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Ahh, the '80s...
kitsune82200419 November 2004
Man, I cannot believe so few people have seen this movie! I'm not saying it's an unsung classic that should have won Oscars or anything, but it was an awfully cute cartoon; in my humble opinion, one of the best to come out of the 1980's.

Introduction to the Littles: tiny beings who look mostly human, with the exception of their tufted tails and protruding incisors (I swear, they're a lot cuter-looking than they sound), and live in human homes. They secretly exchange goods for small services; for example, they may take food from a human's cupboard, and later "pay them back" by finding said human's lost car keys and leaving them in a place they are sure to look.

This movie is mostly about a Little brother and sister who are accidentally separated from their family, only to find out that their old home will be torn down in a matter of days. Their grandfather and dim-bulb cousin mount a rescue attempt, and they spend the rest of the movie trying to get back home and warn the oblivious parents before the bulldozers come. Along the way they have to avoid rats, humans, cats, and mousetraps, to name a few.

To fans of fairy tales involving brownies and elves, or even literature such as "Stuart Little" or "The Borrowers," this is nothing new or different. Still, it is a good, more modern reworking of this idea, and should be entertaining to most children with an imagination. The characters are never too cutesy or annoying, and the situations are exciting enough to keep one's interest. As a plus for parents, the bantering dialogue can be quite funny to both children and adults at times, without any of the snide flavorings that darken most cartoons today.
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One of my favourite cartoons
rebeljenn30 December 2005
'Here Come the Littles' is a film about the Littles, who were a family of small human-like creatures with tales who live in between the walls of human houses. The Littles were a cartoon made in the 1980s, and they were one of my favourite cartoons that I used to watch on Saturday mornings. It has been a long while since I saw the film, but I did enjoy it as a child - however, I think I preferred the cartoon series to this film because the movie itself was a little too long for me to really appreciate, and the cartoon series was short enough to contain a lot of adventure while maintaining a fresh sense without over-boring itself into a complex plot. Dinky Little was my favourite and considered the coolest character because he was a pilot and had that red plane.
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*****,perfect 5 stars,a fine introduction to the great 80's series
PJS-51 July 1999
Granted its been a LONG time since the last time I saw this film but it was based upon the great series of the 80's "The Littles" but still alike the MST3K movie it places a good intro to the series so OK it was a bit different from the series(henry bigg had an uncle augustus in this film) so other than that its pretty much the same from the series & it even has the voices of grimlock (transformers) & rainbow brite (gregg berger & bettina) in the film so bye for now & if you enjoyed the 80's show "The littles" you'll highly enjoy this too & even if you never heard of the series its still a good buy & view,well bye.
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