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Melodramatic Grodin Show
richard.fuller125 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What makes us remember things? I was almost twenty years old when this show came on ETV one Friday evening, a simple little play melodrama with Charles Grodin, Jean Stapleton, Martin Balsam and Marilu Henner, essentially as a family who gathers together one evening.

There would be a child, whom I think was a small boy, that everyone ignored. No one listened to the child and they barely listened to each other.

There would even be another girl, a grown up sister, and no one listened to her either. She would comment while all the tenstion was building and erupting and her statements were not being picked up by anyone.

Finally, Grodin, who was erupting the most would turn on the small child who asked him a question. They would all grow silent.


Was it good? A cliched plot that adults dont listen to children. Grodin was the standout, Balsam was as low-key as he always is. I remember a bit of Stapleton too, but I can't for the life of me recall dear Marilu Henner.

Would only be worth seeing if you were a Grodin fan, but it seems highly unlikely this thing will ever turn up again.
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A very dysfunctional family
laurie-mal24 May 2006
This is an excellent movie and should be re-released for public utilization. I would like a copy of this show. It is an excellent play. It has many implications for dysfunctional family studies. I have tried to obtain a copy everywhere. I have contacted Charles Grodin, Jules Feiffer, and all the various shopping sites on the internet. For some reason this movie is unavailable anywhere. I don't know why. I have tried to obtain it for two years. I would appreciate anyone who can help to contact me. I too cannot remember everyone that was in it but outstanding were Martin Balsam and Jean Stapleton both giving a really convincing performance of beleaguered parents unknowingly torturing their adult children emotionally. As you can tell, I would really like to own this movie and cannot think of any other way to obtain a copy then to reach out to the movie watching community. I am trying to say more about the movie but cannot because I haven't seen it in years. But be assured it made a significant impression on me as you can tell by the extensive search I have been on to get a copy of it. If anyone out there wants to see an excellent drama let me know how you got a copy of Grownups. Thank you.
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