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In your face kinda movie

Author: huggiepoo from n/a
17 February 2002

I thought this movie was very good. I remember seeing it when I was 11 years old and not believing that there were actually teenage drug users. Growing up as sheltered as I was, this movie was very graphic to me. The girl that played the lead role was very believable as a drug addict.

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Dated, but still gets the point across

Author: Erica from Los Angeles, Ca
27 September 2006

I could understand why a lot of young people find this TV movie lame, but don't forget it was made 20 years ago and times have change. The movie is actually realistic on the going-ons that happen at some rehab centers; I have a sister that went through a similar ordeal (for an eating disorder) and what she described to me reminded me very much of this movie.

The story is about a teenage girl from an upper-class family named Susan, (portrayed wonderfully by Viveka Davis), who falls in with the wrong crowd and gets involved with drugs. The parents are blind to their daughter's drug abuse until she is involved in a car wreck causing the father to become suspicious of his daughter's behavior. Despite the mother's denial that their precious daughter would stoop to drugs, the father is finally convinced of his daughter's problems and firmly puts her in rehab. Susan puts up a fight and gives the counselors a rough time and even escapes, but eventually gets with the program, and father and daughter are reunited.

Yes, the movie is dated, but it's not horrible. It brings to light the evils of drug abuse involving teenagers and how it not only affects the user, but their entire family.

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Very Powerful

Author: brockdavis7 from United Kingdom
9 October 2005

As a 14 yr old girl I was shown this movie and found it so powerful that today, at 25 I still remember it clearly. I have not touched a drug because of that movie. It put me off to the extent that I was never even curious or tempted to try drugs despite my surroundings and friends that provided me with many opportunities. The graphic details shown here are very effective and the message given is potent.I hope that this movie is shown to many teenagers in an effort to prevent drug use. I plan to show it to my children. As a 14 yr old I do not remember taking notice of the acting skills in this movie so perhaps it would not be entertaining for grown-ups but I would definitely call it a "MUST" for teenagers.

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Good and accurate

Author: lifebuilders from United States
17 January 2007

I was a young teen when I saw this movie and it was very compelling in my opinion. I lived with an older sibling who was on drugs and I related to the younger sister and parents in this movie. It was kind of like watching my home life on TV. Luckily the drug user in the movie had a great opportunity for effective help. Hindsight being 20/20, I think my parents would have handled the situation the same way it was handled in this film. I do believe it is a great movie to show impressionable kids as a warning and a front row seat to what life is like for the family of someone who chooses to go down the path of drug use.

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great movie

Author: cbenson77 from United States
28 April 2006

I absolutely love this movie. I used to rent it about once a month when I was just a kid. I finally found it on e-bay and when I get it, I will probably watch it about once a month again.

I think it should be shown in school as well.

But like when kids are in 6th grade.

Sad to say, but 7th grade might already be to late for some kids.

I would definitely recommend this movie.

Great 80's TV flick!

Vivika is really good in here.

Stockard and Goerge are also very good in this movie too.

Should definitely see it!

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The BEST film EVER made!

Author: PillBoxSpecial
18 November 2003

Forget that this is a TV Movie of the Week (unless thats a plus in your book, as it for me). Viveka Davis (Viveka Davis, who later played John Cryer's foxy girlfriend, Emily, in Morgan Stewart's Coming Home, rent it now!) shines as Susan Bower, a 15 year old girl just trying to fit in, be cool with the older kids & please her parents all at the same time. George Segal & Stockard Channing play her rather oblivious parents. And Tate Donovan plays her friend Ricky (with a bitchin' Suicidal Tendencies shirt... get that dude a Pepsi!). Olivia D'Abo is it for all of 30 sec & if you blink, you'll miss her. But there's simply no missing Nancy Cartwright's mullet... it's a character in itself. Anyway, back to Viveka Davis, she plays the role of Susan brilliantly. I remember seeing this film (it's not a movie, it's a FILM damnit!) when it aired as a kid & wishing Susan was my friend. Me & my friends to this day quote this movie constantly & watch it on a regular basis & yet very few people know what we're talking about when we mention it. Someday I'm gonna make "Be Honest Susan" t-shirts with Viveka Davis' picture from the video box (yes I own it, are you kidding me?) and it's gonna the next big craze!!! Hey, anyone out there have episodes of Sweet Surrender on tape?

Viveka Rocks! Luv ya Susan!

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It was torture...

Author: Thomas Jahnsen from Norway
19 March 2007

This is supposed to be an anti drug related film... I can't agree. I saw this movie when we had about drugs at school. Why? This movie is far by the worst you will find. I recommend either better films like Traffic, Requiem for a Dream or Trainspotting. The end was so disgusting, so American and happy that I started to have suicide thoughts. The acting was horrible. I have never seen so much overacting in a entire film. The only decent actor in this film was Andrew " Scorpio " Robinson.

The message of the film was clear but drowned in the poor quality. Don't watch it. Worst of the 80's I'd say.

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I don't know a word... maybe... horrible?

Author: Harriet Potter from Where am I...? Mentally or physically?
15 March 2002

UGH! I totally agree which the reviewer above, who said it was vile. And do NOT waste your precious money on seeing it to see whether or not it's descripted accurately here. Trust me, it was horrible. And I've seen two year olds act better. Within the first few minutes, I already felt as if I were going to throw up.

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Health Class Torture

Author: CinemaChick17 ( from Long Island, USA
14 March 2002

I am in the process of watching this film in health class AND IT WILL BE ON THE TEST! Possibly one of the worst films I've been subjected to in my education, with an intrusive soundtrack and junior high drama club performances. Plus we all know people who take uppers, downers, PCP, LSD, heroin, coke etc. and have abortions look perfectly fine to their M.D. fathers. And when somebody hasn't showed up at school for a month they never contact the parents to ask what's going on. Stockard Channing should be ashamed that she even showed up to the set. DO NOT WATCH.

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Author: Jubilee-3 from New Jersey
13 August 1999

This is the WORST made for TV movie I've ever seen! I'm not kidding. This thing was so bad that I had to laugh at certain parts. I really do not understand how this kind of crap can be made. It boggles the mind. Avoid at ALL costs.

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