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How Creative Arts Wins For ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Westworld’ Might Predict the Biggest 2017 Emmy Races

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How Creative Arts Wins For ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Westworld’ Might Predict the Biggest 2017 Emmy Races
As expected, the Creative Arts Emmy competition Sunday turned out to be a sci-fi smackdown between Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and HBO’s “Westworld,” and each split the night with five awards apiece.

The Duffer Brothers’ ’80s homage to Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, “Stranger Things” won for outstanding editing, main title theme music, main title design, sound editing, and casting. The Jonathan Nolan/ Lisa Joy sci-fi/western, “Westworld,” earned outstanding special visual effects (the domain of “Game of Thrones” five years running), makeup (non-prosthetic), hairstyling, sound mixing, and creative achievement in interactive media.

However, if recent history proves a reliable harbinger, “Stranger Things” has the edge in the race for next Sunday’s Outstanding Series competition because of its editing victory. That’s because the last five outstanding editing winners have also taken home the big prize.

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TVLine Items: Flash's Amell Returns, Archer's Fxx Premiere Date and More

TVLine Items: Flash's Amell Returns, Archer's Fxx Premiere Date and More
Caitlin Snow’s mister is coming back to The Flash.

Robbie Amell will reprise his role as Ronnie Raymond during a winter episode of the CW series’ third season, reports.

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As you’ll recall, both Earth-1 Ronnie and his Earth-2 doppelgänger Deathstorm are dead. No details are available about how Amell will reappear, be it possibly in a different timeline or on yet another Earth.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Hunter Parrish (Weeds, Good Girls Revolt) has joined Season 2 of Quantico in the recurring
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Paddington Review

At first sight, Paddington Bear looks monstrous, his creepy photorealistic fur bringing to mind 2010’s astonishingly misconceived Yogi Bear. You can almost hear the soft, squelching sound as audience’s hearts sink, the sound of teeth gritting as they prepare for yet another sacrilegious plundering of a beloved children’s classic. What nightmares are we going to have to endure? Is Paddington Bear going to have an attitude? Is he going to wear a puffa jacket? Oh god.. he’s going to rap, isn’t he?

This consuming sense of dread isn’t director Paul King’s fault. It’s just that we’ve been burned so many times by overblown, gagless, soulless cinematic abortions that we expect the worst; to look into the eyes of a CG bear is to see a grinning studio exec staring back (probably doing some warped approximation of the hated “Dreamworks face”).

This is a pity,
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33 Things on TV to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

At this time of year, it's good to be reminded that contemporary TV offers such a cornucopia of riches. This past year, in particular, has offered plenty to give thanks for -- in terms of both what's on the air and what is not. Among the things I'm thankful for:

That "The Flash" is actually good.

That recent, pricelessly funny Billy Bob Thornton guest spot as a lovelorn urologist-to-the-stars on "The Big Bang Theory."

That I don't work at the "Today" show.

That David E. Kelley is writing a TV show for Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman to star in.

That this is the last season for "Two and a Half Men."

That "Seinfeld" reruns still hold up pretty well.

That Casper Kelly made '80s sitcom parody "Too Many Cooks." Whether or not you like the finished product -- and it's often pretty disgusting -- I'm glad someone had the impulse to make it.
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Global Showbiz Briefs: Christopher Eccleston To Guard ITV’s ‘Safe House'; Martin Freeman In ‘The Eichmann Show'; More

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Christopher Eccleston has been cast with Marsha Thomason (White Collar) and Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers) in ITV’s new four-part drama series Safe House. Produced by Eleventh Hour Films, Safe House is a thriller set in the wilderness of England’s Lake District. Eccleston plays Robert, a former detective who is asked by a close friend and police officer to turn his family’s remote guest house into a safe house. Their first ‘guests’ are a family in fear of their lives after they are violently attacked. For Robert, protecting them resurrects fears and anxieties bound up in a terrifying night gone wrong with a star witness. As a consequence of running the safe house, Robert begins to questions the incident and uncovers a web of lies. Inspired by a real couple, Safe House is written by Michael Crompton (Kidnap & Ransom, Carrie’s War), and directed by Marc Evans (Hinterland,
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I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No (To Links)

Happy Oklahoma Day! For serious that's what it is today so any of you reading from the Sooner state enjoy yourselves just a little bit more for the rest of us today

I'm just a girl who cain't say no,

I'm in a turrible fix I always say "come on, let's go"

Just when I outta say nix!

It's also Earth Day today and we'll celebrate when we look at Pocahontas for "Best Shot" tonight. Have you rescreened in yet to choose your shot. You've only got 6 more hours to get your link in. We'll post at 10 tonight

And now, the linkage...

