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Season 1

23 Jan. 1985
As their home world is about to explode, the Thundercat Nobles escape. Their engine is damaged so they can't go to their intended destination. While the others enter sleep chambers to survive the long journey, their leader Jaga remains awake to pilot the ship as long as possible since their navigation system is damaged. One they land on Third Earth, the Thundercats must deal with old enemies who have followed them, and face all the challenges that await them on Third Earth.
23 Jan. 1985
The Unholy Alliance
Needing allies, Mumm-ra bends the Mutants to his will. The Mutants go after the Thundercats. In the meantime the Thundercats try to adapt to their new surroundings.
11 Sep. 1985
The Thundercats encounter the Berbils, when the Berbils are attacked, the Thundercats defend the Berbils. The Berbils explain that the group who attacked them were ordered to so by some Giantsour. The Thundercats then have to protect the Berbils from the Giantours.
12 Sep. 1985
The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr
While playing in the forest, Wilykit and Wilykat discover that the mutants have enslaved a slow-minded race of beings as a means of slave labour to construct their own fortress: Castle Plun-Darr.
13 Sep. 1985
Mumm-Ra takes the guise of Pumm-Ra, a Thunderian, to infiltrate and sabotage Cat's Lair.
16 Sep. 1985
The Terror of Hammerhand
Lion-O must defend a herd of unicorns and rescue snarf from the threat posed by a gang of pirate raiders known as the Berserkers.
17 Sep. 1985
Trouble with Time
When Tigra rapidly ages after falling under the deadly enchantment of a place known as the Cave of Time, the Thundercats must figure out how to stop it before it's too late.
18 Sep. 1985
The Tower of Traps
Lion-O and Wilikit must rescue Wilicat from the ultimate fortress.
19 Sep. 1985
The Garden of Delights
While investigating an earthquake, Tigra stumbles upon a magical garden and meets a talking flower named Silky who offers him her fruit. It turns out that she is another one of Mumm-Ra's disguises and the fruit has made Tigra his slave.
20 Sep. 1985
Mandora: The Evil Chaser
Lion-O helps Mandora, an interstellar police officer, retrieve three of the worst criminals in the galaxy after he accidentally releases them.
23 Sep. 1985
The Ghost Warrior
A tomb is accidentally opened, releasing a ghost who used to terrorize Third Earth. The ghost has a special interest in the Thundercats. The Thundercats must figure out who the ghost was in life and his connection to their past.
24 Sep. 1985
The Doomgaze
Mumm-Ra plots to open a time warp prison and release the evil princess Ta-She, who has the deadly power to control all men with her gaze.
25 Sep. 1985
Lord of the Snows
When a meteorite the Thundercats can use to replenish their dwindling energy supply crashes on Hook Mountain, Lion-O must win a duel with the fierce Snowman before they can have it.
26 Sep. 1985
The Spaceship Beneath the Sands
The Mutants convince Mumm-Ra to raise their ship from beneath the desert so that they may build better weapons and vehicles to more effectively battle the Thundercats.
27 Sep. 1985
The Time Capsule
The Thundercats search desperately for a precious device which has all the recorded history of Thundera up until the time of its destruction.
30 Sep. 1985
The Fireballs of Plun-Darr
The Mutants devastate the Cat's Lair, the Warrior Maidens, and much of the surrounding countryside with a powerful long-range fire-cannon they have constructed on Castle Plun-Darr.
1 Oct. 1985
All That Glitters
Mumm-Ra tricks Lion-O into using the Sword of Omens against another Thundercat, causing it to break in half. The only way Liog-O can restore it is to venture into the heart of a volcano.
2 Oct. 1985
Spitting Image
Mumm-Ra switches the real Panthro with a clone infused with the spirit of Hammerhand and sets it free to cause terror and carnage, leaving the Thundercats to take all the blame.
3 Oct. 1985
Mongor, a terrible demon that feeds on the power of fear, is accidentally set free from his prison by Wilykit and Wilykat to terrorize Third-Earth.
4 Oct. 1985
Return to Thundera
Lion-O accidentally activates the time capsule, which hurls him back in time to Thundera exactly one day before its destruction. Meanwhile, the Mutants assault Cat's Lair with their most powerful and deadly weapon yet.
7 Oct. 1985
Dr. Dometone
The Thundercats help an undersea professor to protect a machine that prevents the oceans of Third Earth from literally going down the drain.
8 Oct. 1985
The Astral Prison
Jaga is captured by Nemex, an evil being from the Astral world, and Lion-O tries desperately to find a way to rescue his old mentor.
9 Oct. 1985
The Crystal Queen
Lion-O must brave an ice palace to save a sacred bird from a cruel and greedy queen's clutches.
10 Oct. 1985
Safari Joe
The Thundercats must match wits with Safari Joe:the most successful big-game hunter in the galaxy.
11 Oct. 1985
Snarf Takes Up the Challenge
When Mumm-Ra's latest evil scheme succeeds and every single Thundercat is captured, only Snarf is left to save the day.
28 Oct. 1985
Sixth Sense
An alien ship crashes on Third Earth and forms a connection with Cheetara through her sixth sense. Only she can save it when the Mutants attack.
29 Oct. 1985
The Thunder-Cutter
Mumm-Ra tricks Hachiman, a mighty samurai from a distant planet into believing the Thundercats are evil invaders. Hachiman sets out to destroy them.
30 Oct. 1985
The Wolfrat
Vultureman builds a deceptively diminutive infiltration robot and Mumm-Ra arms it with miniaturization gas which shrinks the Thundercats down to size.
