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Do-Gooder: Just tell me what you want, all right? I'm here to help you.

Freddy Krueger: Help yourself, fucker!

Freddy Krueger: I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me.

[Slams Jesse against the wall and gently tilts his head]

Freddy Krueger: You've got the body...

[takes off his hat and digs his fingers into his skull]

Freddy Krueger: I've got the brain.

[the skin is ripped open so badly Freddy's brain is exposed]

Jesse Walsh: AAAAAAAAH!

[Freddy laughs wildly]

Freddy Krueger: Kill for me.

Jesse Walsh: Listen... I'm in trouble.

Lisa: Fight him. You are not afraid of him! He doesn't even exist!

Jesse Walsh: [inside Freddy's body] Kill me, Lisa. Please kill me... I love you, Lisa.

Biology Teacher: If you want to play with animals, Mr. Walsh, join the circus.

Ken Walsh: [after the budgie explodes] Then what is it? Bird rabies? It's that cheap seed you been buying.

Jesse Walsh: There's something inside of me.

Freddy Krueger: You are all my children now.

Jesse Walsh: Hey, Grady, do you remember your dreams?

Ron Grady: Only the wet ones.

Coach Schneider: No talking!

Lisa: Jesse, who is doing this to you?

Jesse Walsh: Fred Krueger! He's inside me, and he wants to take me again!

[reading Nancy's old diary]

Lisa: Sometimes when I'm lying here in bed I can see Glen in his window across the way getting ready for bed. His body is slim and smooth, and I know I shouldn't watch him, but that part of me that wants him forces me to. That's when I weaken. That's when I want to go to him.

Jesse Walsh: Can I see that?

Jesse Walsh: [reading Nancy's old diary] "March 15th. He comes to me at night - horrible, ugly, dirty... under the sheets with me... tearing at my nightgown with his steel claws. His name is Fred... and he keeps trying to take me to the boiler room. He wants to kill me."

Freddy Krueger: [after Jesse finds Freddy's glove] Go ahead, Jesse. Try it on for size.

Jesse Walsh: Wow... what is this place?

Lisa: Do you remember in the diary... when Nancy said she kept finding herself in a boiler room? Fred Krueger worked here. It's an old power plant.

Angela Walsh: What time is it?

Jesse Walsh: It's late. Go back to sleep.

Lisa: You had another nightmare didn't you?

Jesse Walsh: Yes, I had a bad night.

Jesse Walsh: I'm scared, Grady.

Ron Grady: Okay, I believe you. You've had some scary dreams okay?

Jesse Walsh: It's starting to happen again.

Lisa: Jesse! Fight him!

Kerry: Jesse, it's okay. It's all over.

Jesse Walsh: Get out of here, Lisa!

Jesse Walsh: Dad!

Freddy Krueger: Daddy can't help you now!

Jesse Walsh: [throws aside a shoebox] How do you like that, Dad?

Freddy Krueger: Wake up, little girl.

Kerry: So you goin' to Lisa's house tomorrow night?

Ron Grady: Nope. Can't. I'm grounded.

Kerry: Home come?

Ron Grady: I threw my grandmother down a flight of stairs.

Jesse Walsh: Oh, God. He's comin' back.

Freddy Krueger: He can't fight me. I'm him.

Lisa: Jesse, help.

Freddy Krueger: There is no Jesse! I'm Jesse now!

Biology Teacher: So... to review, the solid waste, those nutrients not absorbed by the lining of the stomach... the large intestine, the small intestine, and the alimentary canal... are passed out through the colon.

Ron Grady: PPLLFFT!

Jesse Walsh: [Jessy is afraid and wants to sleep at Grady's house] Something is trying to get inside my body.

Ron Grady: Yeah, and she's female, and she's waiting for you in the cabana. And *you* wanna sleep with me.

Freddy Krueger: [snickering from behind the desk after Jesse's transformation]

Lisa: Jesse?

Freddy Krueger: [Raking his claw on the top of the desk before standing up and nearing Lisa] He can't hear you, because I'm him.

Lisa: Don't you use a key?

Jesse Walsh: Why?

Lisa: Somebody could steal your car, couldn't they?

Jesse Walsh: The deadly dinosaur?

Jesse Walsh: You know, Schneider shouldn't have called you out on that last play.

Ron Grady: Yeah, well, Schneider's got a stick up his ass today.

Jesse Walsh: Schneider's always got a stick up his ass.

Coach Schneider: Hello, dirtballs.

Cheryl Walsh: [about Jesse] He needs professional help. I think we have to take him to see a psychiatrist.

Ken Walsh: Oh come, Cheryl. Are you out of your gourd? What the hell will that do?

Cheryl Walsh: I don't know. I just feel he needs help and we don't know how to give it to him.

Ken Walsh: Oh come, Cheryl.

Cheryl Walsh: Are you hearing me? That boy's in trouble!

Ken Walsh: No, he's not in trouble! What that boy needs is a good god damn kick in the butt, that's what he needs! Tell you what he needs. He needs a methadone clinic.

Ron Grady: Schneider got wasted last night. He must have been working late. Some maniac sliced him up like a kielbasa, hacked him in the shower. Got bloody footprints all over the place.

Jesse Walsh: How come it took five years to sell this house?

Ken Walsh: Oh, I don't know. Just couldn't get the right price, I suppose.

Jesse Walsh: You didn't know anything about the murder across the street and the crazy girl who lived here that saw the whole thing?

Ken Walsh: They told me something about it.

Cheryl Walsh: You mean you knew something about this and...

Ken Walsh: Oh come, Cheryl. How do think we got such a good deal?

Jesse Walsh: Did they tell you that that girl lost her mind and her mother killed herself in our living room?

Cheryl Walsh: What?

Jesse Walsh: Did they tell you that?

Angela Walsh: Mom, I'm scared.

Ken Walsh: Come here.

Cheryl Walsh: Oh, honey. It's all right. Daddy and Jesse are just pretending that's all. I don't think this is something we shouldn't discuss this here.

Ken Walsh: See what you're doing here? I don't want to hear one more another word about it, Jess. There is absolutely nothing, I mean *nothing*, is wrong with this house.

Lisa: [about Jesse] I don't know, Kerry. I feel like I should go see him, but I can't just leave the party.

Kerry: Ha. Fuck the party. Go see him.

Angela Walsh: [after the sound of Jesse waking himself up, by screaming] Mommy? Why can't Jesse wake up like everybody else?

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