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3 Jan. 1986
Still Life/The Little People of Killany Woods/The Misfortune Cookie
In STILL LIFE, Dan Arnold discovers that an antique camera used on an Amazon expedition decades earlier yields mysterious photos inside. THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF KILLANY WOODS deals with pub regulars who are skeptical when the town drunk claims to have seen leprechauns in a nearby forest. THE MISFORTUNE COOKIE lands on the plate of arrogant food critic Harry Folger when he writes a negative review of Mr. Lee's Chinese restaurant without tasting the food first.
24 Jan. 1986
Monsters!/A Small Talent for War/A Matter of Minutes
Emile Francis Bendictson appears to be a kind senior citizen, but there's more to him than meets the eye in MONSTERS! In A SMALL TALENT FOR WAR, an alien ambassador attends a meeting of the United Nations. In A MATTER OF MINUTES, Michael and June Wright awaken to find their home overrun by faceless laborers.
31 Jan. 1986
The Elevator/To See the Invisible Man/Tooth and Consequences
Brothers Will and Roger use THE ELEVATOR to locate their father's growth serum, which was developed to ensure a plentiful food supply. In TO SEE THE INVISIBLE MAN, emotionally cold Mitchell Chaplin is sentenced to one year of social invisibility as punishment. In TOOTH AND CONSEQUENCES, despondent dentist Myron Mandel receives a visit from the Tooth Fairy.
7 Feb. 1986
Welcome to Winfield/Quarantine
"Welcome to Winfield": Two people fleeing an agent of Death hide in an unusual town. "Quarantine": A weapons engineer is awakened from suspended animation to deal with an imminent threat from space.
14 Feb. 1986
Gramma/Personal Demons/Cold Reading
In "Personal Demons", a blocked writer copes with destructive black-clad creatures that can only be seen by him. In "Cold Reading", an understudy copes with radio director Nelson Westbrook's insistence on real sound effects.
21 Feb. 1986
The Leprechaun-Artist/Dead Run
"The Leprechaun-Artist": Three teenage boys are each granted a wish after catching a vacationing leprechaun. "Dead Run": A down-on-his-luck trucker accepts a job hauling an unusual cargo.
7 Mar. 1986
Profile in Silver/Button, Button
"Profile in Silver": After preventing the assassination of President Kennedy, a historian from the future faces the consequences of his act. "Button, Button": A couple receives a box with a button -- and an unusual offer.
21 Mar. 1986
Need to Know/Red Snow
In NEED TO KNOW, government investigator Edward Sayers visits a small rural community where insanity is spreading among the residents. In RED SNOW, Russian KGB Colonel Ulyanov goes to a Siberian labor camp to investigate violent deaths of Communist party officials.
28 Mar. 1986
Take My Life... Please!/Devil's Alphabet/The Library
Comedian Billy Diamond plays a tough gig in the afterlife. "Devil's Alphabet": In Victorian England, Cambridge graduates are bound by a youthful oath even after they die. "The Library": A young woman goes to work in an unusual library.
4 Apr. 1986
Shadow Play/Grace Note
In SHADOW PLAY, a remake of the episode from the original "Twilight Zone" series, Death Row inmate Adam Grant is terrified that the participants in his trial will cease to exist when he is executed. In GRACE NOTE, young Rosemarie Miletti aspires to be a famous opera singer and receives a surprising glimpse into the future.
11 Apr. 1986
A Day in Beaumont/The Last Defender of Camelot
Scientist Kevin Carlson and his fiancée Faith can't get anyone to believe that they saw a flying saucer land during A DAY IN BEAUMONT. In THE LAST DEFENDER OF CAMELOT, Lancelot is summoned by Morgan LeFay to meet with Merlin the magician, who plans to restore Camelot.
27 Sep. 1986
The Once and Future King/A Saucer of Loneliness
The Once and Future King: Elvis impersonator Gary Pitkin finds himself transported back to Elvis' time after a car accident. A Saucer of Loneliness: Shy young Margaret receives a private message from a flying saucer.
4 Oct. 1986
What Are Friends For?/Aqua Vita
What Are Friends For?: Alex Mattingly wonders whether his son Jeff's new friend Mike is real or imaginary. Aqua Vita: Television newscaster Christie Copperfield discovers a fountain of youth in the form of bottled water and takes a liking to it, but then the price rises.
11 Oct. 1986
The Storyteller/Nightsong
The Storyteller: Adolescent Micah Frost keeps his great-great-great-grandfather alive by making up serialized stories that continue night after night. Nightsong: Disc jockey Andrea Fields plays an obscure record made by her lost lover Simon Locke, who mysteriously reappears after a long absence.
18 Oct. 1986
The After Hours/Lost and Found/The World Next Door
The After Hours: Marsha Cole detects shadowy figures and mysterious voices around her during a trip to a local shopping mall. Lost and Found: College student Jennifer Templeton finds out why her possessions have been vanishing. The World Next Door: Would-be inventor Barney Schlessinger is bored with his life until he meets another inventor in a parallel world.
4 Dec. 1986
The Toys of Caliban
Elderly Ernie Ross and his wife Mary live in fear of their son Toby, who has the magical ability to turn any imagined item into reality.
11 Dec. 1986
The Convict's Piano
Ricky Frost has been wrongly convicted of murder and sent to prison, but his musical talent might see him free if he continues to play a certain piano.
18 Dec. 1986
The Road Less Travelled
Vietnam-era draft dodger Jeff McDowell sees something familiar about a wheelchair-bound man who has appeared in his house unexpectedly.

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