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7 Jan. 1989
The Cold Equations
Marilyn Lee Cross may not survive after she stows away on board a spacecraft.
14 Jan. 1989
Stranger in Possum Meadows
Young Danny Wilkins is playing in a field when he meets a scout who is collecting specimens of all sorts.
21 Jan. 1989
Street of Shadows
Unemployed Steve Cranston lives with his family in a soon-to-be-closed homeless shelter. One night, he breaks into the home of wealthy Frederick Perry, who pulls a gun. The resulting struggle has a deep effect on several lives.
28 Jan. 1989
Something in the Walls
Sanitarium patient Sharon Miles is convinced that she has seen some kind of creatures in the walls of her cell.
A Game of Pool
Pool hustler Jesse Cardiff plays against all-time champion "Fats" Brown. The stakes? Only Jesse's life...
25 Feb. 1989
The Wall
A washed-up, military test pilot volunteers to go through an energy portal to search for others who went through but haven't returned. When he discovers a Garden of Eden on the other side, will he be able to locate the others? Can he find a way back? Even if he does, would he?
11 Feb. 1989
Room 2426
Biochemist Martin Decker is imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured, but still refuses to reveal a secret formula to his captors. However, his new cell mate's knowledge of teleportation of living matter may provide him with an escape route.
18 Feb. 1989
The Mind of Simon Foster
Downwardly mobile Simon Foster makes the mistake of selling his memories in order to survive.
4 Mar. 1989
Cat and Mouse
Lonely Andrea Moffitt finds a stray cat, who is actually Guillaume De Marchaux, a suave Frenchman who turns human at night but reverts to feline form during the day due to an old curse. Will he end her loneliness?
18 Mar. 1989
Many, Many Monkeys
Registered nurse Claire Hendricks believes that there is a deeper reason why blindness is spreading quickly through her community.
11 Mar. 1989
Rendezvous in a Dark Place
Death-obsessed Barbara LeMay comes face to face with the Grim Reaper himself.
8 Apr. 1989
Special Service
A man and his wife discover that their lives are secretly being videotaped and is a huge hit on a network television show.
25 Mar. 1989
Love Is Blind
Jealous husband Jack Haines takes his rage to a bar, where he meets a blind blues singer whose song tells en eerily familiar story.
1 Apr. 1989
Crazy as a Soup Sandwich
Underworld kingpin Nino Lancaster battles an angry demon named Volkerps for the soul of unfortunate Archie Lochner.
15 Apr. 1989
Father & Son Game
Elderly Darius Stevens wants to go on living and transplants his brain into a younger body, but his son Michael disapproves.

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