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Fantastic performances salvage a standard whodunnit
jdollak18 January 2005
I've been annoyed at most of the bad reviews I read of this movie, because none of them understand what it's all about. It's true; the script is not actually that great. What makes it great is how everything is delivered. The cast is fantastic in playing each part as a cliché, even when the lines are far from it. Curry plays the role with so much ham that it's understood why the script is like this. This is a play, not a movie. I can understand not being in the mood for this film. But I can't understand not appreciating these fantastic performances. Another person pointed out that this film needs to be seen in widescreen. This is correct-the movie reaches another level of greatness by seeing it in proper aspect-ratio. And I've never seen Colleen Camp looking this fantastic.
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A hectic murdermysterycomedy with a pace like none other.
ryanj313 December 2004
This is easily Tim Curry's best role (yes, even better than Frank from RHPS). He is dry and quick to a level that I have never seen topped, and with an all star cast to support him, this is easily my favorite pun filled, fast paced comedy. The beginning of the story begins slow and exponentially increases til the very end. The speed at which the actors are delivering their lines is staggering at some points, and goes to the technical grace of the actors like Christopher Lloyd and Leslie Ann Warren. Also, the late great Madeline Kahn produces a hilarious Ms. White who shall be remembered as her second greatest role (under Young Frankenstein). I cannot say enough about this movie, the script and its wonderful actors.
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Would anyone care for fruit or dessert?
R_O_U_S17 February 2004
Like Clockwise, this is just a movie I've always found very funny. Superbly casting some superlative film talents into the board game roles of Colonel Mustard et al, this throws the greatest over-actor of them all in as the butler and lets rip. The murders start to pile up, getting sillier and sillier (three cheers for the Singing Telegram Girl!) The pace picks up, so that about half an hour before the end the butler starts to exposit and virtually never stops. Oh, and there are three endings, just for good measure. And the last line is an all-time classic.
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A Game Cast At Play
CLUE has been one of our family's favorites for years. It's one of those irresistibly zany comedy-mysteries that, even though I have a copy of the film, I'm happy to watch it if I stumble across it on TV (don't touch that dial! :-)). Despite a few groaners among the gags (how many times did they need to sniff for doggie-doo in the beginning?), there are enough witty lines ("Communism was just a red herring!" and "Flames...on the side of my face...", among others, are frequently quoted in our home) delivered sparklingly by the top-notch cast amid enough madcap scampering about to make CLUE very watchable on a lazy afternoon, or even a not-so-lazy one, for that matter. Tim Curry (who deserves to be in more good movies) steals the show, particularly when he reenacts the entire movie in about 15 minutes during the climax, accompanied by John Morris's rollicking music. The film was released with three different endings, each of which has been shown on cable--the one that recalls MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS is my favorite. Give CLUE a your living room...with the DVD player!
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The popular board game comes alive in this hilarious comedy!
mdm-1110 October 2004
Clue" (the movie), features just about every great comedy actor of the day. From Leslie Ann Warren to Michael McKean to Eileen Brennan to Howard Hessman to the priceless Tim Curry, they're all here! -- If you are familiar with the board game, just picture a film version of the search for "whodunit". This laugh-a-minute fun fest is loaded with outrageous, silly slapstick, superbly acted out by the great cast.

You'll be amazed at how many of the lines and gags get stuck in your head. I'll never be able to forget the flustered looks of Mrs. Peacock, the wit and charm of Wadsworth or the subtle facial expressions of Mrs. White. The picture in this WIDE SCREEN VERSION is the best yet of this film since it's initial release.

