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Alternate Versions

In the American dubbed version released by New Line, Jackie Chan's real name is used for his character instead of Kevin.
A film print of the Japanese extended cut was discovered in 2012, and transfered to high definition for a Japanese blu-ray release. This being said, this cut of the film (in its complete form, not just "deleted scenes" as extras) has only ever been released in Japan and only on laserdisc and blu-ray.
Versions released in the US prior to the New Line Cinema release were titled "Jackie Chan's Police Force", and were cut down to just under 90 minutes. The cuts included the following: -During the raid alongside the shanty town, there are two scenes involving Francis having a freak-out about the situation, blindly shooting (with Chan trying to calm him down) as well as urinating himself after killing a henchman. -The photo session where Chan is used to promote the police force has been completely cut -The court room scene has been trimmed down to remove Kim's testimony (complete with comical head bandage) -The overall Sha Tau Kok police station scene has been considerably cut down to remove the phone juggling sequence (despite footage of the scene still being in the outtakes) -When Chan is about to be arrested at the police station, his rant against the inspector had been cut in half. Aside from these cuts, Michael Lai's original music score had been replaced with a synthesizer score by Kevin Bassinson.
There is a rare Hong Kong VHS version that is the same 90 minute cut that was used for the English dubbed "Jackie Chan's Police Force" edit of the film, even using Kevin Bassinson's synthesizer re-score, but maintains the original Cantonese dialogue.
Despite theories otherwise, there actually was a Golden Harvest produced English dub complete with Michael Lai's score that was used for the mainstream 100 minute Hong Kong cut. However, it only ever had a release on Dutch VHS. Despite the existence of this track, all official DVDs featuring an English dub (such as the Hong Kong Legends and Dragon Dynasty releases) use a newer dub from circa 2001.
Japanese laserdisc is only version containing opening reel surprise birthday party prank played on Kim. New Line theatrical version has different voice and music tracks from original export version of Golden Harvest.
The Japanese print actually has an extended ending cut from all other versions, including the Hong Kong print. In this ending, after Kevin (Jackie) has beaten Koo into the glass case, his own co-officers have to arrest him and bring him in to jail. The only shot of this scene that has been seen in the U.S. is in a book titled "Great Martial Arts Films" by Ric Myers in which a full color still of the expurgated scene is shown. This scene may have been cut for sequel reasons since his character is not in jail in the sequel, but merely demoted to traffic officer.
Japanese Laserdisc release by Pony Canyon Video contains the following extra scenes:
  • The surprise birthday "treat" for Mars.
  • An opening credits sequence.
  • The extended "traditional Chinese" ending in which both Kevin (Jackie Chan) and Selina (Brigitte Lin) are arrested along with Koo.
  • Finally, after the extended ending, there is also an alternate/extended outtakes sequence which also shows Jackie's elation after successfully sliding down the pole for the last shot.
  • The Japanese version is roughly 5-6 min. longer than the Chinese print, and is 16 min longer than the American print.
  • The extended ending cut from most prints followed the tradition that if a hero has broken the law, he must face the penalty. However, it may have been cut either for the possibility of a sequel or the fact his character in Heart of Dragon (also released that year) also was a cop who was arrested in the ending.

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