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  • Based on a true story, Powers Boothe plays an American dam engineer in Brazil. Boothe's son (played by Charlie Boorman - son of director John Boorman) is kidnapped by a rain forest tribe, and raised as one of their own. Boothe continues to look for him and after many trials and adventures, stumbles upon him.

    - Written by A. Felhofer <valmytrailslodge@itol.com>
  • The American engineer Bill Markham moves with his wife Jean Markham and children to Amazonas to work in the construction of a dam. When he brings his son Tommy to the site forest, the boy is abducted by the tribe of the Invisible People and brought to rain forest. Bill spends ten years seeking out Tommy in the forest. When he finally meets Tommy, he is an Indian and does not want to leave his tribe and return to the civilization. But when Tommy's mate Kachiri and the women of his tribe are kidnapped by a gang of white slaves to work in a brothel in the forest, Tommy searches Bill in the big city to help his tribe to rescue the female Indians.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • An American businessman searches the Amazon rainforest for the Indian tribe that he believes has kidnapped his son and begins to understand the damage that a dam project is exacting on the forest and on its people.

    - Written by Keith Loh <loh@sfu.ca>
  • Tommy Markham, the young son of American engineer working on a dam project on the edge of the Brazilian Rain Forest, is abducted and adopted by a primitive tribe. The father, Bill Markham, spends the next ten years searching in vain for the kidnapped boy. Ultimately Markham is captured by a cannibal tribe and ironically rescued by "Tomme," who only has dim memories of his biological father. Although Bill wants desperately to have his son accompany him back to civilization, "Tomme's" loyalties now belong to "The Invisible People."

    - Written by (duke 1029@aol.com)
  • After the son of engineer Bill Markham is abducted by an aboriginal tribe on the edge of the rain forest, the engineer spends the next 10 years searching for him.

    - Written by (duke1029@aol.com)


Bill Markham is an engineer who has moved to Brazil with his family to complete the construction of a large hydro-electric dam...

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