The soundtrack is kept in it's original mono, still I'd greatly enjoy hearing a stero or, even better, a surround sound version in the future. Now you have the option of really not knowing who did it until the final scenes play bringing surprise into the untold repeat viewings that are sure to occur.
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It's All Good Baby...
coatzey21 January 2005
How fantastic was this film??? It was made three years after i was born but the first time i saw it, about 7 year old i think... i fell in love. After mentioning to everyone i knew about this film nobody seemed to have heard of it... i get the same reaction now... all i can say is i feel real pity for the people that have never seen this film. One of the best films i have ever seen... not many people can watch films 4 times in one day but if you had the DVD you'd understand... watching all three random endings and then the film with all three!! Fantastic and you find yourself laughing just as much as you did the first time you watched it. All of the actors where brilliant and so incredibly funny, but i have to make a special mention to Tim Curry... OMG no matter what he does he's amazing but Wadsworth can turn the coldest heart, even when he's naughty ;) Tim Curry, we love you hun and you get better with age... It's all good babe!!!
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A cult classic
Op_Prime22 September 2000
Clue is a laugh riot from start to finish. The cast is great with the obvious star being Tim Curry. The plot is well thought out and is rather original. Clue is the perfect mixture of comedy and mystery. The best treat is that this movie has three completely different and hilarious endings. This is a must see.
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Lovely little murder mystery comedy!
The_Void30 January 2006
Films based on videogames are commonplace nowadays, but one thing I've never seen before is a film based on a board game! Clue is a murder mystery that takes its ideas from the popular game of Cluedo. I cant say I'm a fan of that board game (although I sometimes play it on the quiz machine in pub), but I am a fan of murder mystery - and while this film is more of a joke than anything, it generally plays it's cards right and what we have here is a very entertaining little flick, that really does deserve your time! The film shows it's experimental edge by having three endings (which can be played at random on the DVD), and throughout we are treated to a film that has it's audience in mind. Tim Curry is the big name on the cast list, and he plays butler Wadsworth. He's in charge of a house whose master has invited six guests to his home. Naturally, those guests are given the names of the people in Cluedo, and include the likes of Colonel Mustard, Mrs White and Miss Scarlet etc. We are then treated to a night of mystery, as we try to uncover who murdered the host...and why!

One criticism I could easily make of this film is that it doesn't really have a lot of plot. The mystery is very shallow, and is over very quickly. This is only a shame because of the fact that I would have liked to see this go on for longer, however, as the energy that the cast brings to the table is priceless, and really makes for a good time viewing. Tim Curry takes the lead role, and does what he does best. Curry is famous for campy performances in camp films like this, and his role as Wadsworth really does his reputation proud! The film does a very good job of keeping itself wide open, and by the end it really could have been any of the characters behind the murder. This is good because it allows writer-director Jonathon Lynn complete freedom over who committed the murder; but it harms the film, as the audience doesn't really get enough info to have a stab at it themselves. The style of the film suits the mood very well, with old-fashioned clothes and decor giving it that classic mystery feel. Now don't get me wrong; this isn't exactly a great film, but it's a lot of fun and I can't see why anyone wouldn't enjoy it.
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Why I love Clue
h-nancarrow24 April 2008
I am 32 now and when I was 16, I had watched Clue over 40 times. I love Clue as it is funny, I wanna be in there with Wadsworth and it is my favourite film ever. My video got so warn out I now watch it on DVD. When I was younger, myself and my mate, we knew the lines off by heart and I still am good at it now. Even my son who is 5 has watched the film more than ten times.

I think Tim Curry is great, have been a fan of him since I was young and saw the film and have been mad about the film ever since.

Tim Curry is great, am trying to tell my son all the other films that Tim is in, but I won't show him IT or Rocky Horror yet.

What can I say I'm just mad about Clue, I can watch it again and again and my son reacts all the scenes, so now it's great to have someone I can talk to about the film, as everyone else in my family, well I think I drove them mad when I use to watch it over and over again.

Tim Curry You're the best.
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Fun 'Whodunit' Mystery!
OllieSuave-00722 July 2004
This is one of those movies that I would watch repeatedly and still holds up as a great source of entertainment for me.

Based on the board game of the same name by Parker Brothers, six guests, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet are invited to a Victorian mansion for a dinner party. The host later reveals they are all being blackmailed and wanted to get everybody together to confront the perpetrator, the alleged Mr. Boddy, who later is murdered by one of the guests. What follows is an exciting and intriguing series of events of finger-pointing, revealing secrets, and motives - all leading to the thrilling investigation of the entire house for clues and Butler Wadsworth's reenactment of the night's events.

All the characters gave a memorable performance, each in his/her own unique flavor. The plot and story by Jonathan Lynn and John Landis, with solid direction by Lynn, are fast-paced and exciting, as this movie constantly reminds you that there is a murderer on the loose and there are obvious suspects on screen for you to decipher! In addition, I think John Morris' terrific music score enhances the mysterious feel of a murder mystery movie.

The humor is great, with Miss Scarlet's acid wit being my favorite. This is also one of those movies that you will find something new every time you watch it. Some downsides, I believe, were that some of the rooms like the Conservatory, Ball Room and Billiard Rooms weren't used enough and Mr. Green's character was a little too melodramatic. But overall, a fun comedy that never gets old.

