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Eric Idle and Chevy Chase became mutual friends after filming wrapped up. Shortly after the release of European Vacation, Idle and Chase began work on a screenplay for a follow-up called "National Lampoon's Australian Vacation." Aside from a few shark-related gags, neither could come up with much and the project was shelved.
Anthony Michael Hall was asked to reprise his role from the first movie. Hall instead opted to do Weird Science (1985).
Throughout all four Vacation movies, Ellen refers to Clark by the nickname "Sparky". In the DVD commentary for this movie, Chevy Chase mentions that the nickname was actually Beverly D'Angelo's idea, and she even affectionately calls him by that nickname in real life to this very day.
Chevy Chase mentions that after the release of the movie in theaters, he received dozens of letters from people who had visited London and claimed to have the same problem with the traffic circle where Clark cannot get left and is stuck driving in circles.
Dana Hill suffered from juvenile diabetes, which made shooting of Audrey's nightmare scene somewhat difficult. Dana had to be very careful to avoid actually swallowing any of the food she was supposed to be eating.
Clark can be seen wearing a t-shirt from "Walley World", the Griswolds' destination in the first film, National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), in the scene set in Chicago where he films Ellen in the shower. Later, while the family is in Paris, Rusty is wearing a "Walley World" sweatshirt in the restaurant scene.
The first time Clark hits Eric Idle's character with his car, Idle shrugs it off as being "Just a flesh wound." A similar remark is also made by the Black Knight after sustaining a serious injury in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) also featuring Idle.
It is revealed in the intro, on his passport, that Clark's middle name is Wilhelm.
In this film, the family name is Griswald, with an "a". In the other Vacation films, their name is Griswold.
The literal translation of the Italian billboard featuring Ellen's (Beverly D'Angelo) half-naked picture is "The Lady in the Shower".
The "Pig In A Poke" game show host Kent Winkdale (played by John Astin) is a parody of two real-life game show hosts. The name "Kent Winkdale" is a parody of Wink Martindale - a notable game show host in the 70s and 80s (most notably as the host of The New Tic Tac Dough (1978)), and when he kisses Ellen and Audrey, it is a parody of Richard Dawson who often kissed the female contestants on Family Feud (1976).
In the DVD commentary, Chevy Chase mentions that (as of 2002) he still has in his possession several items from this movie, including the complete "Pig In A Poke" pig costume and the Walley World sweatshirt he wears throughout the movie.
The girl that Rusty makes out with in Germany tells him that her name is Claudia, which happens to be the real name of the actress playing her; Claudia Neidig.
In Rome, Chevy Chase's character takes a "selfie" in a piazza front of a building; this is one of the first "selfies" to appear in a film.
The US poster art was done by Boris Vallejo, famous for his Heavy Metal covers.
The video camera (a JVC SF-P3) that Clark uses to film Ellen in the shower (which gets stolen in France) was Chevy Chase's own video camera at the time.
Chevy Chase appears in some scenes wearing a black Chicago Bears ball cap. He wears the same Chicago Bears cap throughout all four Vacation movies.
The opening title sequence showing the character's passports was Chevy Chase's idea. He insisted his name be first in case the movie did well.
The hotel they are in front of (and supposedly staying at) in Rome, Italy is the Hotel Nazionale. It was built in 1733.
Only Vacation film in which Cousin Eddie doesn't appear.
On Clark's passport at the beginning, it is revealed that his birthday is 8 August 1945.
In the closing credits montage, there is a painting of Clint Eastwood, which originally appeared on the movie poster (as well as VHS/DVD covers) from Pale Rider (1985), which was shown in theaters the same year as this movie.
According to Chevy Chase, he and Amy Heckerling did not get along at all during filming.
In the closing credits, there is a picture of a dog with a gun held to its head. This is from the cover of a January 1973 issue of National Lampoons magazine.
In the opening credits we see The Griswalds live at 8805 Skyline Drive, Chicago Illinois
The last theatrical feature of Ballard Berkeley.
Alice Sapritch's last appearance on the big screen.

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