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  • Meat, an Angel Beach high school student, picks up a shapely girl when she appears to have broken down by the side of the road; he is, however, shocked when her face doesn't match her figure. Not only that, she turns out to be the daughter of Porky, who has re-opened his nightclub in a Mississippi riverboat. Is this Porky's opportunity for revenge, or will the Angel Beach crowd outwit him once again?

  • The Angel Beach boys are back, and crazier than ever. With the basketball championship around the corner, the boys are ready and willing, until one day Brian learns their gym coach owes money to their old enemy Porky Wallace. Fearing the old strip club is back in business, the team hurries out where Meat encounters a beautiful (ugly faced) girl who turns out to be Porky's daughter. Trying to help their couch the guys make a deal with Porky over the basketball championship. But when Porky's learns of his daughter's crush on Meat, he flips out and kidnaps Meat for an all true American Wedding. It's up to his friends to save him and ruin Porky for good.

  • As graduation nears for the class of 1955 at Angel Beach High, the gang once again faces off against their old enemy, Porky, who wants them to throw the school's championship basketball game because he's betting on the opposing team.


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  • In this third Porky's film, now set several months after the events in the previous two films, in early 1955 in the fictional South Florida beach town of Angel Beach. In the opening scene, Pee Wee has a dream during graduation where he is naked under his graduation robe, and it falls off during the commencement for everyone to see.

    During the semi-final basketball game for Angel Beach High, the cheerleaders promise them an orgy if they win. The boys do so. After the game, they are led to one of the girls' homes, and everyone strips down to their underwear and jumps in a swimming pool. In the pool, the girls throw their underwear out. The boys do likewise, and swim toward the girls. Soon, but too late, they realize the girls are clothed after all and wind up parading nude before the clothed girls and a home movie camera.

    Porky now owns a riverboat with a casino and strip club. According to Brian, Porky is extorting money from Coach Goodenough because he owes money to him. The gang decide to go to the boat to take pictures of the illegal casino to give to the local D.A.

    During this time, Meat runs into Porky's sex-crazed daughter, Blossom, who forces herself on him. The boys' plan fails because Porky catches them in the act and is about to kill them. But when they mention the State Championship game, he realizes that they could help him out by throwing the game so he can bet against them.

    Meanwhile, Meat has a problem with cutting up dead animals in biology class. The gang goes to Miss Webster's apartment to get a copy of the final exam. They discover her and Mr. Dobish, the School Guidance Counselor, having rather kinky extramarital relations. The following night, Pee Wee, Tommy and the gang take photos of Miss Webster and Mr. Dobish through the apartment window.

    A letter is written to Ms. Coach Balbricker arranging a rendezvous at a motel with an old boyfriend of hers, while Pee Wee is enticed to the same motel room by the promise of a night of passion with a beautiful Swedish exchange student. Tommy tricks Pee Wee into going to another location while he heads to the motel room. Ms. Balbricker arrives first followed by Tommy, and they are horrified to find themselves unclothed and in bed with each other. To make up for their prank on Ms. Balbricker, the gang contacts her old boyfriend and actually gets them together.

    During the final game, Meat is benched because Miss Webster intentionally failed him. The Angel Beach team is loosing due to Meat not being able to play. Things look more grim when the envelope containing the black-and-white blackmail photos of Miss Webster and Mr. Dobish are misplaced. However, Miss Webster later at half-time discovers the blackmail photos and a note, causing her to change her mind and she phones the Coach to tell them that there has been a mistake and Meat can play in the game.. The second half results in a victory for Angel Beach while Porky is outraged. Blossom tells him that Meat is her boyfriend and they "went all the way", infuriating him even more. He then suggests to his two subordinates that Meat and Blossom be married.

    During the senior prom, Meat is attacked and abducted by Porky and his men. The gang decide that this is the last straw and go after them. Just as the wedding is about to start aboard Porky's showboat casino, the power goes out and Meat is liberated by Billy and Brian. Meanwhile, Porky's boat is chasing the guys in their rowboat and they are headed for the drawbridge. After the rowboat gets through, Pee Wee lowers the bridge, resulting in the destruction of Porky's boat.

    At graduation, the guys trick Pee Wee into taking off all his clothes, except the graduation gown. As he's about to get his diploma, Principal Carter steps on the gown, causing it to come off and reveal Pee Wee in his nudity, just as he dreamed at the beginning of the film.

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