Grade A-
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Witty, sharp and funny
Richard Bailey3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Who could have possibly had the idea of bringing a board game to life, and then having the ability to make it into something rather special. In this case they did, the team behind the film and the fabulous cast managed to make this mad cap film rather brilliant. It's funny and silly at the same time, I can see why the part of Wordsworth the Butler was originally intended for for Leonard Rossiter, but after he past away it was given to Tim Curry. Curry was for me the best thing about the film, he's essentially the mad hatter, crazy, energetic and wild. It falls on him to tell the story and develop it. Madeline Kahn is the reason I really like this film, it's all about Mrs White, she is just fabulous, I would imagine the cult following this film has is in part down to her.
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"One plus one plus two plus one, not one plus two plus one plus one."
utgard1424 September 2015
Hilarious comedy based on the board game and featuring a wonderful ensemble of talented comedic actors. A box office flop at the time it was released, the years have been kind and now it's generally thought of as one of the better comedies to come out of the '80s. The story moves at a breakneck pace and the script is full of memorable lines and old school screwball comedy. John Landis co-wrote the screenplay and you can definitely see his type of humor throughout. The cast is superb. Martin Mull, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Michael McKean, and Lesley Ann Warren all bring their A game here. But the standouts are Tim Curry's manic performance as the butler and Colleen Camp's scenery-chewing bosom. Oh, come on, you know you couldn't take your eyes off of her! Warren was nothing to sneeze at, either. Lasciviousness aside, Camp in her supporting role holds her own against the bigger names in the cast. The costumes and sets are beautiful. I really liked how all the little things from the game were cleverly worked into the film. John Morris' score is exciting and fun. I love the three endings and the film's hysterical final line. It's a comedy classic in my opinion that just gets better with time.
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One of my favourite comedies
mneely-4959822 June 2015
It's very difficult (probably impossible) for me to review this movie in any kind of objective way because growing up I loved it so much and watched it so many times I can likely recite the dialogue from start to finish. That being said I will try to discuss the virtues of this movie which seemingly is not popular with critics and did not do well financially when first released. Clue is my favourite board game and I think everyone is familiar with it. Players have to solve the murder of Mr Boddy including who killed him and where and with what (this is also a line of dialogue in the film). In order to sustain a movie the writer/director Jonathan Lynn added several other murders and 3 different endings. The dialogue is very fast paced and incredibly witty. I would suggest watching the movie more than once just to catch all the lines. The acting is excellent all around. Tim Curry is amazing as Wadsworth (the butler); other favourites are Eileen Brennan as Mrs Peacock and the hilarious Madeline Kahn as Mrs White. And just as a murder mystery this works really well too and keeps you guessing. Anyone who enjoys murder mysteries and also black comedy should get a real kick out of this film.
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STILL pretty funny.
Ryan Eberhart29 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Clue is one of my favorite movies of all time. Yeah, I know. I have a lot of favorite movies. What can I say, I love movies.

This movie I like because it is a mystery and a comedy rolled into one. The cast that was assembled made this movie what it was. Tim Curry is great as Wadsworth, the Butler. Martin Mull is awesome as Colonel Mustard. Lesley Ann Warren is pretty darn good as Miss Scarlet, and beautiful too. So is Colleen Camp as Yvette. Christopher Lloyd is great as Professor Plum and Michael McKean is a convincing bumbling Mr. Green. I could go on, but I won't.

Again as has become my custom I have several favorite scenes, which I will list.

My first favorite scene is the three endings. The three endings are a series of endings in which the many different murders are explained. Wadsworth begins to explain how the cook, the motorist, Yvette, Mr. Boddy, the cop, and the singing telegram girl. All three endings are slightly different giving the viewer a "murder mystery" feel as they try to figure out who-done-it.

The next like of mine really isn't about any one scene in particular. I like the awkwardness of each character interacting with the others. The script calls for several of the character, Wadsworth in particular, to utilize double talk, or using words that have double meaning. Some of it is confusing and the viewer almost gets lost in the conversation, but in a weird way it's funny.

The last part of Clue that I like is the sexual innuendo, and the not so subtle sexual tension, aspect of the script. Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum and Mr. Boddy all hit on either Miss Scarlet or Yvette. Mr. Boddy attempts to feel up Yvette while at dinner, but she steps away before he can get too far. Professor Plum did feel up Miss Scarlet by moving his hand to her rear-end while waiting for the front door to open.

