's predecessors
Barry_Ace4 May 2003
This film wasn't as great as the first one, but it was still good nonetheless. The song "High School Nights" at the end of it was a good song to close the series. Although some of the characters from the first two (Tim, Mickey, Officer Jarvis) are missed, this film has a good plot, I reccomend seing it.
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Makes the first two look like Shakespeare
preppy-34 July 2008
Like the first two this takes palace in Florida in the mid-1950s. Those "funny" guys and girls are back to celebrate their senior year in high school with more juvenile humor, sexual humiliation and ugly "humorous" gags.

The first two were no masterpieces. The acting was pretty bad and the jokes were downright sick. However each one had some moments that made me laugh out loud. This one however has NOTHING! The plot deals with whether the boys (all on the basketball team) will throw the final game of the season or not to save their coach who owes Porky a lot of money. To put it mildly, that plot is as old as the hills. Also the entire cast of "teenagers" are quite obviously in the late 20s or 30s. NO ONE looks even remotely like a high school kid. Heck, they'd be hard pressed to get away as college kids! The "jokes" do have plenty of the expected female AND male nudity and have the kids laughing hysterically at someone getting humiliated. Also they play a very cruel and sadistic joke on Ms. Balbricker (Nancy Parsons). The thing is Parsons was such a good actress that it's uncomfortable to watch. Wyatt Knight also isn't bad as Tommy Turner. However Fred Buch as Mr. Dobish overacts to a truly embarrassing degree.

I will say a few good things about this--it was reasonably well-directed and all the "kids" have good bodies so the nude scenes aren't unbearable. But this has a stupid plot and unfunny comedy. This one (rightly) lost money at the box office and we were sparred any more Porky movies. Even if you're desperate this isn't worth watching. A 1 all the way.
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The woman
Cristi_Ciopron13 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Rose McVeigh is a woman that used to look so fabulously good that she deserved to have a far better career in the movies; I have seen her in Porky's Revenge (1985), and she gave the movie all its interest. Her body looked absolutely ideally. The famous scene where she undresses is the only fine thing in the whole movie, and it's prepared, built up to ...;--and yes, she looked impressive, awesome with her dress on, too. Her unremarkable career is another example of how many factors it takes to build one,and how the looks never explain everything.

It looks as if her career did not make it into the insipid '90s.

Her bits in this installment are absolutely necessary, and they have a certain fame.
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Worth seeing if you are a fan of Porky's (1981) and Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)
james3620017 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This is the third and last Porky's film. Not as good as the first Porky's (1981) nor Porky's II: The Next Day (1983), but worth seeing if you are a fan. This film ties everything up you remember from the first two movies. Tony Ganios is remarkable as "Meat" (and why do they call him "Meat"? Remember?) and is given a lead storyline in this entry. As in the first two films, this also contains male and female nudity. What is nice about this film is that (spoiler) the kids finally do good for Miss Balbricker. You may have noticed that Nancy Parsons lost alot of weight. She was given some nice evening wear to wear in the filming. I did not care for the ending of this film. Perhaps they should have made a fourth film Pee Wee's Revenge.
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