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The poem that "Rocky" reads to "Rusty" was written by the real Rocky Dennis.
Florence "Rusty" Tullis, the mother (played by Cher) of 'Rocky Dennis' (q), passed away on November 11, 2006, at age 70 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on October 14 of that year.
Eric Stoltz spent so much time under heavy makeup that when he arrived for the post-production party he had to present I.D. to security to prove that he was Eric Stoltz. Also, when he got there he had to introduce himself to some of the cast and crew because many of them didn't know what he really looked like.
According to Cher, this film was shot Rocky Dennis' and Rusty Dennis' old neighborhood. One day she was walking down a street with Eric Stoltz (in makeup) and an old man yelled "Hi!" at Eric. He then said, "I'm so happy to see you, I heard you died". Cher says he was so happy that they didn't have the heart to tell him the truth.
When Cher was cast in the film, she wanted her then boyfriend, Val Kilmer to play Gar but he was rejected for being too young for the part.
Bruce Springsteen's music was chosen for several reasons. It was the real Rocky's favorite music, and it served to denote the passage of time. Springsteen wanted his music used in the original release, but the owners of his catalog at that time could not agree on a royalty rate with the studio. The music was reinstated for the Director's Cut when Springsteen himself pushed for its inclusion.
Peter Bogdanovich and Cher fought bitterly on set, as the director found the actress difficult and inexperienced. She also had difficulty sustaining whole takes without breaking character. Bogdanovich compromised by departing from his usual deep-focus, long-take photography by shooting her in close-up to capture her natural charisma, in particular her sad eyes.
Rusty actually had two sons. The older son, Joshua Mason, passed away in 1987 at age 32 due to complications from AIDS, which he received through a blood transfusion.
According to Peter Bogdanovich, on Sunday, 14 March 2004, in a talk at the Cleveland (OH) Public Library, he had secured the rights for the Bruce Springsteen songs and the print will be re-released with the music that had been chosen the first time around. There was a possible snag when the studio told Bogdanovich that the negative of the film had been lost--they only had positive prints--but the negative hadn't really been lost; Bogdanovich had removed it from the studio some years before. This has been released on DVD as the Director's Cut version.
Kevin Costner was considered for the role of Rocky Dennis.
Songs by Bob Seger were substituted in place of those by Bruce Springsteen shortly before the film's release after a failure to reach agreement with Springsteen.
In the movie Rocky helps blind girl Diana to learn about the world, particularly colors. In fact, the real Rocky Dennis was legally blind.
After production, Cher and Eric Stoltz dated briefly.
Rob Lowe was nearly cast as Rocky Dennis. He declined due to scheduling conflicts with an unannounced film that was eventually canceled.
Cher declared on Charlie Rose (1991) in 1996 that this is her favorite role. She still carries resentment over not receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance, even though she won the award two years later for Moonstruck (1987).
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Peter Bogdanovich made this film as a tribute to his former lover, the late model and actress Dorothy Stratten. Bogdanovich recounted how Stratten was interested in the story of Joseph Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man. She felt a strong relation to Merrick, as she also felt like an outsider; she felt greatly distressed when people looked at her on the street, as though she "[got] ice cream on her dress."
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Lawrence Monoson (Ben) and Rebecca Wood (Angel) would go on to appear in the Friday The 13th film series. Lawrence appearing in The Final Chapter and Rebecca appearing in A New Beginning.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The movie ends with Rusty Dennis and Gar visiting Rocky's grave. In real life, however, Rocky Dennis was not buried. His mother donated Rocky's body to the UCLA Medical Center for medical study.
Not only was the real Rocky Dennis not buried (body was donated to science), the dates of birth and death shown on the grave stone in the movie are incorrect.
In the scene where grandpa gives Rocky the baseball card, when he goes to hang the card with the other ones he puts the tack through the middle of the card instead of the plastic sleeve. This would reduce the value of the card.
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