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Nostalgia for lost things

Author: moviereps
12 August 2004

American Drive-In brings back memories. Memories of the Drive-In (a slowly dying American Institution) and of silly, sexy Eighties flicks. The story is simple: a diverse bunch of lunatics descend of the Drive-In one night. There is the beautiful blonde, the beautiful brunette, the hunky (but slow) good guy, the sleazy gang leader, the sexually frustrated babe, the heart of gold dominatrix, and a midget. The prerequisite amount of sex is on display, combined with chase sequences, and car explosions. The plot hangs together, but that isn't the reason to check this flick out. Check it out because it is entertaining and it reminds us what films became at the dawn of an era when VHS and Cable pushed out our beloved Drive Ins.

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this reminds me of baby poultry: cheap; cheap; cheap

Author: KDWms from Pocono Summit, PA
20 April 2003

One of those films where nobody got paid much (if anything) for contributing to it. Therefore, YOU shouldn't pay much to see it (in terms of time AND money). Cheap actors; cheap sound and lighting; cheap location. Cheap; cheap; cheap. There IS depth to the cross-section of society which patronized drive-ins, which this movie attempts to convey. At the top of the list are those whose hormones need satisfying: horny guys; nympho gals (including a whore); intimidating losers in a gang; even a middle-aged all-MALE couple. Then there's the all-American couple; the scholarly couple; a couple of old ladies; the ambitious politico and his kids; and the fat family. But wait - there's more: among others, we meet the guy who's seen the flick so many times that he knows the dialogue; then there are the three mischievous pre-teens on bicycles; the geek who messes with the lot's sound system; the voyeuristic old guy; and the booze-guzzling projectionist. My final mention will be of the dwarf who appeared in the picture being shown at the drive-in, which is why I didn't mark this as low as I could have: I'm reserving THAT grade for what was on the bill. It's a real title, and, if I ever see it, believe it or not, it might be worse than American Drive-in.

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Danny Nucci said about this film, "...if it ever sees the light of day, I'll kill myself".

Author: james362001 from Lancaster, California
1 August 2001

Danny Nucci said recently of this film, "...if it ever sees the light of day. I'll kill myself". Danny Nucci was replying to a question sent to him during the Yahoo Chat Event he participated in on March 7, 2001 at 3:oopm Eastern. He was asked by sensuaz28, "What was your first movie you were in? Nucci replied, "The first film was called "A Night At The Drive-In". "It's a mock horror movie that if it ever sees the light of day, I'll kill myself". Well I was able to purchase a used VHS version of this video through a service of The title of this film actually is "American Drive-In". There is alot of sexual content in this film and it is not for children to see. Why doesn't Danny Nucci want anyone to see this film (if that is what he is implying)? He was very young! He's the young boy riding the bicycle. I would call this a good, silly, low-budget insomniac film. It might even make you miss this those good 'ol days of going to a drive-in movie.

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trash can satire with a kickin' soundtrack!

Author: deaddeerguts from United States
19 July 2008

this movie combines social satire with deep philosophical questions under the lens of the drive-in theater. characters are niched, with each car having its own perspective on the movie and the culture of the drive-in. the only thing that's lacking is the horror aspect, with most of the 'horror' happening on the big screen. the hooligans are the perfect slap-stick villains, while little old ladies just want to know what's going on. the 'attempted rape' that seems to have bothered others is over-the-top and completely satirical. all in all, American Drive-in is perfect for any fan of Hard Rock Zombies. Sabu lends him musical genius to this film as well (even though most of the songs are already in Hard ock Zombies).

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Drive in, check this flick out. This is Ameica

