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Alternate Versions

Some alternate takes of scenes were filmed especially for television, toning down the raunchy nature. For example, the female aerobic dancers in the television version are wearing tops.
Another alternate take was of Rusty and the girl he meets in Germany. In the theatrical/video version, as they kiss, she unbuttons her uniform and Rusty stares at her breasts which we see. The alternate was her unbuttoning it and having a bra on. This take is on all U.S television versions of the film today. N.B. The UK broadcast version is uncut.
When aired on TV, the scene where the Griswalds leave the house of people they thought were Helga and Fritz, Helga's reply (to Fritz's question of who the hell they were) of 'Beats the shit out of me' was changed to 'Damned if I know.' In the more recent TV airings, the original phrase was there with the word 'shit' blured on the subtitle.
In the scene where Ellen sees the billboard with her picture on it advertising the stolen homemade porno flick, there are three different versions of the subtitles that explain the title. One is "The Wet Hot Wife," which appeared on the laserdisc version. Another was "The Slut in the Showers," which appeared in some televised versions. And the final was "The Whore in the Hot Tub," which appeared on one of the VHS incarnations.
When aired on TV, Clark's song "The Sound of Griswald" was altered; "This shit's been around for a very long time" was changed to "This stuff's been around for a very long time."
When Clark's car suffers the blowout during the chase, he originally yelled out "Oh, fuck!" In order for the film to receive a PG-13 rating from the MPAA, the line was redubbed with "Darn it all!" This dub is clearly evident in all released versions.

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