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Alternate Versions

All previous cuts were waived for the UK DVD release which is uncut.
The film was released as "American Warrior" in UK cinemas and cut by 11 secs to remove shots of throwing stars and a man's genitals being squeezed during a fight scene. The same cuts were made for the video release (now retitled "American Ninja") though these were later waived for the DVD release.
Scenes that were cut from the theatrical release in order to prevent time restraints are.
  • A scene where Joe enters his room and one of the troopers calls Joe a loser and then shoves him.

  • Jackson asks Joe if he wants to shoot some pool but Joe declines.

  • A scene of the Black Star Ninja and Ortega discussing whether or not the Colonel will change his mind about shipping the weapons.

  • Joe finds a dead corpse in the barracks the same day he gets blackmailed.

  • Black Star Ninja asks Ortega if Joe has any other relatives that's been trained the way of the ninja.

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