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Absolute Turkey
evoevo8 January 1999
I saw this film on TV recently. The plot just doesn't hold together. There are innumerable sub-plots of little relevance, the acting and the accents are dreadful and it doesn't have an ending, it just stops.

What went wrong?
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Poor bordering on the embarrassing
Siphon Odesse20 November 2000
I actually contributed to this film, well .. I was an extra during the shooting in and around Trondheim, where I lived. When I saw the film later, I was gravely disappointed; it is one of the poorest war movies I have ever seen. What little plot there is is tedious, actor performances are poor, and I honestly didn't get what it was about at all. A film that had been better left alone, though it was great fun shooting things up in the making of it. Stay clear.
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