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February 13th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Hellraiser: Judgment, Drag Me To Hell Collector’s Edition, Night Of The Living Dead (1968) Criterion Collection

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If you’ve been procrastinating on getting that special someone a gift for Valentine’s Day, perhaps you might be able to find a few ideas amongst this week’s Blu-ray and DVD releases. The big titles for February 13th include a pair of titles from Criterion—Night of the Living Dead in 4K and The Silence of the Lambs—and Scream Factory has put together a stellar Collector’s Edition set for Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell.

For those of you with an affection for cult cinema, there are brand new Blu-ray releases of several notable films, including Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, The Blood Spattered Bride, Night of the Seagulls, and a double feature of Chaos and Don’t Look in the Basement from the fine folks at Kino Lorber.

Recent titles arriving to various home entertainment formats this week include Blade of the Immortal and Hellraiser: Judgment,
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Chainsaws, Bloody Boots and Dino-Hearts: Inside National Geographic's 'T.rex Autopsy'

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London, England. Something horrible has happened on TV Stage 2 at London's Pinewood Studios. Trails of sticky blood lead to and from the stage. Lurid, red fingerprints spot the doors. On the actual stage itself, the source of the carnage evident. A tyrannosaurus rex rests prone on a shiny metal platform, chest open. A sluice tray holds a stomach, curling innards and still more blood. A pair of drenched white rubber boots sits gory and ensanguinated, vacated by their owner. Science! *** *** When a network known for fact-based programming ventures into the realm of the speculative, the slope is a slippery one.  It will be years before Animal Planet and Discovery Channel recover from "Mermaids: The Body Found" and it will also probably be years before the competition stops twisting that particular knife. It's mid-April at Pinewood Studios outside of London. It's a location most associated with a fictional British spy with a license to kill,
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More Horror Exclusive: Interview with William Katt; ‘Carrie’ (1976), ‘House’ (1986)

Interviewed by Michael Juvinall, More

Actor William Katt first gained notoriety by playing Carrie White’s prom date in director Brian De Palma’s masterpiece of terror, Carrie in 1976. Since then, he’s gone one to play a multitude of roles in film, television and stage. He is probably best known to horror and science fiction fans for his roles in films such as Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985), House (1986). It is his role as the mild-mannered high school teacher Ralph Hinkley in the cult classic television series The Greatest American Hero (1981-86) that he will probably forever be known for the most.

A theater veteran and musician are also roles near and dear to Katt’s heart. He continues to appear in television and film roles and has numerous projects coming out in 2013. I was able to catch up with Mr. Katt at the Days of
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Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins Battle over the Tomb of the Dragon

Any movie that casts Dolph Lundgren and rising action hero Scott Adkins as rival cryptozoologists fighting over the discovery of a living, breathing killer Chinese dragon has my immediate attention.

Scott Adkins (Undisputed III: Redemption, Ninja) does battle with his The Expendables 2 and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning co-star Dolph Lundgren in the monstrous action thriller Tomb of the Dragon.


Travis, our heroic cryptozoologist, wants to prove that a prehistoric beast killing construction workers is more than just a myth. But at the same time his ruthless competitor, Harker, wants to prove he is the best in the business and outdo Travis in any way he can.\

Travis finds himself in a race against time to preserve the rare but deadly creature because Harker thrives on trophy killings and shoots to kill…including humans if they come between him and his prey.

Travis is funded by a mysterious
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New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: August 23rd

Rank the week of August 23rd’s Blu-ray and DVD new releases against the best films of all-time: New Releases Blitz

(Blu-ray & DVD | Nr | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #9439

Win Percentage: 51%

Times Ranked: 215

Top-20 Rankings: 5

Directed By: Elliott Lester

Starring: Jason StathamPaddy ConsidineAidan GillenZawe AshtonDavid Morrissey

Genres: Crime • Crime Thriller • Police Detective Film • Thriller

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The Beaver

(Blu-ray & DVD | PG13 | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #5199

Win Percentage: 52%

Times Ranked: 858

Top-20 Rankings: 6

Directed By: Jodie Foster

Starring: Mel GibsonJodie FosterAnton YelchinJennifer LawrenceZachary Booth

Genres: Comedy Drama • Drama • Psychological Drama

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Win Win

(Blu-ray & DVD | Nr | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #2107

Win Percentage: 61%

Times Ranked: 2455

Top-20 Rankings: 6

Directed By: Thomas McCarthy

Starring: Paul GiamattiAmy RyanBobby CannavaleJeffrey TamborBurt Young

Genres: Comedy Drama • Drama • Sports Comedy • Sports Drama

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

(Blu-ray & DVD | PG13 | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #5643

Win Percentage: 49%

Times Ranked: 725

Top-20 Rankings:
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Casting director Bill Shepard dies

Bill Shepard, a casting director who worked for Walt Disney Studios and director Mel Brooks, died Sept. 20 of a heart attack at Sherman Oaks Hospital and Health Center. He was 79.

Shepard spent 17 years casting films and TV shows at Disney, then went on to work in a similar capacity on "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" (1989) and such Brooks' comedies as "Spaceballs" (1987), "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (1993) and "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" (1995).

Shepard was responsible for giving Michael J. Fox his first feature film role when he cast the young Canadian to star in Disney's 1980 film "Midnight Madness."

"Bill not only found stars and big players that helped make the pictures successful," Brooks said, "but he also was a genius at finding the right featured players and smaller character roles that gave my movies depth and reality. I could always rely on him to do a great job."

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The Last Farewells

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Salvaged from the unpublished Starlog #375. Posted here for the record. The science fiction universe sadly salutes these fantastic talents who died earlier this year.

Bob May (January) The beloved man inside Lost In Space’s irrepressible Robot. (interviewed in Starlog #57, #201)

Charles H. Schneer (January) The veteran producer who shepherded all of Ray Harryhausen’s movies from It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955) to Clash Of The Titans (1981). Those classic genre films included Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers, 20 Million Miles To Earth, The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad, The Three Worlds Of Gulliver, Mysterious Island (1961), Jason And The Argonauts, First Men In The Moon, The Valley Of Gwangi, The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad and Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger. Sans Harryhausen, he also produced I Aim At The Stars (a.k.a. Wernher Von Braun), Hellcats Of The Navy and Half A Sixpence. (Starlog #151, #152, #153)

Arthur A. Jacobs (January) In 1958, producer
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