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Plot Keywords

treasure map
pirate cavern
trap treasure map
group of friends hidden
skeleton foreclosure
teenage girl cove
stepping on a rake 1980s
murder wish
physical comedy slapstick
watching tv human monster
explosion foot chase
chase gunfight
shootout revolver
pistol violence
teenager fighting adult child fighting adult
teenage hero child hero
adventurer cult film
cave running gunfight
police officer arrest
showdown opening action scene
gadget sword
cutlass lost treasure
kiss boyfriend girlfriend relationship
love interest car chase
jail escape sitting
lifting male in air bad mother
propped up corpse falls down lifting someone into the air
underwater baby ruth
girl with glasses suburb
family relationships unsubtitled foreign language
chained to a wall reference to liberace
suburbia reference to george washington
truffle swashbuckler
real estate outlaw
housing home alone
development child abuse
child's point of view against the odds
affection one night
bullet hole blender
toupee language barrier
group vomit children
walking the plank young love
thunderstorm switchblade
swimming restroom
frozen corpse coin
child in peril newspaper
blockbuster urination
treasure hunt television reporter
teenager subterranean
small town slapstick comedy
rescue from drowning police
mother son relationship jewish
fugitive friendship
freezer fake suicide
dynamite dental braces
counterfeit convertible
confession cheerleader
brother brother relationship beach
rescue toilet
first kiss statue
deformity pacific northwest
hidden treasure mistaken identity
attic corpse
shower room bicycle
dungeon tunnel
organ pirate ship
vomit class differences
inventor jail break
overweight child asthma
police chase michelangelo's david
country club booby trap
intentional mistranslation rube goldberg machine
water slide hit in the crotch
wishing well cellar
exercise machine octopus
title spoken by character surprise ending

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