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Season 4

4 Sep. 1989
Return to Thundera!: Part I
The Thundercats depart Third Earth for New Thundera, leaving Tygra and Pumyra behind to watch over the Cat's Lair and Tower of Omens. Meanwhile, the Ancient Spirits of Evil resurrect Mumm-ra, building a new pyramid on New Thundera.
5 Sep. 1989
Return to Thundera!: Part II
More and more earthquakes are occurring on New Thundera thanks to Mumm-Ra's sabotage of an arcane machine that lies at the center of the planet that holds its gravity together, watched over by the ancient Thunderian sorceress, Jagara.
6 Sep. 1989
Return to Thundera!: Part III
Mumm-Ra sends Ma-Mutt disguised as Mandora to free the Mutants from the Circus Train. The Mutants are then ordered to get rid of Tygra and Pumyra back on Third Earth.
7 Sep. 1989
Return to Thundera!: Part IV
Mumm-Ra sends Ma-Mutt, disguised as Mandora, to free the Mutants from the Circus Train. He then sends them to Third-Earth to eliminate Tygra and Pumyra.
8 Sep. 1989
Return to Thundera!: Part V
Mumm-Ra again seriously threatens to destroy the Gyroscope and thereby the newly reformed New Thundera. Jaga helps Lion-O think of a solution once and for all.
11 Sep. 1989
The Ancient Spirits of Evil bring a creature to Mumm-Ra called a Mirror Wraith, which he transforms as a doll and gives to a lost thunderian child named Leah, who keeps it and unwittingly puts the Thundercats in great danger.
12 Sep. 1989
Wilykit and Wilykat accidentally release Frogman. Seemingly harmless at first, he is soon revealed as a ruthless villain with the fearsome power to control all water.
13 Sep. 1989
The Heritage
While exploring New Thundera, Wilykit and Wilykat stumble upon a mysterious orb of gold and pick it up, believing it to be one of the Treasures of Thundera. However, it soon transpires that that is not the case.
14 Sep. 1989
Jagara cannot work the new Gyroscope alone, so the Thundercats send for someone to aid her. Screwloose, a robot who specializes in the technology, comes to Third Earth. But, Mumm-Ra tampers with his programming, making him destructive.
15 Sep. 1989
Mumm-Ra resurrects the ancient alchemist Malcar, but he returns old and weak. Mumm-Ra then sends him to the Canyons of Youth, which will restore his youth and power so that he may effectively defeat the Thundercats.
18 Sep. 1989
Helpless Laughter
Panthro, Snarf, and later even Mumm-Ra fall prey to the waters of the Swamp of the Laughing Lillypads-which unless cured, will cause them to laugh until they die.
19 Sep. 1989
Cracker's Revenge
The twisted robo-pirate Captain Cracker frees the Lunataks from the Circus Train and they all plot to assault Third Earth, since most of the Thundercats are on New Thundera.
20 Sep. 1989
The Mossland Monster
While on a solo trip to New Thndera, Tygra crash lands in an unexplored region of the planet's moss-land. There he is captured by a mysterious and mighty gigantic swamp beast.
21 Sep. 1989
Ma-Mutt's Confusion
Mumm-Ra has a powerful device called the Babylonian Babarian Boiler, that he plans to use against the Thundercats. However, the bumbling Ma-Mutt accidentally destroys the machine, causing an enraged Mumm-Ra to banish him from the pyramid.
22 Sep. 1989
The Ancient Spirits of Evil unleash the Shadowmaster, a dark sorcerer who may be even more powerful than Mumm-Ra. Fearing the Sprits will favour the Shadowmaster over him, Mumm-Ra hatches a secret plot to aid his enemies the Thundercats.
25 Sep. 1989
Swan Song
An ecology inspector comes to New Thundera to inspect the new Cat's Lair. His ship uses the Space Way Airborn Navigation system to direct him to planets throughout the universe. Upon arriving he is ambushed by Two-Time, who steals the ship.
26 Sep. 1989
Touch of Amortus
Mumm-Ra reluctantly summons up the treacherous tentacled demon Amortus, who has the formidable ability to turn all living things into stone.
27 Sep. 1989
The Zaxx Factor
Vultureman escapes the Circus Train by hijacking a bookmobile. He discovers information about a powerful enemy of Mumm-Ra, Zaxx. Using this knowledge, Vultureman plots to overthrow Mumm-Ra and rule the universe.
28 Sep. 1989
Well of Doubt
Lion-O unwittingly drinks tainted water from the devastating Well of Doubt, which causes him to lose all his courage and self belief.
29 Sep. 1989
The Book of Omens
The key to the Book of Omens is finally solved and it is unlocked. All of the team must pass different tests to save the planet, and Lion-O faces many trials within the book to prove himself once and for all as Lord of the Thundercats.

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