Rope of Silicon David Cronenberg apparently wrote a book due out this fall and Viggo Mortensen loves it and the mad director also made a trailer for it involving a plastic surgeon and a naked woman

Allure's Nude Issue" has 4 actresses talking about their bodies while naked (Nia Long,
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Cameras roll today on Teplitzky's The Railway Man

The 10-week shoot scheduled for Jonathan Teplitzky.s fourth feature, The Railway Man, starts today in Scotland, before moving to Thailand and Queensland.

When local distributor Transmission Films comes to market the official Australian/UK co-production next year their job will be made easier by the two Academy Award winners in the cast: Nicole Kidman, who won her Oscar for The Hours in 2003, and Firth, who won his for The King.s Speech in 2010.

The focus of The Railway Man is real-life British Army officer Eric Lomax who, years after he and thousands of other prisoners were forced to work on the construction of the Thai/Burma railway during World War II, returns to Thailand to confront his tormentor Nagase Takashi.

Jeremy Irvine and Firth play Lomax at different times in his life and Hiroyuki Sanada plays Nagase. Kidman.s role is that of a woman who helps Lomax rid
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Nicole Kidman joins director Jonathan Teplitzky in Scotland for The Railway Man

Australian film-makers and actress Nicole Kidman are involved in a new feature film which begins shooting in Scotland today.

The Railway Man sees Aussie director Jonathan Teplitzky reunite with his Burning Man producer Andy Paterson as well as The Proposition’s Chris Brown and Bill Curbishley, producer of Quadrophenia.

Casting is led by Colin Firth with Nicole Kidman and War Horse’s Jeremy Irvine.

The ten-week shoot will also take place in Thailand and Queensland as an Australian/UK co-production, between Brown’s Australian Pictures in Paradise and Paterson’s British Archer Street.

The Railway Man is an adaptation by Frank Cottrell Boyce and Paterson of Eric Lomax’s autobiographical story as an Allied prisoner of war, played by Firth, forced construct the Thai/Burma Railway in WW2 and later convinced by a beautiful woman, played by Kidman, he met on a train to confront his Japanese tormentor, played by Hiroyuki Sanada,
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Nicole Kidman Likes A "Railway Man"

Nicole Kidman is set to replace Rachel Weisz in the film adaptation of "The Railway Man" for Archer Street, Pictures in Paradise and Latitude Media says The Press Association.

The story is based on former British army officer Eric Lomax’s real-life best-selling account of his torture by the Japanese during the construction of the “death railway” from Rangoon to Bangkok during World War II and his mission decades later to seek revenge on his tormentor.

Colin Firth is already cast as the older Lomax, Jeremy Irvine ("War Horse") will play the younger version. Kidman will play Firth's second wife who helps him to confront his fears and hatred by writing to the former Japanese officer he holds responsible and helping him to forgive.

Colin and producer Andy Paterson reportedly persuaded Nicole personally to take over the role after Weisz had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts. Jonathan Teplitzky
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Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole Kidman

Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole Kidman
She made her television debut almost 30 years ago, and Nicole Kidman quickly rose to stardom in the 1990s. Today, she is among Hollywood's highest-paid actresses and is no stranger to awards. She won her first Oscar in 2002 for "The Hours."

The actress, spokesmodel, and humanitarian landed an Academy Award Best Actress nomination for her performance as Becca Corbett in "Rabbit Hole."

Find out more about Nicole Kidman!

Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Nicole KidmanYoung Nicole

Nicole Mary Kidman
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10 TV shows that shouldn’t have been axed

You know the drill. You love that show. Want it to last forever. Then they go and cancel it. The TV execs don’t care that you plan your life around it. They don’t care that you obsess over the characters so much it’s as if they are real people you know and care about. All they care about is advertising revenue and whether it’s attracting enough greenbacks. Programmes after all are what fill in the time between the advertising. The reality means good shows get dumped in the trash. Let’s pay tribute to the shows we loved that should never have been axed whilst lesser offerings were allowed to go on and on…

[Spoilers follow]

10. The Others (2000)

A one-season show, The Others (not to be confused with that Nicole Kidman movie) seemed to have the recipe for success. A diverse group of people including likable student Marian Kitt,
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Preview: Movies of the Fall

The fall movie season is upon us, and there are some interesting choices out there, the first of which are hitting theaters right now. For autumn, get ready for a host of films that will ramp up the creep factor...before destroying the Earth (one film isn't just opening in the fall, it's about the fall—the fall of humanity, that is), after which we'll find ourselves visiting another planet.

For those who like horror, there's several choices, typically mixed with either humor or romance. You'll have flesh eating zombies in Zombieland (read our early review here), the Devil in drag in Jennifer's Body and effete vampires in New Moon. Meanwhile, another dark subject appears in the form of the posthumous tribute of sorts to Michael Jackson in This Is It; you might say horrific given the circumstances and timing.

And, of course, if all that's not disturbing enough (and let's face it,
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