31 Oct. 1985
Feliner: Part One
Vultureman summons Rataro and his battleship who kidnaps Snarf's nephew to use as bait to trap the Thundercats.
1 Nov. 1985
Feliner: Part Two
The Thundercats race to try and salvage a part they need for the Feliner before the Mutants attack. Meanwhile, Snarf considers leaving to be with his own kind.
4 Nov. 1985
Mandora and the Pirates
Mandora inspects a space freighter that turns out to be the ship of the evil pirate robot Cracker, and she needs Lion-O's help.
5 Nov. 1985
Return of the Driller
It's a race against time when Mumm-Ra orders Driller to bore a tunnel from an acid lake to the Cat's Lair.
6 Nov. 1985
Dimension Doom
Wizz-Ra, a mighty sorcerer and Mumm-Ra's ancient enemy, emerges after 7000 years of imprisonment in another dimension through a mirror in the Cat's Lair.
7 Nov. 1985
Queen of 8 Legs
Mumm-Ra uses the birth of a powerful spider-queen to his advantage by luring the Thundercats into her deadly web.
8 Nov. 1985
Sword in a Hole
An S.O.S. from deep space turns out to be a trap set by Captain Shiner, a space mercenary working for Mumm-Ra.
11 Nov. 1985
The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin
Wilykit and Wilykat find a magic harp containing a genie named Charr-Nin. Mumm-Ra later offers to free him in exchange for destroying the Thundercats.
12 Nov. 1985
Lion-O's Anointment First Day: The Trial of Strength
Lion-O is the hereditary Lord of the Thundercats. Now he has reached the age where he must prove his worthiness. He must face each of Thundercats in different trials/tests, without the Sword of Omens. First up, Panthro.
13 Nov. 1985
The Demolisher
When the Thundercats face Demolisher, a warrior who battles opponents purely for the sport of it, Lion-O teaches him the true meaning of honor.
14 Nov. 1985
Monkian's Bargain
Monkian goes to Mumm-Ra's pyramid and agrees to give anything if Mumm-Ra will make him powerful enough to defeat the Thundercats.
15 Nov. 1985
Tight Squeeze
After a disagreement, Vultureman leaves castle Plunn-darr and destroys all the mutant's technology. To even the odds, Slithe convinces Mumm-Ra to magically disable all the technology in Cat's lair.
18 Nov. 1985
The Micrits
The Micrits are tiny humanoids, their village keeps getting destroyed when the Thundercats drive their vehicles through the area. The Micrits decide to fight back, and end up taking two hostages.
19 Nov. 1985
Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
Lion-O's trial to become the Thundercat Lord continues. Now he must race against Cheetara. But now the Mutants and Mumm-ra have found out about his trials. They'll stop at nothing to keep Lion-O from succeeding.
20 Nov. 1985
The Rock Giant
When all technology fails, Lion-O must rely on his own cunning and the forces of nature when a seemingly invincible titan is unleashed upon Third Earth.
21 Nov. 1985
Jackalman's Rebellion
The normally submissive Jackalman decides to start his own army in the hopes of conquering Third-Earth himself.
22 Nov. 1985
Turmagar the Tuska
The Thundercats are asked to help the Tuska defend them from the Technopede, an evil robot that is devastating their homeland.
25 Nov. 1985
Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: The Trial of Cunning
Lion-O must now face off against Wily Kat and Wily Kit. It's a race through a cavern, with Wily Kat and Kit, playing tricks on Lion-O. They must also contend with Mutants, and Lion-O meets a race who dwell in the caverns and who don't like people from the outside.
26 Nov. 1985
The Mumm-Ra Berbil
Mumm-Ra disguises himself as an injured Ro-Bear Berbil to infiltrate Cats Lair.
27 Nov. 1985
Mechanical Plague
The Thundercats face a desperate struggle when Mumm-Ra resurrects various powerful mechanical foes they have defeated in the past in his latest scheme to wipe them out.
28 Nov. 1985
When a big storm hits Third-Earth, Wilykit and Wilykat are trapped in an old space capsule.
29 Nov. 1985
Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power
Lion-O's faces off against his final Thundercat, Tygra. Tygra can create illusions, he's been conserving his energies for these trials. Can Lion-O tell which danger is real, and which is not? The mutant continue their interference.
2 Dec. 1985
Mumma-ra learns about Excalibur, the greatest sword ever created. He changes into King Arthur, and asks the Lady of the Lake for Excalibur. He meets with the Thundercats, who greet him as a potential ally. Soon "Arthur" challenges Lion-O to a duel, which he foolishly accepts. They will all learn which sword is stronger, the Sword of Omens, or Excalibur.
3 Dec. 1985
Secret of the Ice King
The Thundercats must solve a thousand-year-old mystery if they're to stop the curse of a powerful ice-ogre who assaults Hook Mountain Castle.
4 Dec. 1985
Good and Ugly
Lion-O learns the meaning of not judging by appearance when he is caught up in the conflict between an ugly yet gentle being, and an angelic yet wicked one.
5 Dec. 1985
The Transfer
An unknown ship containing a dangerous radioactive substance approaches Third-Earth and the Mutants and later Mumm-Ra try to use the powerful materials within to destroy the Thundercats.
6 Dec. 1985
Divide and Conquer
Vultureman invents a voice imitator that the Mutants use to deceive, drive apart, and almost conquer the Thundercats.
9 Dec. 1985
Dream Master
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