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Wonderful, and sad...
DeeJayPip3 May 2003
I watched this in my ASL class. I'm Deaf and fluent in ASL, but taking the class because I didn't want to take Spanish. This was such a wonderful movie, and it made me cry like a baby at the end... and I never cry at movies! I've seen about five thousand films, and the only other one to make me cry was Exorcist, but this is much more sad.

Though my situation is the exact opposite of the girl in this movie (I'm Deaf child of Hearing parents) it was still very profound. It also wasn't offending to the Hearing people in my class, so that is a plus for any Hearing person looking at this movie.

If it comes on TV, tape it. You will not regret it.
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blanche-230 August 2004
I saw this movie when it first debuted and I have never forgotten the vivid performances and how I cried. I was watching at someone else's house and couldn't hold back the tears. We kept saying "Emmys all around" at each commercial break!

Mare Winningham is a phenomenal actress. The writing was superb. The scene with her mother, beautifully played by Phyllis Frelich, when her mother calls her selfish is one of the best scenes, bar NONE, that I have ever seen in my life. I cry just thinking about it.

If you have an opportunity to see this film, don't miss it. You won't be sorry.
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very good
amyontheend18 September 1999
I was watching the show that came on before this movie did. I didn't really pay much attention to the first few minutes, but I looked up and young Maggie was signing. I was excited since I am taking ASL in school. I was excited because I could understand most of what they were saying. It was not only good learning experience for me, but it was a beautifully made movie. Wonderful cast, director, and believable acting. I hope my teacher will show this in class! :)
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well portrayed
Cher-526 January 1999
The story of how Deaf people survived and how a hearing child coped with Deaf parents has never been portrayed as well as this tv movie did. As a deaf person, I was able to understand the frustration the parents went through and as the hearing child went through as if I was in her shoes. The era where Deafness was not well known and is not considered normal was portrayed well. I recommend everybody watch the show. You will come to understand that Deaf people are just like hearing people.
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Love is never silent
tenelshof5416 August 2005
I saw this film in the late eighties and it made me cry. Both my parents were deaf so I saw many things that reminded me of my own life.I wasn't unhappy but I had to make some decisions that my parents didn't understand and some of them weren't understood by the hearing people. The scene with the undertaker who tries to sell a very expensive coffin made me angry. The question of the father when he asks his daughter to describe what sound the sun makes.

She signs that the sun doesn't make any sound and he answers: But they say that the sunbeam falls on the street. So it has to make a sound. Those things made me sad. But still I think it's the best movie I've ever seen. I hope to see it once again and I'm sure that my emotions will be the same as 18 years ago.And who doesn't want to have a friend like Mr. Petrakis. What a wonderful man he was. So friendly, so patient, so very wise. A very, very, moving and beautiful movie.
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It was great. That's all you can say about it.
Bronze8 May 2000
This truly is one of the most beautifully made films of the 80's. The directing was picture perfect and the performances by the actors was magnificent. Their work was extraordinary it is puzzling to me why none of them ever got any awards for their performances. Everyone was perfect right down to the extras. This movie is truly worth paying five dollars.
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Excellent Television Movie!
Syl31 January 2008
Mare Winningham is really one of the great unsung American actresses of our generation. She is exceptionally talented whether she is playing the daughter of a deaf couple who must sign language to communicate with her parents. She is the their ears to the world and often must translate between her parents and the hearing world. One memorable scene is her at the funeral home translating for her parents and the undertaker as a child for her brother's unfortunate death. Winningham's performance is award-winning as is the mother played by deaf actress, Phyllis Frelich. Her character seeks to be independent and hopes that her parents can adjust to the hearing world.
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this is not simply a movie
Starbuckslovr12 October 2006
I loved Love is never silent. I watched this movie in my ASL 1 class and it really made me think, when i went home and told my mom about the movie she told me she had seen it when she was little and it had hit home. She was the dividing line between her parents and the other non-Armenian communities, she had said she never thought anyone felt this way. After seeing the movie my mother said she had worried she would never find a husband like Margaret had, and eventually she did, through work, like Margaret. My father never went off to war, but it still makes me think. This is an amazing movie that is worth seeing, renting, anything! I learned a lot, and more than i thought would have come from simply a movie, but then again this is not simply a movie.
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need a good cry?
joanie5 November 1998
I love this movie, makes me cry from the second I start watching. Absolutely heartbreaking.....
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Excellent TV movie
Thomas25 September 2007
"Love is Never Silent" is an emotional drama set in the 1930s and early 1940s. Unlike her parents, Margaret is not hearing impaired.

Therefore, young Margaret often finds herself acting as a buffer and an interpreter for her deaf parents in the hearing world. As a result, Margaret's youthful innocence is lost at a very young age and often does not inform her parents of the rude comments people say to her parents.

In addition, Margaret's parents, particularly her mother, become alarmed and angry when Margaret asserts her independence as she gets older.

Friendly neighbor Mr. Petrakis is one of the few who fully understands Margaret's difficult circumstances.

In the tradition of "It's a Wonderful Life", "Love is Never Silent" builds and sets the stage throughout the movie for the highly emotional scene towards the end of the film when Margaret finally stands up to her demanding parents.

Mare Winningham is brilliant as Margaret. Sid Ceaser is convincing as Mr. Petrakis. Cloris Leachman is great in this rare departure from comedy.

I highly recommend this emotional film.
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