Brewster's Millions (1985) Poster

Plot Keywords

baseball minor league baseball
lawyer heir
baseball player apostrophe in title
two word title exposing fraud
accounting fraud happy ending
receipt punched in the face
home run exhibition game
electioneering press conference
mayoral candidate mayoral campaign
postage stamp valuable stamp
rare postage stamp gambling winnings
tv news reporter news report
postcard new york post the newspaper
financial advisor newspaper headline
character appears on front page of a newspaper helicopter
interior decorator mimic
breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience talking to the audience
talking to the camera reference to king louis xvi
hotel suite donating money to charity
charitable donation accountant
fiance fiancee relationship new suit
expensive restaurant woman with glasses
hailing a taxi yellow cab
male taxi driver pay phone
truth taken as a joke collect telephone call
best friends security guard
head of security having picture taken
photographer interracial friendship
bank vault spending money
pile of money wasting money
cash payment paralegal
wishing someone good luck last will with stipulation
terms of a will heir to fortune
african american man reference to pablo picasso
female judge black female judge
bail out of jail courtroom
municipal court reference to the new york yankees
reference to the new york mets jail cell
bar fight scene during opening credits
begins with text baseball catcher
baseball pitcher new jersey
hackensack new jersey richard pryor
train tracks video will
politician breaking the fourth wall
world trade center manhattan new york city manhattan new york city
politics spelling
brooklyn bridge stamp
political campaign new york yankees
new york city extravagance
inheritance challenge get rich quick
inheritance brewster's millions
millionaire based on novel
number in title character name in title

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