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the 6th popsicle is well and truly proved the popsicle series was dead
daworldismine14 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
lemon popsicle is a classic teen comedy about a group of lads who want to get laid, a thin premise to begin with, get this, they stretched it to eight movies, 5 of them great, 3 not very good at all. this one is probably the worst though, one of the leads from the first five opted out, and left the mischief to benji, huey and froggy, froggy who was just a minor character in the other movies, is now a lead, to make up for one missing lead, and even though the hilarious benji's mom is back, she is reduced to one scene, what an insult, the plot you already know, its the same as all the others expect this ones set on a cruise ship. i didn't want to dislike this movie, and id be lying if she said that none of this was funny, cus there are a couple of classic popsicle gags in this. but the actors are all looking much older, and the joke is well and truly worn out, they should of stopped after 'baby love'
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Tired rehash
Wizard-819 December 1999
The series was really showing its age at this point. Especially the actors, who have lost a lot of their youthful appearance. Maybe that's why one of the original three actors took a hike, leaving the remaining two actors to romp through the same stuff we saw in the previous entries. (There was potential with a minor nerd character in this movie that was in other entries of this series, but he hardly appears at all here.)

There is nothing new in this entry. At one point, they even stop to show footage from one of the previous entries! They do this by having the characters watching one of their "home movies" of them having sex with some woman. Pul-leaze! Some plot thread are never resolved. Plus, the music really jumps from one period to another, sometimes playing songs that hadn't been written in the period the movie is taking place in!

They managed one more entry in this series...but I don't think I'll check it out.

They managed one last
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The Lemon Popsicle Series:Part 6.
morrison-dylan-fan19 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After finding the 5th Lemon Popsicle (LP) flick to be surprisingly strong,I started to hope that the series would be nearing the end on a good note. After finding the army-based 4th to be poor,I was disappointed to find,that for this entry I would have to sail out to sea.

The plot:

Walking on the beach with his pal Hughie, Benzi spots a girl that he fancies. Learning that she lives on a cruise ship which her dad is the captain of.Benzi and Hughie join the crew,as a diamond heist takes place on-board.

View on the film:

Going out to sea for the first time without franchise creator Boaz Davidson being involved anywhere,co-writer/(with Sam Waynberg and Eli Tavor) director Dan Wolman and cinematographer Ilan Rosenberg show this to be a ship without its captain. Opening with a bone dry narration, Wolman loses all of the sexy sass of the past films with a grubby appearance giving the title the stench of being cheap. Breaking the main rule of the franchise,the writers push Benzi and Hughie to the side of the deck for a rusty diamond heist,that sinks the lemon Popsicle.
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Just like the others
Warning: Spoilers
Well... this is the sixth movie from the popular Israeli "Lemon Popsicle" franchise. If you enjoy all the other films, you will have a good time here as well probably. The ingredients are the same. Katzur has the core drama moments and love story while Noy brings all the comedic relief moments. This film came out in 1985, seven years after the first, so there is roughly one per year. The very first movie was a Golden Globe nominee and possibly not too far away from an Oscar nomination which was justification enough to many many more movie. "Harimu Ogen" is the first film where the main language on IMDb is listed German. i do not know how accurate this is. The two main players are definitely dubbed and most of the others too. The actress who plays Benji's love interest is German and still acts on German television today. Apart from the beach action, the hot girls and horny guys that always come with films from this series, almost the entire action takes place on a yacht this time. There is a random plot about diamonds included, but this one is really pointless. The film's director and writers have worked on several other of the "Lemon Popsicle" movies. Maybe the best thing about this mediocre movie is the music. "Tutti Frutti" and "great Balls of Fire" are classic hits and much more memorable than everything else in this only 75-minute film.
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