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Alternate Versions

Although the UK cinema version was uncut the 1986 video release was cut by 13 secs by the BBFC with edits made to shorten the rape scene and to remove a shot of a half-naked woman being dragged away by thugs. All the cuts were waived in 2006.
The syndicated network TV version has at least one alternate take: During the gang rape of Maria in the gang's headquarters, the WPIX TV version shows her screaming with her arms crossed in front of her chest, while the theatrical version shows her screaming with a clear shot of her bare breasts. The TV footage is extremely grainy and badly spliced into the film.
German Video, DVD and TV-Release are heavily cut. The Bootleg-Version by X-Vision is uncut. The scenes which were cut for the other releases are in English language
The version released on video in Norway in the '80s was a soft version (made for American television?) with no naked women and no bad language. Later versions shown on Norwegian television is the same as the original cinema version.

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