Brazil (1985) Poster


Plot Keywords

terrorist bureaucracy
dream bureaucrat
technology arrest
report office
future retro future
civil servant escape
repairman dental headgear
dental braces mirror
future shock no opening credits
subjective camera schizophrenic
smoking a cigarette in a bathtub character's point of view camera shot
tied to a chair government corruption
reference to icarus dark comedy
oneiric exploding building
shotgun shot to death
shot in the chest shootout
shot in the forehead blood on camera lens
bare chested male corpse
icicle impalement
stabbed in the arm stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the foot bandaged face
trust car crash
car chase thrown from a car
character says i love you suspicion
finger gun jumping onto a moving truck
whistle i.d.
stuck in an elevator malfunction
walking into a wall father daughter relationship
christmas gift typewriter
headphones looking at one's self in a mirror
husband wife relationship midget
doctor tuxedo
man wearing a wig recurring dream
sword drawing
exploding car broken mirror
death of husband apartment building
title appears in song goldfish
employer employee relationship refund
hit with a wrench repeated line
character repeating someone else's dialogue masked man
pistol held at gunpoint
blood waiter
machine receipt
information machine gun
fainting hole in the ceiling
strait jacket cigarette smoking
bathtub kicked in the stomach
tv set tv
kafka esque dictatorship
year 1984 tragic event
absurdism alienation
paranoia boyfriend girlfriend relationship
techne ambiguous ending
country name in title territory name in title
one word title explosion
car accident black humor
santa costume rube goldberg machine
ambiguous title person on fire
skeleton box office flop
swat team truck
spear shoe as hat
samurai warrior salt
red tape plastic surgeon
pepper parcel
nightmare ministry
menu mask
magnifying glass lobotomy
french accent flying
fake ears duct
dream girl coffin
check bomb in public place
best friend bandage
air conditioner london england
neo noir totalitarian
surveillance science runs amok
mistaken identity hallucination
fight the system dystopia
daydream assassin
breakfast machine surrealism
interrogation satire
guerilla stripped car
rescue party
pneumatic tube totalitarianism
steampunk plastic surgery
wings freedom
job promotion restaurant
cage spiral staircase
widow terrorism
mental breakdown spoof
triplet bomb
department store alternative reality
funeral title based on song
murder black comedy
christmas wheelchair
liberty mother son relationship
sabotage elevator
premarital sex truck driver
torture singing telegram
chase computer
insect cult film
multiple outcomes surprise ending

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