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One of the creepiest movies I have ever seen

Author: alliesmom97
25 June 2004

A REALLY disturbing movie! Madolyn Smith plays Katherine Raynor, a young, naive woman who falls for and marries Dr. Charles Raynor, awesomely portrayed by Michael Biehn. Before long (but unfortunately AFTER she has his child), she realizes that he is NOT what he seemed.

Madolyn Smith did a fine job as Katherine, but the best performances were by Michael Biehn and Cloris Leachman. Michael Biehn was incredible as the "good" doctor, he really made you believe he was totally unhinged! And as for Cloris Leachman, well if Raynor's mother was anything like she portrayed her, you can almost see why he was such a wakco.

There was a sequel, "Deadly Intentions...Again", but unless you are really dying to know what happened "after", skip it. It does tell you that, but it doesn't hold a candle to this one.

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Another Psycho husband film..but a good one nonetheless!

Author: yenlo from Auburn, Me
3 June 2002

There have been a number of films that deal with the `babe in the woods' woman who marries Mr psycho himself. Some like the Stepfather films are fictious and some like this one and Our Mothers Murder are true. In this one an educated man i.e. MD is the psycho husband. Once again the question comes up what exactly is it that makes these guys attractive to these women? This is a made for TV feature and is well done and well cast for the thriller/suspense factor. One interesting side note I noticed is that Cloris Leachman was cast as Charles Raynors mother. She also appeared as yet another wacko mother in a film about the late comedian Ernie Kovacks entitled Between the laughter.

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Genuinely thrilling

Author: zombie-41 from Stevenage, England
13 July 2000

I bought this video for £2 second hand because the cover looked like a horror film. What I got was a thriller but very well put together and well acted. What's more, I found it in many ways to be as scary as any horror film because unlike Zombies and monsters etc, this could happen and it is based on true events. Watch this to see perhaps the worst husband you could ever meet. I especially liked the "gut you like a fish" speech. The most chilling part is the ending but I wont give that away. I am yet to find the sequel but I would love to see it.

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Must see.

Author: sfarrar from Kentucky, USA
12 November 2004

I viewed this movie almost 8 years ago and it is still fresh in my mind. Biehn was captivating in the role of Dr. C. Raymor. The unsettling look in his eyes, the facial expressions, and the body language, carried this movie to a level of believability that is very rare to find. Of course Leachman was spectacular as the manipulative and overbearing mother. (Her mothering skills are right up there with Nurse Rachetts'.) What started out as a sweet and quirky romance, between two young lovers (Biehn and Smith-Osborne) quickly deteriorated. There are a couple of instances of animal cruelty, however the parts are left to the viewers' imagination and not shown. I would definitely recommend this as a must see if you like dark suspense.

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Deadly Intentions

Author: Jonisteed from United States
13 August 2006

I saw this movie 20 years ago and I am trying to find it so that I can buy it. I wanted to rate it a 10 but beings that it has been so long ago I really can't remember how well it was put together. I know that the actors did really well in it. Michael Biehn's portrayal of a psychopath was outstanding to say the least. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes real life crime stories. Plus I do remember that it kept you on the edge of your seat. I can't believe this guy went all the way through medical school and then did what he did. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen the movie but take my advice it is one you would want to see.

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Great TV-movie thriller

Author: mobile707 ( from DeKalb Co., Georgia
18 May 2011

I know, I know: *Another* sweet-innocent girlfriend/wife/ex-girlfriend/ex-wife/whatever is terrorized by her crazy-psychotic boyfriend/husband/ex-boyfriend/ex-husband/whatever. Yes, the concept is one we've been told about thousands of times (at least, it seems that way) before.

But I promise, out of the whole bunch, THIS ONE really is worth watching if you're into that sort of thing. I saw it when it came on TV in 1985. Had nightmares about it for months. I confess, I had forgotten who was in the cast until looking it up here on IMDb, but it's no surprise that Michael Biehn has gone on to have such a successful TV career. And who woud have thought Cloris Leachman -- one of the great comediennes -- would have a performance like this in her? Simply chilling from start to finish.

As they used to say on "Dragnet", the names were changed to protect the innocent. But this is "based on a true story" that occurred in the 1970s. The book (same title as the movie), published in 1982 by the Tucson AZ prosecutor named William Randolph Stevens, is available on amazon.

This movie should not be confused with the campier, more fictionalized sequel from 1991, starring Harry Hamlin and Joanna Kerns, and titled "Deadly Intentions... Again?" DIA is not without its own appeal, but the original is the true classic worth seeking out.

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young newlywed learns that her husband is not as charming as she thought.

Author: herbjunior
30 October 2015

I remember watching this movie on television while I was in University. I was providing some overnight home care for an elderly relative who went to bed early. After he was asleep, I placed a chair in the middle of the living room to watch TV and this movie came in. For the next two evenings, I sat perfectly still in the chair, not a muscle moved, white-knuckled, as I watched this story unfold. It was terrifying in its realism yet I could not pull myself away, desperately wanted this poor young wife to free herself from the grasp of her sickly possessive husband. I never forgot this movie and still bring it up once in a while in conversations about movies that had the biggest impact on my life.

If I watched it now, it may not have the same effect, but 30 years ago, it certainly left its mark!

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Awesomely entertaining bio pic film

Author: majeeda1977 from United States
29 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Deadly intentions is as good as fatal vision, and the original 1987 version of the stepfather. also for the record the stepfather was loosely based on a true story and is not completely fiction as previously stated. deadly intentions is one of the best made for TV movies, the film based on a book written by Randolph williams Stevens its about a young hopeful woman who falls in love and marries a young handsome physician, doctor Charles Raynor. the young doctor seems like a well rounded kind hearted doctor perfect husband material right wrong! And of course the sweet unsuspecting wife Kathryn Raynor had know clue who she was married to, she ultimately had to flee for her life and the life her child after a series of frightening events. this film is very well acted by Micheal Biehn and the beautiful Madolyn Smith Osborne, and Cloris Leachman. I watched this film many years ago on cable I loved it, though sadly this film has no legitimate DVD copies available in the U.S. at least none that I've found, this TV movie deserves a DVD release because its very entertaining and I will be the first to buy it if it ever becomes available on DVD.

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