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Alternate Versions

The original Australian VHS release features only Christopher Young's main title playing over the end credits.
Both the original Media and Video Treasures versions have the "Main Title," from the beginning of the movie in the end credits. The cable and DVD versions included Bing Crosby's song "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?" playing during the end credits. The song is also listed in the credits.
In Swedish cinema, the movie was cut 5 min by the censors.
The only available German video version was heavily cut to receive a free of 16 rating. Hardly none of the gore made it into this version, making it almost unwatchable.
The following scenes are edited from the Australian TV version -
  • When Coach Schneider is pulled along by the ropes in the gym. He screams are cut out.

  • Schneiders pants coming off and being whipped by the towels

  • Freddy's knives scraping down Schneider's back in the shower

  • When Jesse goes into Angela's room and says "Its late go back to sleep", he pulls up her bed sheets and is wearing Freddy's glove

  • The scene where Jesse wakes up at Grady's is heavily cut. You see the knives slowly coming out of Jesse's fingers then it jumps straight to where Freddy walking upto Grady.

  • Jesse/Lisa's chase scene at her house is shortened. You don't see them roll around on the floor or see Freddy bite her leg. Also gone is the scene where Lisa holds a kitchen knife and Freddy tells her to kill him. You don't see Lisa stabbing Freddy in the shoulder. At the pool party, the guy getting stabbed in the stomach, and another guy's neck is broken while people are standing on him is gone.

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