I give this 8 Stars out of 10, only because it is out of date. Yes, I know that it is period movie, set in the early 1950's. However, we are talking about a movie that hit the theaters nearly 30 years ago.
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"Red Herrings" and lots of laughs!
native_girl33311 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Have you ever played a murder mystery game called "Clue"? There is one hilariously funny film adaptation from the year 1985.

A group of people are invited to a dark mansion by the mysterious Mr.Boddy. A butler Wadsworth (always brilliant Tim Curry) is there to welcome everybody. Everything is so odd and all of the guests are called nicknames like Colonel Mustard, Ms.Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, etc. They don't know each other but everybody is eager to know why just them are there in the middle of nowhere locked in the frightening house? After a while happens a first murder... The guests soon realize that they are plotted to a cruel mind-game and there is no way out to this dark and mysterious mansion...

"Clue" includes very clever humor. There is a lot of witty word-games and puns so that the dialog is extremely memorable. There is also classic slapstick-humor also. The mood in the film is thrilling. You can easily enjoy comedic murder-solving and the movie can be watched many times. If you like the game "Clue" you have to see "Clue: the movie" The cast consist of some funny comedians like Michael Mckean, Christopher Lloyd, the late Madeline Kahn, etc. Tim Curry is energetic as Wadsworth.

In the end the movie thrills with alternative ending- sequence "This is how it could have happened" or "This is what really happened". As a child I loved the ending. The film manages to entertain me as an adult too.

Are you brave enough to play along? High recommends! "Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn" -Wadsworth to Ms. Scarlet
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I laughed till my stomach hurt
mattgstreet9 September 2004
A hysterical spoof of the well known board game Cluedo, known as Clue

in America. One of the best comic castings ever. Tim Curry as the Butler- brilliantly wild eyed, OTT and campy. Any fan

of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will simply adore his performance in

this film. And Michael McKean as Mr.Green- After This Is Spinal Tap, he

gives his best performance in Clue. The cast really does not have any

weak spots who are all supported by a very funny script. John Landis at

his mid eighties best. The only downer is the different endings use similar script which does

get a little tiresome, but apart from that a flawless comedy. Now go

and see it!
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Shallow hack job or sophisticated moral mentor?
durrantmax21 April 2016
Clue, when it was first released, received less than rave reviews, leading us to believe it wasn't well made. But Clue should be seen as much deeper than the sketch, gag filled, shallow comedy one may be subjected to see. It is a powerful teaching tool, an exploration of morality in an unstable society. The movie puts to use the all star cast, using their skills to paint a tableau of characters deeply disturbed, yet perfectly matched to teach a message subtly, steering away from didactic ism. In its effective combination of satire, social issues of the time, nutty characters and an outrageous setting, a brilliant message shines through. It will have you laughing until the end and you will come away better than before. When seen in the right light, Clue is a masterpiece ripe with witty interchanges, clever subject matter and a lesson for its audiences.
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One of the most purely enjoyable comedies ever made
Rickting26 October 2014
Whenever I hear of a film based on a board game, I almost always think it's going to suck. Battleship certainly wasn't amazing. Cluedo is a very fun and clever board game. Yet this film, based on the board game, is 10 times more fun. Clue has various guests at a house trying to solve a series of murders, all of them played by fun actors in full on hilarious camp mode. This has 3 endings which are shown back to back on the Netflix version. Clue is simply one of the most fun comedies you'll ever watch. It's not for everyone as the camp tone and lack of seriousness may start to get on people's nerves after a while. Also, I think one ending was enough. In terms of quality it's an 8, but in terms of enjoyment it's pretty much a 10. The script is so energetic you can almost see the sparks fly and it crackles with energy, delivering hilarious joke after hilarious joke like a ballistic missile launcher, while the direction is also well done. Although the 3 solutions do pile up, all of them make sense and the mystery is rather difficult to solve.

All of the actors, especially Tim Curry, are great and the sets are fun as well, creating a campy sense of Gothic. Thankfully, it doesn't stick entirely to the formula of the board game and allows itself to be its own movie. Because of the endlessly silly tone it is at the expense of actual tension, but this adds to the movie a little at the same time. It's an acquired taste and if you want to see anyone take anything seriously look else where but this is without a doubt the most under appreciated comedy of all time. It gets a lot of bad reviews, but it's incredibly funny, it has loads of entertaining set pieces and the cast are awesome. Thankfully viewers have been less harsh on the film and it is a cult classic but it deserves to be more than that. Clue was a hugely pleasant surprise as I wasn't expecting much yet I was in full on maniacal laughter mode for the whole film. Campy, silly, clever and endlessly witty, it is one of the most entertaining comedy films of all time. As for the critical critics.... get a clue!

