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Nice movie about two german guys using a remotecontroller to "jump" into movies
murdoc-111 May 2002
it´s just fun. i don´t know if where is an english dub of this movie. it´s german comedy of the early 80ies.

the story is very funny: two guys using their remotecontroller to take part in videomovies like indiana jones...
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Tommy and Mike - the final chapter
Warning: Spoilers
Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger were really prolific in the first half of the 1980s as they made 4 movies between 1982 and 1985 and they actually became longer with every installment. The first film only ran for roughly 82 minutes, this final film "Die Einsteiger" has a runtime of 98 minutes. In contrast to some of the previous films, there are no pretty known entertainers in supporting roles this time. Director Sigi Rothemund, who also made the first film is back behind the camera. The story this time is about Mike being a movie nerd who managed to develop a gadget with which he is able to enter films they were watching and become part of the movie. Getting back is of course not always as easy as getting in. But that is no surprise with these slobs. Still, it is a genius invention, so it does not take too long until a couple bad guys are chasing our heroes and trying to steal the invention.

The good thing is that this film is not worse than the previous installments, it probably is even better than most of the stuff we have seen from the Super Noses. But sadly, this is not much of an achievement as the previous films were all mediocre, sometimes even bad, which makes this one also not a very convincing watch. It is the usual again. Tommy and Mike dress up quite a bit, they have their love interests and they are fighting the bad guys, not really with strong arms or weapons, but with their humor and they are certainly helped a lot by the bad guys being at least as idiotic as Tommy and Mike. Overall, only worth seeing for the biggest Gottschalk/Krüger fans. They still aren't the best actors and I do not recommend this over 30-year-old film from Germany.
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Incredibly awful movie - so bad you HAVE to watch it
Andy Muench7 December 2007
Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger became huge stars in Germany in the 80s by hosting a radio show. They had such chemistry on the radio that somebody must have thought it would be a great idea to put them on a screen. So the "Noses Movies" (German: "Nasenfilme") where born. You might take a guess where that kind of title comes from. All these movies like "Piratensender Powerplay" oder "Die Supernasen" are 100 % badly done slapstick productions.

It's a shame that "Die Einsteiger" actually has a pretty good idea for a plot - a scientist discovers a machine that allows you to jump into a movie - but the screenplay is absolutely awful. Maybe the worst dialog I have ever seen. And it's also a shame that this movie had a pretty hight budget. They could have done so much with the idea and the budget, but they failed in every possible way.

I would not recommend this movie at all, one exception being made: When you are having beer and pizza with some friends and you want to see a really, really bad movie to make fun of.
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