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27 Sep. 1985
Shatterday/A Little Peace and Quiet
Shatterday: Peter Jay Novins calls his home, only to hear himself answer at the other end. A Little Peace and Quiet: a harried housewife struggling with rambunctious children, a demanding husband, and the stress of modern life, finds relief from an unusual source that brings both power and responsibility.
4 Oct. 1985
Wordplay/Dreams for Sale/Chameleon
"Wordplay": A salesman at a medical firm finds everyone around him undergoing a linguistic transformation. "Dreams for Sale": A woman finds that her idyllic picnic may not be what it seems. "Chameleon": Something unusual returns with a Shuttle mission.
11 Oct. 1985
Healer/Children's Zoo/Kentucky Rye
"Healer": Small-time crook Jackie Thompson finds that a rock possesses special abilities. "Children's Zoo": An invitation to a unique zoo offers a girl a solution to her bickering parents. "Kentucky Rye": Drunk driver Bob Spindler finds himself in an unusual bar after an accident.
18 Oct. 1985
Little Boy Lost/Wish Bank/Nightcrawlers
"Little Boy Lost": a woman, struggling with the decision to settle down and raise a family or embrace her accelerating career, befriends a strange boy who seems to be stalking her. "Wish Bank": an antique oil lamp found at a yard sale brings new meaning to the warning, "be careful what you wish for." "Nightcrawlers": a troubled drifter with an unusual ability terrifies the inhabitants of a rural diner.
25 Oct. 1985
If She Dies/Ye Gods
"If She Dies": After an accident leaves his daughter in a coma, a man sees an apparition of a young girl on top of an old orphanage. "Ye Gods": The only way a yuppie can resolve his divinely-influenced love life is by repairing Cupid's.
1 Nov. 1985
Examination Day/A Message from Charity
Puritan Charity Payne in the year 1700 and modern teenager Peter Wood, residents of the same Massachusetts town, are psychically connected due to delirium induced by a bacterial infection, and can see the world through each other's eyes.
8 Nov. 1985
Teacher's Aide/Paladin of the Lost Hour
"Teacher's Aide": A teacher at a tough inner-city school is possessed by a malevolent spirit. "Paladin of the Lost Hour": An old man with a special watch bonds with a tormented veteran.
15 Nov. 1985
Act Break/The Burning Man/Dealer's Choice
In ACT BREAK, selfish second-rate playwright Maury Winkler wishes for a better writing partner than his ailing colleague Harry. THE BURNING MAN appears on the road and tries to hitch a ride during a heat wave in the 1930's. In DEALER'S CHOICE, four poker pals sit down for a game with a mysterious stand-in named Nick.
22 Nov. 1985
Dead Woman's Shoes/Wong's Lost and Found Emporium
"Dead Woman's Shoes": A meek thrift store clerk is possessed by the spirit of a dead woman. "Wong's Lost and Found Emporium": A man in search of his compassion looks for it in a mysterious place.
29 Nov. 1985
The Shadow Man/The Uncle Devil Show/Opening Day
"The Shadow Man": A teenager discovers that a supernatural being lives underneath his bed. "The Uncle Devil Show": A children's video tape includes instructions in the black arts. "Opening Day": A golf pro who kills a businessman in order to be with his wife suddenly finds himself occupying the other man's life just before the murder.
6 Dec. 1985
The Beacon/One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty
"The Beacon": A doctor stumbles across an isolated town with a secret. "One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty": A troubled writer goes back to his childhood to trace the source of his problems.
13 Dec. 1985
Her Pilgrim Soul/I of Newton
In "Her Pilgrim Soul," two scientists must discover why the spirit of a woman is reliving a previous life within their holographic computer. "I of Newton" showcases a mathematician in a battle of wits with the Devil for his soul.
20 Dec. 1985
Night of the Meek/But Can She Type?/The Star
Henry Corwin, a department store Santa Claus, is fired from his job, but finds his toy sack is a magical deliverer of Christmas cheer. In "But Can She Type?," miserable secretary Karen Billings comes across a copy machine that transports her to a world where secretaries are adored and honored. And, in "The Star," space archaeologists stumble upon a planet whose civilization died about two thousand years ago when its star went super nova.

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