Author: PeterMitchell-506-564364 from Australia
16 November 2012

Let's face it, this film, could of been worse. It could of been a lot worse. I've viewed this cheap entertaining flick, quite a few times in my earlier days. And that's what it is, cheap and entertaining, but also I found this surprisingly funny. Though no performance should be commended, or may'be the one of Sarge a little bit, and Pat Kirton's not bad, this flick isn't one you just should flick off, and I'm the not the undemanding viewer. If you want to kill 88 minutes, there are far worse comedies. This is a cheesy one, but tasty cheese. Yes, we do have nudity, thankfully providing by our hottie Dina where the sound guy bugs their van, so their sounds of sex replaces the sound of this crappy zombie flick. It's hysterically funny. I know what sounds I'd listen to if I was ever watching that piece of s**t. We even hear her literally broadcast that her father, the town mayor, is here to nab a dope ring. See. Funny! The two or three scenes involving our two lovers are the only naughty bits in the movie, so it's not all sex. The mayor, so desperately wanting to nab the culprit of this dope ring, supposedly operating on the grounds of the drive in, scumbag, that he is, he uses his teen son as a buyer. The son meets Sarge, the leader of this gang, who sells him some weed. Sarge and his boys, the stealers of this show, who are all for one, one for all, like to cause havoc, terrorizing and intimidating other drive in folk, by smashing heads, speakers, or screaming around in their loud cars, and eventually worse, that leads to a dramatic showdown of vengeance. I liked the rape angle in this comedy, cause it was unexpected. The rape scene was quite intense I thought for a comedy. These repulsive p***ks even terrorize the rotund ticket lady, by letting them in free and scabbing money off of her. One of these guys actually makes out with a blow up doll, and the mayor gets caught on live television with a working woman, who uses her crummy caravan as a bordello on the outskirts of the drive in. We have a sexy young couple, Marge and Ric, having sexual problems, cause the woman won't answer one of his sexual requests, so it's over to the caravan of courage. And then as our two leads, clean cut city boy and strong attitude country girl, where a proposal occurs right before our eyes, and what better place to propose, than the drive in. Only, a little stupid remark, regarding the girl's mother, sparks a big feud. At one point, our city boy and Ric meet on the swings on the playground, the big screen framed behind them, a great use of shot, and exchange their dilemmas, one thinking he has the solution. We have the vain midget actor (you've seen this guy many times) who's crummy flick is playing right before his eyes. Check his reaction which his voice is replaced by Dina's and her hunk's lovemaking. Then we have an old lady couple, one of them actually says the F word. Shame on you. And also, we have a lonely old reader, really wasting his money, or has he just lost interest in the crap on the screen. I guess there's no pleasing some people. American Drive In throws in a lot of other great gags, one involving a dirty old guy in the candy bar, who hooks up a hidden camera so you can see down girl's breasts, including a twelve year old as she approaches a counter. He crudely comments on this girl, afterwards, which I thought was a bit sick. Okay, this isn't the best flick ever made. Even the quick intro music and opening titles might send a forewarning that what is to transpire is gonna be weak. Wrong! Totally. I found this flick something of a surprise. It's funny! And the very old guy running the drive in, is a hoot, using comparisons of Hardrock Zombies to Sound of Music, and washing his mouth free of expletives, with scotch I think.

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American Drivel

Author: magellan333 from Chattanooga, TN
27 September 2001

Sad excuse for a film. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. I am a huge fan of drive in theaters, but this dud helps me understand why they seem to die out over time. That and the invention of the VCR, cable TV, stadium seating, surround sound, and escalating land values. Okay, so maybe this movie didn't put an end to drive in business, but I assure it is a really bad movie. Like a previous reviewer, I did not make it all the way through either.

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This movie sucks

Author: David Balparda de Carvalho from Brazil
11 April 1999

Hey, I am a TRASH movies fan and I almost stopped seeing this movie before it finished. What else is to be said? This movie follows the 80's American comedy formula: Stereotypes ( the fat family, the rebel gang, the good guy with his blonde girl, the drunk, the nerds, etc ), but this particular movie beats them all in stupid jokes and cliches.

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View at your own risk

Author: bajazza from United States
22 January 2009

Plan 9 From Outer Space-without a doubt the worst movie of our time...until now! American Drive In steals that distinction from Ed Wood. this film-no, let's call this one a movie-cannot be surpassed in bad taste, bad acting, bad writing, bad sets,bad...well, I think you get the idea. Its just a terrible mix of '80s big hair, too much testosterone and crappy cars. That's about it.It even makes the 1976 version of Drive-In seem like Citizen Kane. Don't waste your time on this one. As it is, I plan to sue the producers of this abomination to get compensation for the last 78 minutes of my life back. After watching this, I somehow feel much dumber..view at your own risk!

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Gross comedy with attempted rape

Author: jbels from Chicago
12 May 2003

The movie is pretty lame and innocuous for the first half--there is a raffle joke that goes on insanely long. But once the bad guys decide they are going to give it to poor Emily Longstreth, the movie just gets gross. Although she is never fully naked, one of the punks literally has his hands all over her, and it is shocking. Glad to see this rape as humor trend has vanished. Where's Poppa, The Knack, even the ending of Young Frankenstein utilized this "comic" device (as have many other films, I'm sure) and it's good to see political correctness is good for some things.

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good lord! I thought my shoes stunk til i saw this stinkburger!

Author: moviereps from houston texas
18 May 2004

OK, there is proof that there is a hell. There has got to be. Someone MUST be punished for making this pile of poo! The story is about a director who has been working in Hollywood all his life and is pretty useless. He hires an assistant who is actually intelligent and starts making progress for the director. Unfortuntly for the assistant, the house he works in is full of crazies! The director is the out of touch indian who is an amnesiac, blows his top over everything, and is used to paying his assistants $1.25 an hour to degrade them (very swimming with sharks). His wife is this high strunk housewife who freaks out over nothing. His son, judd, is the cream of the crop. He is a psychotic, obsessive-compulsive, wannabe actor. The scene where Judd comes in and does his "Acting" performance for the assistant is classic! He constantly lives in fear of the ceiling caving in on him, lives in constant pain from an oversize hemorrhoid, and does tasteless homosexual humor. The director does everything to try to belittle his assistant like talking over him, and in one scene, making him drive 2 hours away to deliver a script 10 minutes before the assistant is supposed to be off work, all the while not paying him gas, mileage, or overtime. When the assistant complains the director says "thats showbiz"! Another classic scene is when the director tries to cut $25 off the assistant pay because the assistant left the computer on the night before (because the idiot director had him type a 3 page letter one minute before the assistant had to leave and get to his afternoon job). All this after the director going 1 year owing his assistant $1800! The pay off is a real kicker though as the assistant moves out of state and doesn't tell the director except for an interesting little review he posted online.

thats showbiz!

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