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Brilliant synopsis of Clue's unique and nearly indescribable humor and wit
Kayla McEldowney30 May 2012
This really is a morbidly hilarious movie, I almost feel guilty about laughing so much. I'd say it's most like a cross between an elementary school play being put on by modestly paid adults actors with additional satirical social commentary, and a higher class but lower budget version of the Saw series but with slightly less gore and much more politics. It's really a remarkable blend of horror, satire, mystery, and above all, brilliant comedy. Additionally, the idea of 3 possible endings was far ahead of it's time and an impressive and innovative risk. I highly recommend watching this movie with each of the possible endings, as none will disappoint and all will leave you speechless.
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An overlooked classic!
Superunknovvn4 February 2008
When I started watching "Clue" I was amused by the fact that it was based on the famous game of the same name. Two or three actors that I liked are also listed in the cast, so I thought I might give this a shot, if only for curiosity value. Well, what do you know, "Clue" is one of the most fast paced and wittiest play-like comedies ever committed to film! Somehow the makers really managed to make this an original crime/comedy that spoofs all the Agatha Christie whodunnit-movies and blending it effortlessly with references to the the game. The script is so witty and clever it seems like a modern Oscar Wilde-adaptation. The actors and actresses help making it come to life. Even though I was mainly watching this for Christopher Lloyd (who starred in "Back To The Future" that same year, which is kinda hard to believe if you compare his looks in the two movies), Tim Curry (whose performance here seriously rivals all his other great roles like Frank 'N' Furter and Pennywise The Clown) and Michael McKean (great as ever), the whole cast really blew me away, because it had such a great on screen-chemistry together.

Up until the ending (the three different endings, that is), "Clue" is one hell of an entertaining ride that doesn't bore you for a second. This one is a real sleeper, one of the greatest and most overlooked comedies of the 80's. If you get a chance to watch it, definitely do so!
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"if I was the killer I' kill you next! I said if...if"
Bjorn (ODDBear)18 September 2006
Being an avid admirer of the Cluedo board game this film couldn't have missed, for me anyway.

Six people are invited to dinner in a creepy old mansion on a dark and stormy night (of course) where they are to be addressed by fake names (Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum etc.). In addition to the six is a mysterious butler, the creepy host, a french maid and an unattractive cook. Murders take place and they must find the guilty party before the police arrive. Was it Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the billiard room or was it Mrs. Peacock with the revolver in the Hall, or someone else?

You'll have fun finding out. Guaranteed.

A very funny spoof of mystery films, Agatha Christie's And the There Were None is the most obvious example. Also, probably one of the best adaptations from a board game. The sets are great, the atmosphere delightfully campy and last but not least; terrific actors. Curry is marvelous as the Butler, McKean hysterical as the accident prone Mr. Green, Lloyd his usual great as Professor Plum. In fact, every one does a great job. Of course the script is on the silly side but it works and the three endings scenario is definitely very original and works very well.
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My Favorite movie!!
fcfern19 July 2006
Jonathan Lynn's 1985 comedy "Clue" has got to be the BEST movie ever created! Based off of the famous board game, Clue is a fantastic movie for people of all ages. I, myself, was drawn to this movie at the age of seven or eight, and it has faithfully been my favorite movie ever since!

The movie starts with six guests (Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss. Scarlet, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Peacock) all being invited to a large mansion in New England for a dinner party, of which they know absolutely nothing about. At the party they all find out that they have more in common than they first realized, and the murders begin, starting with Mr. Boddy, the seventh guest! And as the night goes on, suspicion lands on each of the guests, as well as the butler Wadsworth. So not only is the movie uproarious, but it's actually a very intriguing mystery!

The acting is absolutely spot on in Clue! Eileen Brennan plays Mrs. Peacock, a talkative politician's wife. Madeline Kahn is Mrs. White, my favorite character in the movie! Mrs. White is a widow who may have more to do with her husband's death than she's letting on! Christopher Lloyd does a terrific job as Professor Plum, the ladies man wannabe! Michael McKean plays the hopelessly clumsy Mr. Green. Martin Mull is Colonel Mustard, the man who tries to act as if he knows exactly what is going on. Lesley Ann Warren is awesome as Miss. Scarlet the temptress, and of course you can not forget the amazing Tim Curry who plays cool and composed Wadsworth, the butler.

