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5 Sep. 1988
Thundercubs: Part I
Mumm-Ra learns of the legendary Treasure of Thundera and the Sword of Plundar, which destroyed Thundera. He and Ma-Mutt travel back in space and time to search the debris of the planet for the sword.
6 Sep. 1988
Thundercubs: Part II
Exploring the newly reformed New Thundera, the Thundercats discover that Mumm-Ra is using all the Snarfs as slave labour to dig for the lost Treasure of Thundera.
7 Sep. 1988
Thundercubs: Part III
Mumm-Ra retrieves the Sword of Plundarr as the Thundercats arrive on New Thundera. While the Thundercats try to retrieve the sword and treasure, Snarf tries to find a way to free his fellow Snarfs.
8 Sep. 1988
Thundercubs: Part IV
The Mutants arrive and Mumm-Ra has them lure the Thundercats to a strange place where, except for Lion-O, they are all transformed into child versions of themselves.
9 Sep. 1988
Thundercubs: Part V
Lion-O frees the child Thundercats from Mumm-Ra's spell, and then confronts him to retrieve the fabled Book of Omens.
12 Sep. 1988
Totem of Dera
Mumm-Ra finds the Treasure of Thundera called the Totem of Dera, which has the power to heal and bring inanimate objects to life, and gives it to Vultureman that he might turn it into a device of destruction to use against the Thundercats.
13 Sep. 1988
Chain of Loyalty
Lion-O learns of the Chain of Loyalty, and Jaga instructs him to retrieve it from New Thundera. But when Mumm-Ra breaks the chain, the Thundercats turn on each other, and Lion-O must find a way to stop them from destroying themselves.
14 Sep. 1988
Crystal Canyon
The Thundercats search a canyon of crystals for one of the Treasures of Thundera known as the Keystone, an item which has the power to heal, but also corrupts and enslaves the unwary.
15 Sep. 1988
The Telepathy Beam
Vultureman uses a new weapon on Cheetara to overwhelm her sixth sense and destroy her belief in herself and block her awareness of greater dangers.
16 Sep. 1988
Exile Isle
The Thundercats capture the Lunataks and exile them to Exile Isle, an asteroid in deep space far from Third Earth. There the villains soon meet up with the Captain Cracker and hatch a plan of escape.
19 Sep. 1988
Key to Thundera
While attempting to decode the Book of Omens Lion-O inadvertently traps himself within it. Mumm-Ra later steals the book, later becoming imprisoned in it himself.
20 Sep. 1988
Return of the Thundercubs
Tygra, Panthro, and Cheetara return to New Thundera to locate more of the Treasure of Thundera, but Mumm-Ra lures them to the mystical Canyons of Youth, which transforms them into children once again.
21 Sep. 1988
The Formula
Alluro's new Superfuel formula for Sky Tomb's engines causes the local plant and animal life to grow to massive proportions. The Lunataks give it to the Mutants, who sprinkle it around Cat's Lair.
22 Sep. 1988
Locket of Lies
The Locket of Lies is a magical object created by Mumm-Ra to appear as a part of the Treasure of Thundera. When opened, the gems inside act as a compass that points the way to the remaining treasure.
23 Sep. 1988
Bracelet of Power
When the Thundercats bring back more of the Treasure of Thundera. Snarf is fascinated by a bracelet and sees that when adorned, it, makes everyone obeys him. Mumm-Ra becomes aware of this, and will stop at nothing to make it his own.
26 Sep. 1988
The Wild Workout
The Lunataks hook up exercise machines to generate Sky Tomb's engines, but their own laziness forces them to kidnap the Thundercats and force them to do the hard work.
27 Sep. 1988
The Thunderscope
Lion-O recovers a mysterious telescope from the wreckage of the original spaceship. Mumm-Ra recognises it as the Thunderscope, which allows its user to locate pieces of the Treasure of Thundera.
28 Sep. 1988
The Jade Dragon
Mumm-Ra discovers the power of one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera, the Jade Dragon, which possesses the power to entrap people in its stomach.
29 Sep. 1988
The Circus Train
When an inter-stellar circus train comes to town, the Thundercats seize the opportunity to rid themselves of both the Mutants, and the Lunataks.
30 Sep. 1988
The Last Day
Fed up with Mumm-Ra's failures, the Ancient Spirits of Evil give him one final day to rid Third Earth of the Thundercats.

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