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Likable Terence Hill and stocky Bud Spencer team up again as the valiant duo

Author: ma-cortes from Santander Spain
19 June 2006

This amusing film deals with our intimate friends , they're nowadays a FBI agent (blue-eyes and sympathetic Terence Hill) and a helicopter pilot (grumpy and goofy Bud Spencer) , they leave their jobs for becoming again Miami policemen . They must investigate the killing an ex-con who robbed a bank whose loot is hidden , besides some thieves are robbing the buses' passengers . Later on , they will combat the criminals and robbers.

The 'big time' duo from Spaghetti Western with humor such as ¨They call me Trinity¨, ¨ Trinity is still my name ¨ and sequels were run out and for that reason they are transfered to police/action genre . They then starred the successful ¨ Miami police series ¨, which belong the followings : ¨Crime Busters¨ , ¨Superfuzz¨ and this one . The movie contains silly comedy , the usual light fights and a little bit of action , including some car pursuits . The humor is based on physical and personality differences of the starring , as Terence Hill is the sympathetic and brave hero and Bud Spencer is the corpulent and hunk man . As always , several humorous struggles with no blood , neither violence . This time the plot is some more complex because being developed a ¨ noir ¨ intrigue in charge of Luciano Vicenzone (Sergio Leone's habitual screenwriter as ¨Good, bad and ugly¨ and ¨ For a few dollars more¨) . Mediocre cinematography and horrible disco-music score by La Bionda . The motion picture was regularly directed by Bruno Corbucci (Sergio Corbucci's brother) . It's the last film that features the couple in the 80's, Spencer & Hill reunited for the last time in 1994 and it's also the last film that the couple did with director Bruno Corbucci . Bruno wrote and directed various Hill-Spencer films such as ¨Banana Joe¨ , ¨Miami Supercops¨ , ¨Par-Impar¨ , ¨Cat and Dog¨ and ¨Aladdin¨ . If you love the Hill/Spencer's other movies , go for it, and if you've never seen one this is an acceptable start ; but only for their enthusiasts . The flick will appeal to famous pair fans.

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It's okay, but not the Spencer & Hill standard

Author: Hrutka Pal from Hungary
7 February 2008

Well this movie was made in the mid 80-ies, where this glorious duo began to get older & slower. In this movie (I think the "brawling two" is still working here, but it's not that great as in the earlier years, decades.

Here they use guns many times, not something we got used to in the earlier movies. The story isn't really good, sometimes it's not really making sense. *Like the scene with the fingerprints. Why didn't Spencer and Hill take the fingerprints? The bad guy even said he will do it ?! That would've been the proof*

And some scenes are pretty trashy. But there are still good jokes, I laughed many times, it's worth a watch, but they had many better movies.(But worse as well, so this is somewhere in between)

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Bud and Terence, slower than ever!

Author: gridoon
15 November 2003

Terence Hill and Bud Spencer star as, respectively, a New York cop (!) and an ex-FBI agent (!) who team up again after several years and go to Miami to track down the killer of an infamous robber who had just gotten released from prison. They're supposed to be working undercover, but I don't see anything "undercover" about wearing police uniforms and patroling the streets in a police car. The film is undemanding but technically shoddy (their superior only has to casually press two or three computer keys and they have any information they need to get on with the case), with some of the lamest, laziest fight scenes ever filmed (punches don't connect, opponents strike as if they want to miss, etc.). Contrary to what other people say, I don't think that any movie with Bud and Terence can be completely bad - but this one admittedly comes pretty close. (*1/2)

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if you miss the 80' , well.......

Author: Aimee85 from Canada
12 December 2006

this movie was the first ever i saw at the drive-in and even if i was 7 years old , it was an exceptionable film.even if it is an 80's,you have to look further than special effects to like or love this movie.the acting is simple , so is the storyline , if you saw the first one , and the fight scenes are's the best of the film of the duo,and no one should destroy them before seeing the have to accept the fact of the budget they had and also the music in wave at the time.the in sync of the fight was a choreography to make ballet cheap.and do not forget that it was shot in Italian first,they had to transcript all of the scenario.i just think it was a gem.

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80's the best!!

Author: rajeshmen-2 from India
18 October 2007

Hey senor! The 80's were and will be one of the best decades,if not the BEST century in the history of this pathetic planet. The movies were good, the music was good, the environment was good,life was less fast paced and more relaxed and definitely they don't make greats like Buddy and Terry anymore!! Nowadays movies are filled with gory and mindless violence and inane predictable computer graphics. Why even a 2 yr old kid can make a movie these days. There does not appear to be any creativity in todays movies. I grew up in the 80's and I must say i thoroughly enjoyed a lot. There were many good themes to choose from unlike todays vapid fare!!