As I said before, this is a movie for people of all ages. In fact, just recently I got my six-year-old brother to watch it, and he too claims it is his favorite movie! Does he understand every single joke? No, of course not! But the upbeat, fast pace of the movie has him watching it over and over, and acting out the famous "Wadsworth Explains Everything" scene! I fully recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a good laugh and tons of fun!
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No 67 September 2001
With regards to all the movie tie-ins to various games released this summer (Final Fantasy,Tomb raider, Dungeons & Dragons) I felt it was appropriate to review the film Clue which has the distinction of being the first film to have started this trend so many years ago.

Clue has a lot in common with the above big budget movies in that it too was based on a very popular game (boardgame in this instance!!) called "Cluedo". And that's where the similarities end for unlike the other tie-in duds this film is a very enjoyable and original film.

The entertainment value of this film is remarkably high. Not only are we given an exciting "whodunnit" mystery but also an enjoyable comedy featuring many witty one liners and subtle "in-jokes" with a sprinkling of slapstick on top. One of the reviewers here the oddly named "Abba owns me" complains that the characters in this film are underdeveloped and are as wooden as their corresponding Player pieces that come with the Cluedo boardgame. But what "Abba owns me" fails to understand is that most murder mysteries normally do not delve too deeply into any character study of the suspect characters. Which leaves the viewer to focus on the solving the crime by noting the actions and responses of these suspect characters to the events happening around them. The fact that this film also emulates this trend is more of a strength than a weakness in that it is just as focused on it's murder/ mystery theme as well as it's comedic theme.

Besides this the performances of the entire cast in this film are first rate especially Tim Curry who steals this film with his over the top performance of Wadsworth the butler (which I feel was his best one to date!!). It is not too hard to notice that the entire cast must have had a whale of a time making this film from watching their passionate and over the top performances. And kudos to the script writers for concluding the film with 3 different endings which was a very original concept that has never been imitated by any other film since then. All three endings that were released to cinemas separately are included in the VHS version, my favourite being the 2nd ending. Clue also features an excellent soundtrack which denotes the fifties setting in which this film and boardgame is based (I particularily like the energetic piece of classic music that is played throughout the film).

Clue is a wonderful film whose entry excels in each of it's genres such as comedy, murder/ mystery and of course the "movie based on a game" genre. Although the biggest mystery of this film is to why it has not transcended from VHS to DVD format as of yet!!!!

I rate Clue 10/10!!!!
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A classic
Paul Evans13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing else needs to be said, other then this is a true classic film, brilliant conceived and hilariously acted. It's fast paced, side splittingly funny and beautifully acted. It's my favourite role of Tim Curry's, he's had thus far a wonderful career, but he's extraordinarily charming and energetic, he does not stop. Tim Curry apart it's the three female characters of Peacock, Scarlet and White that make the film. Madeline Kahn is so sexy as femme fatale Mrs White, Lesley Anne Warren has the most sensational figure (although Dr who fans may agree, when we first see her she looks like a vervoid.) However it's Eileen Brennan's Mrs Peacock that I enjoy most, she delivers some hilarious lines with a slick and easy manner. How cool is it to have a film with 3 different endings, each is so good. 10/10 a classic I never tire of, i'd put it up there with Murder by Death, it's that good.
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Classic comedy
powderblue24 May 2007
Directed by Jonathan Lynn, CLUE is based on the board game of the same name ( called Cluedo here in the U.K ). An assortment of guests arrive for a dinner party, each given a pseudonym, and it soon becomes apparent that they are there on matters a bit more serious than a simple dinner and a brandy. During the evening, secrets are revealed, people are murdered, lights go on and off and the lines come thick and fast " well it's a matter of life after death. Now that he's dead i have a life." The cast are clearly having a complete riot with Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan and the late, great Madeline Kahn coming off with particular sparks. The look of the film is wonderful. Set in 1954, the attention to detail in the set design and costumes are spot-on. The lighting and feel is not too dis-similar to the 1976 murder-spoof Murder by Death, incidentally also starring Eileen Brennan. Despite being a minor hit on it's initial theatrical release Clue has since become something of a cult hit, and for good reason, as its great fun and whilst certain plot-holes may have you scratching your head, it's best that you leave your brain at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Great fun. The home-DVD/video version comes with all three endings. A fourth was filmed but edited out of the final film. Stills from it can be found in a hard to find book " Clue: The Storybook". Now can i interest anybody in fruit or dessert?
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