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Too Good To Stay On TV
cobalt-320 March 1999
Misfits of Science was just one of a collection of shows released in the 1980's with creative conceptual ideas. Some, like Knight Rider, went on to achieve cult symbol status. Others, like Automan, faded into obscurity.

Misfits was one of those programs destined to fade, helped along by the untimely death of Dean Paul Martin, the actor portraying the show's driving character, Billy.

Almost a satire of comic-book concepts such as the X-Men, the show revolved around a government-funded "weird science" shop called Humanadyne and a group of teenagers with exceptional powers gathered together by Dr Billy Hayes, who had the idea originally to start a basketball team with them.

The show featured such topics as synchronicity, paranormal phenomena, and alternate universe theories in a vaugely x-filesesque manner. For a comedy program it was far ahead of its time, making use of science fiction concepts, without making light of them.

Coming on the heels of the box-office-smash Ghostbusters, Misfits was designed to appeal to the same audience, with the same style of humor, a task it excelled at.

This show desperately deserves to be released, in it's entirety, on videotape.
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Guilty Pleasure -- not entirely without merit
kimhatch3 November 1999
I wish I hadn't taped over my copy of Misfits of Science. It was one of those shows that I never missed for mysterious pre-teen reasons all my own -- and it spoke to me and people like me. Now that I am grown, it would be a guilty pleasure to revisit this band of merry misfits and pretend I am one of them with a special talent that marks me forever as being different and wonderful. Yes, it is thoroughly cheesy and if you aren't twelve in 1985 you won't be able to watch it without laughing at it and yourself.
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The best TV-Series ever...
twinkler27 February 2000
The best TV-Series ever... ... is without any doubt the "Misfits Of Science"! O.k., Star Trek, The X-Files and all the other cult series are great, but the "Misfits Of Science" tops them all!!! Why is there no DVD or a Video Collection of all episodes??? The plot is fantastic and extraordinary innovative, the soundtrack is brilliant, the actors are performing as if they were Johnny B. or Gloria themselves and the comedy elements are perfect!!! Remember the "Three Days of the blender"-episode! You'll be amused, amused and amused!!! Bring those Misfits back, back on TV, back on Video, back on DVD or even back on CINEMA! Hey, Hey, Hey, Misfits!!!!!!!!
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Strange, odd, and oddly addictive....but flawed.
Nick Zbu24 October 2000
In the '80s, I suppose it was hip to have a group of superheroes that had problems. And it worked for the X-Men to a great extent. The only problem I have with this show is the fact that the 'leader's' (the guy with no powers except his enthusiasm) dorky attitude about how they should all help the humanity that shunned them. Okay, that's good on paper, but why? Why oh Why?? Perhaps if the show went a little deeper into that conflict the show might have lasted a bit longer. But, to be honest, this kind of oddity plays good on a TV exec's conscience for four episodes before it gets tiresome.

But it has it's moments. A bit dated and some of the fashions cause me to gag, but it is with watching sometime when you feel nostagic.
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need dvd
madd13dogg4 October 2003
the misfits of science was a science fiction tv show when the concept was laudible , the next one being alf, and the previous mork and mindy. struggle against the government is something the A-team did, but the misfits were more than that, extraordinary powers gave them the ability to partake in far more interesting adventures. television shows being released on dvd today are making a killing in the market, and those are just the regular tv shows, now think what would happen if shows that nerds and scifi geeks watched were released, they would eat them up, what are you waiting for?release the misfits already!
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Too Short-lived
MarkoOhNo7 February 2005
This was a show far ahead of its time. It was so memorable that, even though I wasn't even 12 at the time and only saw the pilot, I was able to recall the title and characters just now - I hadn't even thought about it in nearly 20 years and it came to me so easily! I was all set for it to be my favorite show but I don't think I managed to catch a 2nd episode. Back in those days I was starved for a scifi action series with the feel of a comic book. This show, The Incredible Hulk, and The Greatest American Hero were the only ones to come along until recent years when Joss Whedon stepped on the scene. Knight Rider tried but was a bit too... Starsky & Hutch-ish. Not very comic book-y. lol
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I love this movie
navahosquaw744 August 2009
I was 11 yrs old when I remember this TV series. and I loved it back then and still love it today. I have been hunting for this movie for a very long time. Te one thing I remember was when the top actor put his hands together and shot lighting bolts out of his hands and the others with special powers I cant remember. But I am glad I have finally found this movie. I remember putting of my homework just to watch this TV series. I think the girl has mind powers and the black guy runs really fast and the blonde is the one with the lighting bolt hands but I cant remember for the life of me what the other guy had as a power. Does anyone else remember this movie and know what the powers are? Please put this on DVD I want it really bad!!!!!
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Bad, in a splendid way!
SpikeW7 May 1999
This thing is really old now and it shows. But there's just something fun about it that makes it watchable. I was lucky enough to pick it up ex-rental for virtually nothing, and I still put it on every now and again.

Formulaic, nothing new, some bad acting but above all, fun. Worth a look when you can't decide what to rent...!!
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not bad!
raypdaley18225 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
From initially reading the cast list I only knew Courtney Cox (from Friends, of course) and Larry Linville (Frank Burns from MASH). I recognised Senator Donner as Otto from "Malcolm In The Middle" though!

There might not be much of a plot and the effects might be really awful but the cool 80's music and the goofy 80's fashions do a great deal to save this film from being really awful.

Linville plays the same character he always has done.

The Misfits themselves are a collection of freaks and weirdo's and Courtney Cox, looking almost exactly the same as she does in the Springsteen "Dancing In The Dark" video.

The film plays on 80's fears of nuclear weapons and defence of the free world. Not bad but not awful.
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love the eighties watch this!!!!!
tina_boland1312 June 2003
I found this movie to be another cult classic of the wonderful 80`s. I think I have seen this movie about 6 times and everytime I find it just as exciting as the first time I saw it granted I have seen it spaced out butit is like seeing it for the first time everytime.It isnt a suprise that good things comeout of the eighties !!!!!!
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Goofy, oddball and endearing comedy series with cult status.
EnvyYouProductions26 December 2000
It's odd, it's offbeat, it's silly, it's pure 80s - it's funny! The tales of the weird science team of Humanadine are cult-following-worthy. For fans of The Six Degrees of... : This is a gem how to get from Max Wright to Vincent Price. Geddid? M.W. - Courtney Cox - Lisa Kudrow (FRIENDS) - Christina Ricci (OPPOSITE OF SEX) - Johnny Depp (SLEEPY HOLLOW) - Vincent Price (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS).
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Love those misfits!
Thor-1117 February 1999
Well, there's not much to say about this one, except that it was extremely bad. Also, those actors from this show who are not currently dead can now be seen every week on "Friends." (I'm referring to, of course, Courtney Cox, but also Max Wright, who you know better as lovable Willie from ALF. He works at the coffee hangout in Friends, you know.) In conclusion: pretty bad. But kind of fun. That is all.
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