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The last call for the long lasting Team of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

Author: Stephan Klose from Vienna, Austria
27 August 2005

I have to admit, writing about this movie is kind of sad. But there is one thing I have to say upfront. Don't watch it in German, because what they speak there has nothing to do with the original.. Which I, by the way could not figure out in what language it was made, but I guess it was Italian. At the beginning you see Bud Spencer flying in a helicopter, if you switch to English his voice and the lips are in complete sync.. as for Terence Hill you have to switch to Italian to get the perfect sync, but aside from that let's begin: Well they are both pretty were getting older.. Bud was 56 at the time and Terence was 46. If you don't watch it in German, Miami Supercops is the only movie of them where there is a real big Plot and only one big fight at the end. But even without the stupid German dubbing, where every sentence has to be funny there are a few very, very funny scenes.. And this movie has, as I said a plot, pretty complex for Bud/Terence Standards... (Oh, and If you look above, you'll see that on the amazon board it says that it's not available in Germany on DVD. That's an Error. It is under the name, under which it was released in Germany back in 85: Miami Cops, available on DVD for 10,95 Euro)... Since I don't have to tell you what the movie is about.. You can read that in the details of the movie just let me say: It's by for not their worst movie. The music is appropriate to the mid-80's (kinda like Miami Vice).. Well it's an o.k. Movie and well worth the 10,95 Euro at .. To best describe it.. A funny Action Thriller.. And the last with both Actors in it.. And now I don't think they will act together again.. So if you wanna get only one movie of them, get that one.. (It's both of them and only 1 real big stupid fight) Or if you like the fights you can get any of the others... ANY!!! But you see that they are both tired of making their movies.. But if you check for them you will see that they both made something after their "Buddy Movies". Well, I like it. Oh and you can watch it in German if you are real drunk.. Then you will laugh like hell.. That's about it.. Can't thing about more to say about this movie Stephan

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Hill and Spencer

Author: emmafal from United States
28 July 2007

Vote isn't for this movie, but the original team of hill and Spencer in the Trinity days, cm-on you got to admit to actually make fun of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, and still have some good gunfighting, it was great. If your looking for cinematography, sound mixing, etc... Go to your local art Indie film house, where it will look beautiful and make no sense at all. But its so avant guard, kinda like feces on a mat called art. Please don't waste your time with my attacking me personally as seen in the past on this board, its a matter of opinion, I don't like art type films, my personal opinion. If you do, and can understand them, then maybe we'll go sometime and I can learn to understand and enjoy, in fact I am always looking to broaden my horizons, in fact just ever get a chance to watch Dexter on show-time, now that will make you think.

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Miami Synthesiser Cops

Author: Rob_Taylor
6 April 2005

This film does not show Bud and Terence at their best. The combination of awful acting, awful wigs and superbly irritating synthesizer music all combine to make this film an effort in endurance to stay watching.

I'm not sure where this comes in the Bud/Terence line up of movies, but, much like the early plot where the two characters team up again for one final mission, this movie has the feel of a movie made after the heyday of the pair. Perhaps even a film made to reunite the two actors in the hope of regaining the magic of the pairing.

Whatever the reason, it doesn't work. The film is a mess and the acting by the non-principals is just plain dire. You know the sort of thing - advertisement acting quality. Add in the lamentably obvious hairpieces, which might as well have had neon "WIG!" signs above each of them and dubbing which, whilst OK in the main, only serves to remind you that it is, in fact, dubbing and you have the recipe for an 80's movie disaster.

Unfortunately, the disaster becomes a calamity of epic proportions when the music is factored in. Some bad films benefit from a synthesizer soundtrack - Hawk the Slayer, for instance - but here, the repetitive and, it has to be said, mindless chord sequences only jar the nerves. Anyone who's ever played an arcade machine from the eighties will quickly recognize the type of "music" that becomes increasingly annoying the more you have to listen to it whilst trying to complete that difficult level.

As for the plot, I was too busy gaping open-mouthed at all the wrongness on display to really pay it much heed. Some hokum about the pairing teaming up again to complete a previously unfinished mission......hmmm....the arcade machine analogy again. And, much like those "difficult-to-complete" games, this movie depends for its completion on how many mental "dimes" you have left to put into it. It really is an exercise in endurance.

I expect fans of the duo will like it nonetheless, but it isn't a patch on "My Name is Nobody" and, like so many other films of the time, it really shows its age now.

Summary: Mindless "Miami Vice wannabee" music, hack acting, awful wigs and so-so dubbing. Not recommended except for the most stalwart of fans.

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What a mess!

Author: DeanG from UK
12 January 2002

I've just watched this film having found a copy at my local video rental shop. I had to keep watching it because it was so funny. The acting, that is, not the film itself!! I've never seen anything so badly acted! Lines were said in monotone, every scene seemed to be lit by a single light casting shadows all over the place, and the sound effects were awful! Every punch sounds like a twig breaking! It also seems to be heavily dubbed/looped causing serious lip sync problems. The final shoot-out was an absolute joke! Why didn't the guy shoot him in the head once he realised he was wearing a bullet-proof vest?! I recommend this one if you want to have a good belly laugh at some seriously BAD acting and film making. This looks like an amateur production shot for about $10 one weekend!!

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Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are back (unfortunately)

Author: berkel
11 June 1999

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen. Apparently Terence and Bud can make any movie bad but this is the rock bottom. Try to avoid this film.

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