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There is a version hosted by Bailey Jay that was put online.
Don't Open Till Christmas was shot in 1983 but released in 1985; in the meantime additional gory murders credited to the pseudonymous 'Al McGoohan' (probably Derek Ford or Alan Birkinshaw) were shot. When it surfaced on British video 2 minutes 13 seconds was cut from the film by the censors mostly from the 'new' murders. The cut material that can be found in the dutch video release consists of:
  • the killer running a cut throat razor over Pat Astley's naked body twice to establish she is a girl;
  • the peep show santa being stabbed, spitting blood and shots of blood splashing on the peep show girl's window;
  • in the London dungeon scene a doomed Santa originally came across a blood splattered body (possibly a mannequin). His subsequent death by stabbing has been reduced as well;
  • the undercover cop Santa's death is now totally incoherent: in the full version the killer (who has a spike in his shoe) kicks him in the groin, punches him in the face with a spiked glove then punches his throat with the glove. A second Santa (played by screenwriter Derek Ford) comes to his aid and loses an eyeball in the process. All that remains of this sequence in the British version is a shot of the spiked shoe and brief shots of the first punch and the cop Santa on the floor
  • due to an editing fault, in the UK video shots of a dead body on a trapdoor are missing replaced by a brief moment from the next scene;
  • the infamous scene where Santa is castrated in a public toilet is missing several shots of blood spurting in the urinal;
  • the scene where the killer kidnaps the peep show girl (Kelly Baker) is missing shots of her being tied up with chains
  • Belinda Mayne's character being stabbed twice has been deleted
Version released on UK DVD in 2003 restores all previous 2 minutes and 13 seconds of cuts made to the 1985 video release. However the film has been slightly re-edited, the scene in which the department store Santa (Max Roman) is castrated in the toilet has been moved to earlier on in the film replacing a murder scene in which a Santa impersonator is shot with a gun. The latter scene is missing from the disc.
The West German VHS was released with a few short cuts (for example, the castration scene was shortened).

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